Feb 24 2019

Nest Cam Outdoor 1080p Security Camera White NC2100ES – Best Buy

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Nest – Cam Outdoor 1080p Security Camera – White

Nest Doesn’t Disappoint Posted by: hobie1978 from: Johnson City, NY on This is my third Nest security camera. I have two indoor cameras. On top of that I have 5 Nest Protect smoke/CO alarms and a Nest Thermostat. I enjoy those products and this one is no different. Yes, the camera’s power cable is exposed, but if you follow Nest’s recommendations and be smart about it, then this cable should be hard to located and cut. I don’t want to have to worry about batteries. I need my camera to work 24/7 without fail. Setup was a breeze. A lot easier than I thought. I was able to mount the camera under an eve and route the power cable neatly to the power outlet thanks to the cable clips. The strong magnets hold everything in place and allow for easy adjustment of the camera as well. Adding the Nest Cam Outdoor to my account was just as easy. I was up and running in less than an hour. The video stream is clear. The night vision is spectacular, as it lights up my entire front yard, which is decent sized. I love the new eyesight feature, being able to scrub through the day very quickly. I also like how it detects people and shows you a thumbnail. Overall this is a great camera and adds a lot of value to my home automation system. Yes, it costs money for 10 or 30 days of video history. I’ll gladly pay the $200/year for all three of my cameras if it means the safety and security of my home and family. If you want quality service, you need to pay for it. Bottom line: if you love Nest and their indoor cameras, you will love this as well. No more pointing an indoor camera out the windows for me.

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Excellent Posted by: Ckhris from: on I have the ring doorbell and I had the ring outdoor camera. I took back the outdoor camera and got the nest outdoor camera. Way better than the ring in every way. The motion on this is so much better and the picture quality is fantastic day and night. If nest made a doorbell I’d buy it too and sell my ring doorbell. The 24-7 recording was one thing that sold me. I do think the 10 day storage fee is a bit pricy is why it didn’t get 5 stars. If they offered a 5 day storage for half price it would be the perfect camera. Ring annual pricing is dirt cheap. but it only records when motion is picked up and by the time it starts recording the person is gone or halfway gone.

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Buyer Beware: Requires monthly plan Posted by: ConnieB from: on If you think you are going to have live surveillance without purchasing the monthly surveillance plan, then think again. What you actually get is a snap shot of some activity that gives you very little information. For instance, you will get a snapshot of a car that enters the activity zone but it will NOT provide any other activity that happens after the initial snapshot. You won’t know if someone exited the car and/or breached your zone without purchasing a plan.

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Worth the $10 per month for service Posted by: aghusk from: on I did a lot of research before choosing the Nest Camera as a security and notification device. The setup was easy and fast. The quality is excellent. Many people may be hesitant to purchase this camera due to the $10 per month subscription fee. Don’t be. The service offers constant recording for 7 days, very easy to use software, great app for your phone, and the person recognition is well worth the price. You can view the video from anywhere/anytime and don’t need to worry about a dvr. The microphone and audio is a little delayed but work fine for the purpose. I do wish there were more options to limit the amount of notifications, but otherwise is an excellent product. Highly recommend.

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Good quality camera, has a few flaws Posted by: jdfokc from: on The Good: – Great video quality – Very cool DVR-type interface – Solid build quality – People detection with a sub to nest aware (The only reason I kept this camera) – Setup was a breeze The Bad: – The cord and camera are soft white in color, therefore get dirty quite fast – The web interface requires Adobe Flashplayer (WTF? heard of HTML5??) – The cost! At $200, and at least $10/mo to get usage out of it! – The Nest app will nag you until you subscribe to nest aware – Actual installation is a pain. If you don’t have a power outlet nearby, you either need to run an extension cord, or drill a 7/8″ hole in a wall just to fit the massive plug through. They could definately use to simplify the power options. Having a brick home and drilling a 7/8″ hole took quite a bit of effort. – The zone detection gets triggered way too easily (birds, cats, wind blowing tree shadows, just no better than any other camera with motion detection

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Never Again Posted by: Virgin from: on I called Nest it took 45 minutes to talk to someone that was of no help. I own 6 Nest products and will never buy another. The cameras video quality is good during day but you cannot discern what someone looks like at night, the time you need the most. Installation is with a magnet, camera is not fixed so anyone can steal it. Nests response was at least you will see who is stealing it. Well only if its during the day. Monitoring costs $100 a year not worth the money.

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Sleep Better Posted by: Shelly from: on I’m super happy with my new outdoor nest cam. The hardest part of the setup was drilling holes and hanging 2 plates. Took about 30 minutes for the installation and camera setup. Way faster than the D-Link cameras I have indoors. I have D-Link cameras inside because I was looking for something with PIR motion detection to reduce false alarms with cars going by and the sun on partly cloudy days, so I was a bit apprehensive about false alarms with this camera, but I’ve been pretty obsessed all weekend watching LIVE and the sightline has true notifications. You can hover over the dot to see if it is the neighborhood cat or something you want to watch. This 1 watches my vehicle, back door and both back windows and the best part is it sends notices, so I will have time before they get in. It is installed 65 feet from my router with no problems. Already planning where I’m putting my front door cam. I know a lot of reviewers say the monthly fee is a con, but I find the off-site recording is necessary since they are stealing the cameras too now. Try to make it as hard as possible and take a picture of the back of your camera before mounting it, so you have those numbers. I feel the only con is the attached cord and limited length. Being attached makes it hard to fish in and out of tight spaces and I don’t like using extension cords for the fire hazard factor.

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Excellent Product! Posted by: Sipalay from: on After trying 3 different security cameras, I settled with Nest. It easy to install and the features are very useful especially ability to talk to someone caught by the camera. The clarity of day and night vision are beyond amazing. I will buy another one to monitor my whole house especially when our family is on vacation. It alerts your phone of movements and sound around the coverage area. This is how security camera is suppose to work. Again excellent product!

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Not waterproof Posted by: Pete from: San Francisco on The first rain has come after installing this camera outdoors, guess what happens. After getting wet the camera no longer works. I’ve dried out the camera, removed the camera from the Nest app then attempted to add/reconnect the camera. It still does not work, no light no sound, NOTHING. It’s a shame. I am starting to question whether Nest tested this camera under ideal situations.

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Great add to nest family Posted by: Murph from: on I just added to my 3 indoor cameras and thermostat. Setup is super easy just like other nestcameras

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