Jul 31 2019

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Sunday travel

Sunday travel

Welcome to Travel on Sunday

Travel on Sunday is the home of young creative Kathleen Freeman. The site began as a simple travel blog in early 2016 as a way for Kathleen to share her stories during an amazing six months studying abroad in Europe. The site featured several travel posts spanning the locations of England, Scotland and Iceland to name a few. Now in 2017 the site is soon to be home to many other creative projects. This includes much more travel related content (look out for Ireland and Scandinavia shortly) and written works. Kathleen enjoys working across a variety of projects at any given time, often working with both photography and design based mediums. In the coming months Travel on Sunday will be a creative hub of energy and growth, this is just the beginning!

There is plenty to read and look at here on the site, you’ll find many posts in the ‘travel’ section from Kathleen’s travels during early 2016. Keep an eye on that page as it continues to be updated in the coming months. As the site expands to include other works and editorial content, they will soon become available throughout the sections in the top menu. Additionally you can follow the stories using social media – these links are located at the bottom of each page. In the mean time make yourself a nice beverage, settle in and enjoy the adventure.

More About the Author

“My personal ethos is driven by a sense of purpose, which is pivotal to any of the work I undertake. I love collaborating with like minded people, who inspire me to work to my full potential. It’s important to have fun in the learning process whilst working towards a better tomorrow.”

Kathleen has adored making any type of art for as long as she can recall. Since childhood she loved creating images through written stories and made up worlds. Having an over active imagination always helped and she is incredibly grateful that her parents always persisted in fostering her creative pursuits. Growing up in rural Australia as an only child never allowed for boredom to exist as a part of her vocabulary. Kathleen would read, write and explore the landscape for hours on end, always forming stories taken from this inspiration. It wasn’t until Kathleen entered high school and began to take subjects within the creative and media arts, that she realised she was passionate enough to explore future career options. During these years she continued to hone her skills with the help of an eternally supportive base of family, friends and some incredible teachers.

After completing high school Kathleen earned a Diploma in Creative Arts (Graphic Design) from CATC Design School. Most recently she has successfully completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Media, Culture and Communication from Macquarie University. Now in 2017 Kathleen’s story continues through Travel on Sunday as she dives head first into a career surrounded by passion and hard work to achieve her varied goals. You can read a further detailed biography – found here.

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