Feb 16 2019

Houston Real Estate Attorney – Texas Real Estate Attorney, attorney in houston.

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attorney in houston

Thank you for visiting our website, a service of DAVID J. WILLIS ATTORNEY . We represent buyers and sellers of Texas residential real estate and Texas commercial real estate and prepare a wide variety of transactional documents for small and medium-sized businesses. Our focus is on the delivery of high-quality custom services and documentation on a per-transaction basis. We have successfully assisted over a thousand online clients for more than a decade.

Consultations on residential and commercial real estate issues including review/comment on earnest money contracts, documents prepared by other lawyers, and title commitments.

Real estate document preparation for Texas residential and commercial transactions including earnest money contracts, warranty deeds, real estate lien notes, deeds of trust, affidavits, leases, lien releases, assignments, options, and affidavits of heirship.

Closing documents including creative transactions involving assumptions, owner financing, wraparounds, and subject to deals with consideration given to the impact of Dodd-Frank and the SAFE Act (but excluding RMLO services).

Entity formation for asset protection including both traditional and series LLCs formed in either Texas or Nevada (anonymity techniques available), partnerships, and joint ventures.

Sale and purchase of business entities as well as business contracts of all types.

Living trusts, land trusts, and anonymity trusts as well as deeds of real property into trust and pour-over wills.

Foreclosures in the Houston area.

Real estate litigation in the Houston area.

A particular focus of our practice is asset protection designed to minimize liability and maximize anonymity, deterrence of lawsuits, and insulation from judgments. We often simplify the way our clients do business while significantly improving asset protection. For those uncertain about what steps to take, we offer an asset protection review.

If you would like more detail on our approach to Texas real estate law, entity structuring, and asset protection, scroll down to our library of more than fifty web articles. See also graphics of various asset protection structures.

We have a limited inventory of established Texas shelf LLCs and Nevada shelf LLCs that include our best anonymity and asset protection features including already registered assumed names (see shelf companies). These premium LLCs are ready for immediate shipment to clients for whom time is a critical factor.

Initial consultations, LLC formations, and documents for routine real estate and business transactions are handled exclusively online at economical flat fees. A range of in-office services after the initial consultation is offered but at fees higher than those quoted for online items.

Our goal is a one to two business day turnaround, both for online consultations and document preparation. Reasonable follow-up questions and document changes are included within three calendar days after which an online consultation concludes and any documents we have delivered are automatically considered final.

We are primarily a flat-fee office although hourly billing is available. Go to Fees & Policies for a comprehensive list of services and fees plus terms of service which apply to all clients. We strive for 100% transparency when it comes to legal fees, which are quoted exclusive of filing fees and other costs.

Our Book: Real Estate Law & Asset Protection for Texas Real Estate Investors

Attorney in houston

Attorney in houston

Attorney in houston

Attorney in houston

David J. Willis is a double board-certified Texas lawyer on the cutting edge of the intersection of real estate law and asset protection. The innovative concepts and methods described in his book Real Estate Law Asset Protection for Texas Real Investors are changing the ways investors structure their Texas real estate investments.

Attorney in houston

Board Certified Residential Real Estate Law, Texas Board of Legal Specialization

Board Certified Commercial Real Estate Law, Texas Board of Legal Specialization

AV rated for ethical standards and professional ability

Two law degrees (J.D. and LL.M.)

Texas real estate broker

Adherence to high standards of ethics and confidentiality is part of our firm philosophy. We subscribe to The Texas Lawyer s Creed and the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Realtors.

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