Nov 6 2019

Donate breast cancer#Donate #breast #cancer

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Donate breast cancer


Breast Cancer Donation

Donate today to help provide funds for the only Breast Cancer charity in the UK helping people affected by breast cancer in poverty stricken countries. Breast cancer research charities are doing a fantastic job but help us make sure we’re there for everyone affected by breast cancer. Breast Cancer Support are a breast cancer registered charity in the UK helping people affected by breast cancer. Breast Cancer Donation

In the UK more people are being diagnosed than ever before and every 45 minutes, another woman dies from the disease. In poverty stricken countries due to lack of education and funds the mortality rate is extremely higher. Your donation will help detect the early signs of breast cancer and ultimately save lives.

We at Breast Cancer Support understand that for a lot of women and men Breast Cancer is a difficult subject to talk about socially but with your support and donations we can erase this taboo and give a voice to all those who feel they aren’t able to speak out or seek the much needed help and treatment they deserve. Please help us to change that and donate to Breast Cancer Support.

Donate breast cancer

A study has revealed that South Asian women are likelier to be diagnosed with breast cancer at stages II to IV compared to the general population.

Donate breast cancer

By 2020 more than 1million cancer cases will occur in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Donate breast cancer

Every year nearly 55,000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK, that s the equivalent of one person every 10 minutes. Image by John Ratchford

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