Oct 23 2019

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, IFCJ, donate to israel.

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International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

Donate to israel

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Reaffirm Your Commitment

Provide critical care to the most vulnerable all year long

Take the Trip of a Lifetime

Join Rabbi Eckstein and Pat Boone in the Holy Land next year!

Buy 2, Get 1 Free!

Immerse yourself in the culture of God’s people with this 3 book set

Stand for Israel

Provide basic provisions and emergency care to Jews in need all year long.

Save Lives All Year Long

Provide food and comfort to the elderly each month

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Chicago, IL 60602-2584

  • Donate to israelDonate to israel

Come to Israel with The Fellowship

  • Donate to israelDonate to israel

    Give Monthly to the Most Vulnerable

  • Donate to israelDonate to israel

    Van at Night

  • Donate to israelDonate to israel

    Test Your Knowledge on Aliyah!

  • Donate to israelDonate to israel

    Get Inside Access to Israel and Her People

    Strengthening Israel and Her People

    Stay Informed

    Donate to israel

    Rabbi’s Commentary

    In the Face of Evil, God Is Our Refuge and Strength

    In a world filled with so much noise and constant change, people attend church for solace, comfort, and reassurance, which is what makes last Sunday s attack on a church in Texas uniquely.

    Donate to israel

    Have You Seen Us on TV?

    Donate to israel

    Daily Devotional

    Pray and Pray Again

    Hebrew Word of the Day

    Donate to israel

    Stand for Israel Blog

    How BDS Enables a Failed Peace Process…and Vice Versa

    Connect with The Fellowship

    Donate to israel

    Yael’s Corner

    We Won’t Let You Down

    I recently spoke to a group of new olim (immigrants), sharing my own story of aliyah (immigration to Israel), and assuring them that they are part of the Fellowship.

    Donate to israel

    The Lives You Impact

    Helping Israelis One by One

    Every day the volunteers who work at The Fellowship Crisis Hotline are moved by those they help. Children without beds, single parents without food in the refrigerator, sick people who.

    Donate to israel

    Fellowship Blog

    Sanhedria Tombs Preserved for Years to Come

    Israel Antiquities Authority announced that their renovations to the Sanhedria tombs in Jerusalem will allow guests to experience this ancient site for years to come. Find out more about the.

    Learn More

    Donate to israel

    Fulfill Biblical Prophecy

    Fill a freedom flight every month

    Donate to israel

    Are We Living in the Last Days?

    Discover what God’s Word has to say about the end of days in this month’s Limmud

    Donate to israel

    Sign Up!

    Rabbi Eckstein’s Weekly Newsletter provides news from the Holy Land and ways you can bless Israel and her people.

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    Ways to Give

    Donate to israel

    30 North LaSalle Street, Suite 4300 , Chicago , IL 60602-2584 | 800-486-8844 The Fellowship IFCJ

    A 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit organization. The Fellowship s tax identification number is 36-3256096.

    2017 International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

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