Feb 16 2019

Custom Lasik Vs Standard Lasik – San Diego Lasik Center, san diego lasik.

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Standard Lasik

In regards to corrective eye surgery, custom and standard Lasik are preformed the same way. However, standard corrective eye surgery carries less exclusive offerings as custom Lasik does. Standard Lasik takes hold of its name, Standard. It is a corrective eye surgery procedure with “average” correction throughout the eye. This procedure uses the prescription of a pair of eyeglasses, or contacts, for correction. It’s a universal prescription that is shared with those who need the same correction. This procedure will still eliminate the need to wear prescription glasses or contact lenses. The patient’s prescription is used to change the shape of the cornea, thus, correcting the vision based on the patient’s needs. Standard Lasik corrects refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.

An ideal candidate for standard Lasik would be anyone who is looking to improve their vision with corrective eye surgery and wants to rid themselves of glasses or contacts. Standard Lasik is a more cost-effective corrective eye surgery than custom Lasik. The difference between the costs can vary between practices and patients, but usually pricings ranges anywhere between a couple hundred to a couple thousand.

Custom Lasik

Custom wavefront Lasik is a laser corrective procedure that assists your Lasik surgeon further in customizing your correction to your individual needs. Custom wavefront Lasik has many advantages to it, below is a list of some of the many advantages that Custom wavefront Lasik offers:

  • Patients have a greater chance of 20/20 or better
  • Reduced chance of losing best-corrected vision
  • Reduced chance at losing visual quality/contrast sensitivity
  • Reduced chance of night-vision disturbances and glare
  • 100% customized to your specific eye prescription

Wavefront Lasik has the potential to not only improve the quantity of your vision (20/20 or better), but the quality of your life. Custom wavefront Lasik uses a wavescan and aberrometer that measures the prescription and optical properties of the patient’s eye. This is not typically measured during a simple prescription reading. The computer then uses all the data to correct all optical aberrations of the eye during the corrective eye surgery. Custom Lasik is a higher quality in which the correction is like “finger printed” to your eyes. Unlike standard Lasik, the map of your eye created with the wavescan and aberrometer is catered towards your specific eye and is not shared with anyone or with the other patient’s eye. The wavefront takes 250 pin point prescriptions of your specific eye and is not carried to any other eye. This ensures that the correction is glove-fit to only your eye. Only 95% of standard Lasik candidates are good candidates for custom wavefront Lasik. There are factors that could make a patient not a good candidate. Some of these factors that might hinder or prevent the patient from becoming a good candidate are:

  • Small pupil size
  • High degree of Astigmatism
  • High degree of Myopia
  • Inconsistent prescription for one year

Cost of Lasik

There are many factors go into deciding the cost of Lasik. The price for Lasik varies between practices. An exact price cannot be given without having a consultation. The consultation for Lasik is typically an eye exam where the doctor will take a close look at your prescription and the overall health of your eye. During the consultation, you normally are dilated to obtain the exact prescription of your eye. This gives the doctor a bigger picture of what type of correction will be needed during the corrective eye surgery. After the initial consultation and eye exam, you will meet with a financial coordinator who will then go over pricing and pricing options. During this time, it is best to ask as many questions as possible. It is imperative that patients understand their payment options, cost and how the surgery will take place. To ensure that the patients are at their utmost comfortable state when having the corrective eye surgery, they may choose to meet the surgeon in their consultation.

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