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for Academic, Corporate, and Consumer Markets

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the leader in virtual trading

applications for universities, high schools, corporations, and the public

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Trading, Managing & Tracking Made Simple

  • 50+ global exchanges
  • Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, futures, future options, commodities and Forex
  • U.S. markets feature real-time bid/ask order executions
  • Downloadable reports including: Transaction History, Account Statements, Open Position, and more!
  • Streaming portfolio updates and rankings
  • Customizable watchlist to track all your global trading interests
  • Full range of order types including: Market, Limit, Stop, Tailing Stop $, Trailing Stop %
  • Unique one day, 30 day and yearly chart view of your holdings

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StockTrak offers a full range of services

A versatile, comprehnesive Trading Room Software with plenty of flexible features.

and portfolio alpha/beta.

company profiles, analyst ratings, etc.

biggest gainers/losers, and many more.

These top universities use our global portfolio

simulation in their classes.

These top universities use our virtual

trading software in their Trading Rooms.

Stock market info

Our custom virtual trading platform is used by over 65 corporate clients for employee training and customer acquisitions. Here are just a few of the many companies using StockTrak:

Stock market info Stock market info Stock market info Stock market info

Stock market info Stock market info Stock market info Stock market info

Stock market info

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