Jul 18 2019

Credit report monitoring ) Video

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Credit report monitoring ) Video, REMMONT.COM

Credit report monitoring

Credit Monitor

Free credit score and report,
plus find credit cards you’re likely to get

Monitor and learn how to improve your credit score

  • Get monthly updates on your credit score
  • Find out why it’s changed
  • Get personalised tips on how to improve your score

Start building up your credit history

You’ve made a lot of applications recently

Things you’re doing well

  • You’ve had no missed payments
  • You’re on the electoral roll at your current address
  • You’re not withdrawing cash on your credit card

Hold fire before making more applications

You’ve exceeded your credit limit in the past

You’ve moved around a lot recently

Update your accounts with your latest info

Check and understand your report

  • View your full credit report, with clear summaries of your accounts
  • Check all your account balances in one place
  • Easily review your financial history

Get shown the credit cards you’re likely to get

  • Credit Monitor will show you credit cards you’re likely to be approved for
  • Check before you apply without damaging your score

MoneySuperMarket is a credit broker and not a lender
You must be 18 or over and a UK resident

MoneySuperMarket is a credit broker and not a lender
You must be 18 or over and a UK resident

Improve your credit score

Rejected for credit?

We show you credit cards you’re likely to get

We promise to keep your data safe and secure

Why should I find out my credit score?

Being in the dark about your credit score can feel unsettling. It could be going down without you realising.

Knowing your credit score means you know where you stand when it comes to applying for different credit products, or even getting a mortgage. If your score is good, you can find out what you’re doing right and how to keep it that way. If your score isn’t where you want it to be, you can easily find out how to get it climbing.

Finding out and monitoring your score is a great way to Get Money Calm.

What is Credit Monitor?

Credit Monitor gives you your credit score and report absolutely free, in just 3 minutes. It uses a soft credit check, meaning you can check it as many times as you want without harming your score.

Credit Monitor provides you with personalised tips and hints on how to improve your credit score. It also shows you a range of credit cards that you are likely to get if you apply.

What is a credit score?

Your credit score is a rating based on your financial history. Credit referencing agencies give you a score based on how well you have managed your financial accounts in the past. Your score can go up or down, depending on how you manage your accounts.

What is my credit report?

Your credit report is a record of your financial history compiled by a credit reference agency. It contains information such as how much money you have borrowed, if you pay your bills on time as well as public record information such as being on the electoral roll, or any recorded bankruptcies.

Your credit report is updated every month. The information comes from a few different places, including lenders, utility companies and banks.

What does having a good credit score mean?

A good score could give you more options when applying for credit; your credit score is an indication of how responsibly you manage your financial accounts. The better it is, the more confident a lender can be that you will pay back whatever you borrow. Having a good credit score can also give you access to cheaper rates on loans or credit cards.

What does having a poor credit score mean?

Having a poor credit score can be due to mismanaging your finances in the past – perhaps due to a missed credit card payment, an outstanding utility bill or even a bankruptcy. A poor credit score can limit your access to credit products, as a lender may see you as a riskier borrower. There are ways to improve a poor credit score. Credit Monitor may be able to help with that.

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