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Providing 21st Century solutions for the 21st Century insurance professional, Brokers Alliance® is focused upon providing you with unique, innovative, and personalized support. As one of the country’s leading independently- owned distributors of life insurance and annuities, we provide solutions that harness the power of new technology – combined with practical field experience – to help the insurance professional attract and implement solutions for the 21st Century client today, and grow and sustain their practice for tomorrow. Find out why we are one of the must trusted brokerage general agencies (BGA) in the industry.

Life Insurance Services for Agents.

Marketing Concepts

As Life Insurance has evolved to become more than just a death-benefit product, the demographic that needs Life Insurance has increased ten-fold. Creating the right marketing programs and tools to reach this vast population is our mission. From Tax-Free Retirement Strategies to Advanced Estate Planning, to selling life insurance and IUL, Brokers Alliance® has built some of the most advanced sales and marketing tools to help you take your practice to the next level.
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Expert Underwriting

Underwriting tools come in a lot of shapes and sizes. At Brokers Alliance® you will not only have the latest in underwriting technology at your fingertips, you will have 250+ years of field underwriting experience from our impaired risk experts. There is no case too big or small and with our experience in Life Insurance Underwriting, you’ll have an advantage over your competition when it comes to getting the absolute best offers for your clients.
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Tools of the Trade

Looking for a great Social Security Gap calculator? How about a quoting tool for Term or Permanent Life Insurance? At Brokers Alliance® you will have access to a wide array of what we call “tools of the trade”. Whether you are looking to calculate a life expectancy or determine the right amount of life insurance coverage for your prospective client, we’ve got you covered!
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Advanced Planning

Working with business owners? How about the affluent and high-income earners? Brokers Alliance® has assembled an Advanced Markets team consisting of point-of-sale experts, estate planning attorneys, tax professionals, and Life Insurance concept experts to ensure that you have the highest level of support when it comes to Advanced Planning with Life Insurance.
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Everyone has the smarts to do things a little differently. But I’m here to tell you, the ones who do. are ahead of the curve.

Annuity Services for Agents.

Annuity sales are at an all-time high for our industry. A range of annuity options makes annuities a viable and appealing investment strategy for many retirement planners. Learn the ins and outs of fixed and variable annuities with Brokers Alliance®’s Annuity 101 and other training tools. Keep current with the latest annuity news. In short, Brokers Alliance® can help you offer the best possible guidance and products in this burgeoning retirement planning sector.

Ancillary Lines.

Long Term Care

Give your clients the peace of mind they are seeking by connecting them with the LTC plans that are best suited to their circumstances and preferences. Brokers Alliance® can help you spread the word about LTC, convey the importance of investing in LTC coverage while young and healthy, and assess the risks a client faces should he or she opt not to get LTC coverage.
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Medicare Supplement

Are your clients looking to supplement their Medicare coverage with plans that cover drugs and care not covered by federal Medicare? Help your clients understand the difference between Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplement policies and make the choices that are right for them, based on their financial standing and health profiles.
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Disability Insurance

Another underserved market that is experiencing rapid growth is Disability Insurance. Brokers Alliance® has decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge pertaining to Disability Insurance. We offer underwriting assistance, comprehensive product overviews, and selection assistance that can help you navigate the range of disability insurance products available to your clients.
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Final Expense

Your clients may not want to think about their funeral expenses when they hope to still have decades to live. But as with other ancillary insurance benefits, it is important that they do so. Brokers Alliance® offers resources that can help you discuss final expense coverage with your clients and help them choose final expense coverage that spares their loved ones the financial burden generally associated with funeral costs.
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myAdvisor Cloud (MAC)

How much time do you spend navigating through websites trying to find the things that are important to YOU?

What if you logged in and the site only delivered the tools and resources you actually used?

What if YOU could customize your IMO or BGA’s website just like you do with your smart phone?

When designing our website we asked ourselves an important question, “why would we assume all of our agents have the same needs?” The reality is you DON’T. We recognize that some of you may need access to our Term Insurance tools, while others may want to work with Annuities. We also realize that it would be beneficial to have access to your sales dashboard, status, and commission data in the same place you access your favorite sales presentations, product information, and quote tools. So, we built it. OUR way, with YOU in mind.

Introducing the myAdvisorCloud. The ONLY customized agent login portal in our industry offered by a brokerage that understands what innovation really means.

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#Absolute insurance brokers & #Video REMMONT.COM

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