Unsecured Business Loans

Unsecured Business Loans

  • No Collateral Required
  • Bad Credit No Problem
  • Flexible Payments and Terms
  • No Personal Guarantees
  • Funding Within a Few Days
  • A Decade of Experience
  • Trusted BBB Lender
  • Most Competitive Rates
  • Direct Lender
  • Excellent Customer Service

Our merchant cash advance option can be a superb unsecured funding option for companies that require immediate working capital. This type of business loan requires NO Collateral. This financing option allows companies some breathing room during expansion periods or also can help offset cash flow dilemmas. Shield Funding can provide your company with one of many different types of unsecured business loans and the requirements to receive funding is to own a business and demonstrate consistent monthly revenues.

We understand that small businesses need to increase their cash flow in order to grow their business. Sometimes small business owners develop a bad credit profile in the process of building, and an unsecured business loan for bad credit is the only option. We know good companies need some capital to become better companies and one opportunity can make all the difference. Through our experience in the financial services industry we know that bad credit should not make a business owner ineligible for business funding, especially when that funding can put a company in a great position to grow. We have seen so many small business owners build great companies and establish perfect credit because of a loan and that is why we feature this option.

Once your unsecured business loan is approved you will receive the funds shortly after. These business loans can be used in any way you feel will benefit your company. Whether you are funding an expansion of your business, require an increase in inventory for newly acquired clients, or you just need some flexibility in your cash flow, or many other reasons, there are no restrictions on how you disburse the funds. We know you are the best person to distribute the capital into your business.

Or mission at Shield Funding is to help you solve your need in acquiring capital for your small business without the requirement of collateral. We want to get you a loan and get it to you fast. Our financial industry leadership allows us to find capital for your business even in a tight credit market. A list of financing solutions includes and is not limited to: unsecured business loans, unsecured business lines of credit, unsecured ACH loans, and many other types of financial funding for small businesses.

We are a leading supplier of business funding solutions for small businesses. We are the lifeline for capital resources when small businesses are in need of money and we pride ourselves at finding working capital for companies consistently and quickly.

Unsecured business loans

Unsecured business loans

Shield Funding offers a variety of Business Loans for small business owners. Our business funding programs feature competitive rates and flexible terms. Get your business loan today! Call for a free quote (888) 882-6117 or apply online.

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