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Anchor Advisors offers small business consulting in the Chicago area. Our advisors help businesses to grow with confidence and make better decisions.

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Our business advisors identify the trouble spots of a business – from sales and accounting, to leadership and team development–and devise an action plan to strengthen those areas. When implemented, our business advice can help drive revenue, increase sales, improve company morale – and most of all, build the business owner’s confidence. Contact us today to learn more.

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Small business consulting

The easy way (and the hard way) to get leads and sell your services

“I’ve tried that, it didn’t work…” I was having a discussion with an owner of a B2B creative services firm about his business development process. He had a strong business that he’d built by leveraging his personal network, but he wanted to see more growth. This is a business owner who’s aggressive and isn’t afraid to take a risk and try something, but sales tactic or process he’s tried ever got any traction. His business sort of sputtered along from year to year — one year it’s up 15% the next year down 10%. He wanted me to give him the answer, the one method or trick that was going to Continue Reading »

Small business consulting

Who’s your “teacher”? Who’s your mentor?

When I was a young executive in a corporate job I met a woman named Marylin Dyer Blair. Marylin had a PhD in Industrial Psychology that she had earned in the 70’s. She was barely five-feet tall, with short gray hair—the kind of person that it’s easy to underestimate. But to do so would be a mistake! Marylin had great wisdom and insight into people, communication, and culture. She was a tremendous advisor to me in those days. At that time I had a lot of opinions about—well, everything. But the ones I had (and couldn’t help sharing) about how the business should be run were getting me into Continue Reading »

Small business consulting

Finding Where Goals and Resources Intersect | Non-Profit Case Study

“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” В

Japanese proverb In business, as in life, resources are limited; and few organizations feel the squeeze of resources quite like non-profits and associations. Unfortunately, the vision and goals of such organizations are often developed in strategic planning processes without ever considering the biggest barrier to success: the available resources in which to achieve these goals. If you don’t heavily consider resources when making plans, you risk having your visions defeated by resource reality. It is a very Continue Reading »

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