Women s Business Loans

A recent Forbes article, The Confidence Gap and Women Entrepreneurs, restated what is widely known in the industry: Women have less access to money for business than their male counterparts.

This means that fewer women are approved to borrow money from traditional lenders and that most women owned businesses are undercapitalized. WVF’s goal is to address this confidence and skills gap so women understand what it takes to successfully access credit.

Women s Venture Fund offers a more flexible approach to assessing your credit needs. Since many of our clients are first time entrepreneurs,

we help you calculate your loan needs through our consultation process. This approach helps the entrepreneur understand how much financing is needed and what additional steps are needed to achieve true profitability.

WVF funds women owned businesses based on sales, number of clients, contracts and the availability of other accessible resources to support the amount requested. The process starts with your written plan that shows how you secure clients and based on your track record, what you project as future sales. Tell us how you will build on your current success and we will help you assess how much you need to achieve your vision for growth. Show us your determination and your plans to grow and we will help you chart the best path to get there.

Often times it s not just a loan that is required to grow. We can help you develop the best comprehensive roadmap for organizational growth via our advisory program.

Currently, WVF is working with clients in the New York City metropolitan area. If you currently own a business in this region, we can get the process started. Simply send us your record of success to date along with the application below. We can schedule a call to discuss what’s feasible after that.

Not sure how to develop a growth action plan? See our schedule of workshops focused on helping clients seeking assistance in generating their plans and revenue projections.

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