import export business

Import export business

Justin Power, Director, explains how easy it is to succeed in Import/Export.

The beauty of Import/Export is that it offers the potential for substantial profits with absolutely no risk and relatively little effort. There is nothing complicated or mysterious about it, either.

On the one hand you have, literally, millions of sellers (by which I mean manufacturers and producers) in virtually every country of the world desperate for extra sales – but without the skills or resources to locate overseas customers.

On the other hand you have millions of buyers (by which I mean wholesalers, retailers and dealers) in every country of the world desperate for products and commodities – but without the skills or resources to find overseas suppliers.

As the owner of an Import/Export Agency all you have to do is introduce buyers to sellers. For which you will be rewarded with anything from 5% to 15% commission. It really is as simple as that. To succeed you need to know several things:

  • How to find manufacturers and producers offering the right product at the right price.
  • How to identify hot prospects – that’s to say, really keen buyers.
  • How to close a deal between the two with minimum time or effort on your part.
  • How shipping is arranged.
  • How to sort out the relevant paperwork.

  1. Running an Import/Export Agency is a bit like running a dating agency. Your role is to effect the introduction. The buyer and seller will do the rest for you.

In fact, we are so confident that you’ll be able to set up a profitable Import/Export business once you’ve studied our course that we offer you a full money-back guarantee.

I hope that before too long I shall be writing to congratulate you on starting your own Import/Export Agency.

Four out of five companies are begging for you to help them.

Import export business

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