Oct 14 2019

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Whole Life Insurance

Progressive Whole Life operated by Efinancial is the guaranteed type. The amount you pay is guaranteed to stay the same. Your rate of return if you invest your cash value may be guaranteed to stay the same. And of course, your payout amount is guaranteed no matter when you die.

Whole life insurance is a kind of permanent life insurance that’s best if you like financial certainty. The policy lasts your entire lifetime, meaning once you start your policy, you’ll keep paying your premiums (which will always stay the same). Then when you die, your beneficiaries will receive the payout (death benefit), which also stays the same. Request a whole life insurance quote online to see rates and start your policy now.

  • Policy lasts your entire lifetime
  • Coverage is best for ages 50-85
  • Medical exam is required to start a policy
  • Policy does build cash value
  • Coverage amounts range from $50,000-$1million+

See more on universal life insurance, which is the other kind of permanent life insurance that’s designed to be more flexible.

Whole life cash value: growth is guaranteed

A portion of your premium goes to what is basically a sub-account within your policy (this is called the cash value). The cash value is then invested and can grow tax-deferred. The key difference with whole life insurance is that your investment rate of return may be fixed, so your cash value will grow at the exact same rate every year. Think of it as a CD investment.

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