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Whittier (Los Angeles, Orange, Fullerton: to rent, crime, houses) – California (CA) – City-Data Forum

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I would recommend moving to Whittier. it is a decent area to live, especially if you are looking for a decent area to live in the LA area, that is relatively safe and within close commuting distance to downtown Los Angeles (about 15 miles).

Whittier is part of the Gateway Cities, which is the area of Los Angeles County southwest of downtown. It was the place of quintessential suburbia and included cities such as Lakewood, Downey, bellflower, artesia, pico rivera, etc. However, in the 1980s, the overall crime in the area began to rise and some comapnies/industries (like aerospace) left the area. White flight pursued, and the population began to become more and more Hispanic.

Whittier is probably one of the better cities in this region. Cerritos is also very good, but has a much larger Asian-American population (is that important to you?) In Whittier, the Friendly Hills area north of Whittier Blvd. is the most desirable and a lot of houses have stunning panoramic views of the LA-Orange County area, so you can see as far as downtown Los Angeles on one side, all the way to Brea and Yorba Linda (Orange County) on the other side. You could buy a large, comfortable home in Friendly Hills with a view for around $1 million (maybe a little more). if this house was on LA’s westside or in South Orange County with that kind of a view. I am very sure that it would sell for at least $5 million.

Whittier of course has Whittier college, and the Old Town shopping district. The last time I was visiting one of my friends in Whittier, I noticed that Whittier Boulevard seems to have almost every big-chain store you can need. the new Whittwood Town Center is pretty nice for a shopping center.

One of the posters suggested Hacienda Heights or Rowland Heights or Walnut. I would not recommend to move to those places, unless you are Asian-American or love Asian culture. I am not trying to sound racist or anything, but those places, especially Rowland Heights, is basically a suburban Chinatown. But if that is what you would like, than that area would be great for you.

If you are looking for better places to live (but don’t mind longer commutes from downtown Los Angeles), there are many better places to live. However, they are probably pricier, and/or they are probably farther away. Some examples of better places not too far away from Whittier include Brea, Yorba Linda, Diamond Bar, and Chino Hills.

So, in short, Whittier is not a perfect city, but it is a decent city for people looking to rent or buy a home in the metro LA area, with a decent commute (15 miles) to downtown LA. Certainly something to consider for new Californians experiencing sticker shock at the cost of housing here.

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I would 100% go over the hill to Rowland Heights, Hacienda Heights, Walnut, etc.

In Whittier, anything west of Painter or south of Whittier Blvd is not good. seriously to be avoided. The problem is that even east uptown around the college is a really bad choice these days. VERY nice expensive homes and a quasi ivy league college just 1/4 mile from fleabag drug houses and banger houses. Property crime is very high, and the city is a haven for the homeless in this area. However, the police department is extremely proactive and very dedicated and professional. They just have a tough job keeping west from invading east .

So if you must go to Whittier, yes, by all means, go to Friendly Hills area which is the whole area NE of Colima/Whittier Blvd. La Serna High School is an excellent school and the local schools on the east side are OK. West side, better learn Spanish quick. and Whittier HS (on the west side). well, avoid it at all costs. It could easily be the movie setting for one of the gang movies with stabbings, near-campus shootings, drugs, etc. (I arrested a lot of Whittier’s finest citizens in my day and I hear from old partners that it’s only gotten worse)

You probably mean south of Telegraph Rd. which is South Whittier and Santa Fe Springs. Whittier Blvd. to Lambert Rd. is fine. Some parts even to Mulberry Rd are fine too. But, the down parts seem to be working their way up. It is just a matter of time before Whittier is more like the cities south and to the west of here.

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