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Buying voluntary offsets can and should be a regular part of the casual environmentalist’s lifestyle, just like recycling or carpooling. In this series, we’ll explore the voluntary carbon market, how to participate and why now is the time for action.

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Deloitte has centered on two key areas where it can leverage its strengths as a business service provider to have a positive impact for the long term on the communities in which it operates: education and workforce development.

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Monsanto presents a series on what it means to be “Climate Smart” in the world of agriculture. The series will cover the role of climate change in impacting food security, agriculture, weather patterns and society at large.

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In this editorial series we’ll explore the role of business in supporting access to education and opportunities, and consider the best way to prepare a generation of leaders who understand the importance of sustainable development.

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In this series sponsored by Procter and Gamble, we’ll explore what it means to practice “responsible forestry” and how trailblazing companies can lead the way.

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So, your company wants to reduce its landfill waste. Now what? As sustainability reaches top of mind for investors and customers, more companies are beginning to tackle waste in their supply chains in order to boost their green cred.

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Measure and manage your success in the next economy with new methods for valuing risk and impact. [INFO HERE]

Nov 13-15 Philadelphia

An event series whose mission it is to bring together companies from around the world to discuss climate change and how they can work together to address it most impactfully. Now building sponsorship and registration. [INFO HERE]

Oct & Dec: Brussels & Miami

For NI17 we’re creating an experience unlike any conference you’ve been to before. We’ll help you map out your Path to Purpose to turn your passion into a purposeful career by gaining tangible skills and actionable insights. [INFO HERE]

Oct 26-28 Atlanta

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Business news, From Corporate Philanthropy to Social Enterprise has emerged as a vibrant social enterprise striving to create an endless circle of doing good.

Business news

150 Organizations Call for Ban on ‘Biodegradable’ Plastic Packaging

150 organizations say certain plastics are contributing to, not alleviating, micro-plastic pollution damaging ecosystems worldwide.

Business news

Why Community Forests are Key to Solving Challenges of Urban Living

Municipalities have started to recognize the economic, environmental, and social value of trees in community infrastructure.


Business news

Companies vs. Climate Change

Will you join us in Miami this year? We still have special discounts for companies looking to join the dialogue. Get in touch today!

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Business news

Why Human Rights Are Good for Business

by 3p Contributor

In 2017, we are operating in times unlike anything we have ever seen before. Consumer demand for transparency is at all-time high. Million-dollar marketing campaigns are losing out to consumer video uploads and online activism.

Business news

Beyond Insurance Payouts: Tallying Up the Cost of Hurricanes

The impact of yearly hurricane seasons can no longer be measured solely in how much private insurers have to pay out of pocket to rebuild homes. Harvey, Irma and Maria are teaching us valuable lessons about what s really at stake when the climate deals a blow.

Business news

In the Face of Climate Change: The Challenges of Sustainability Leadership

Many environmental leaders, from multiple sectors, have refused to be intimidated by the scale and complexities of climate change. The obstacles to taking on climate action are many, including communicating the risks to citizens in the first place. After all, many people understandably have a hard time wrapping their heads around this phenomenon. At Dreamforce 2017, these sustainability leaders explained the tactics by which they are cracking this nut.

Business news

COP 23 Talks Kick off in Bonn, Germany with Host Island Nation Fiji

There is still a formal U.S. presence, but it s a little bit like a party guest who critiques your wine choice. The party crashers, on the other hand, are on point.

Business news

How Women Leaders in Technology Transform the Non-Profit World

In recent years, the nonprofit sector has witnessed more women ascending to technology management positions. These leaders are on the front lines of discussions on management and employee engagement. And at a time when many organizations are shifting to a social enterprise model, technology remains central to NGOs’ missions.

Business news

U.S. Army Agrees: Climate Change Makes It Harder To Do Your Job

The U.S. Army has been raising alarms about the impact of climate change on training and readiness, and a new report from The Lancet affirms those concerns.

Business news

Workers Sew a Nightmare into Zara’s Supply Chain

It is news no apparel company wants to hear: allegations of slavery or any form of bonded labor in a supply chain. But the story of some apparel workers in Turkey tucking notes in some of Zara’s clothing has generated the fast fashion retailer headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Business news

Innovations in Corporate Social Impact

by 3p Conferences

“Is it too difficult for companies to achieve financial and social impact simultaneously?” This was the question being posed by One World Founder CEO Scott Saslow at the Innovations in Corporate Social Impact Summit on Nov, 2 at Cooley LLP in San Francisco. The answer was a resounding “no,” as attendees discussed the examples of Bay Area companies who are innovation leaders in how they design their strategy, measure results and harness capital and people to create wider social, economic and environmental benefits.

Business news

The YIMBY Movement Could Help Make Cities Affordable Again

Renters in many cities, such as in San Francisco, where the average rent is approaching $5 per square foot, have had enough of sky-high housing prices. And therein arises the YIMBY (yes in my backyard) movement, which seeks streamlined housing policies so that cities can become more affordable again.

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