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Vending businessThe ice and water vending machine business is a multi-billion dollar industry. It is estimated that Americans now buy over $15 billion dollars in bottled water alone. But the industry is in the midst of change as its deals with the environmental issues associated with the hundreds of millions of plastic bottles in our landfills.

The Polar Station ® ice and water vending system is environmentally friendly. It purifies and stores water with its eight-stage process, allowing the public to bring their own bulk containers.

Polar Station provides only purified ice which is a big selling point. The public loves purified ice and ice is a major product that is consumed every day. The old business model of trucking mass-produced bagged ice from a regional ice plant to the location where it’s sold is costly and outdated.

Polar Station is the modern alternative. With a Polar Station purified ice and water vending system, you will provide for your customers incredible purified ice and water, all for less money and increased convenience, at a healthy profit.

This is a new market delivery system that is a strong alternative, if not a replacement, to how we used to buy ice and water.

Vending business

“Customers love it

Tom Menke, one of Polar Station’s first clients and a satisfied station owner, started his Polar Ice and Water Station just over a year ago in St. Louis, Mo. His business has been so successful in that short time period Read More.

Vending business

It really is an easy business!”

Greg Murray is the proud owner of two brand new Polar Ice and Water Stations in Topeka, Kansas. And after two years figuring out this is something he wanted to do, he can’t say enough good things about the business. Read More.

Who’s Drinking Bottled Water: A Snapshot

Vending business

In the last decade, consumers all over the United States have been turning more and more to bottled water rather than opting for once popular carbonated soft drinks. But just [Read more. ]

10 Facts About Precious Water

Vending business

Water is something everyone needs even more than food. Depending on such factors as weight, ambient temperature and rates of exertion, the human body can typically survive [Read more. ]

Polar Station Purified Water a Future Trend

Vending business

Fresh water is the single most precious resource on Earth. As a recent article on Mother Nature Network.com reports, though, global warming is making it more and more [Read more. ]

Home Delivery of Bottled Water a Hot Trend

Vending business

Ever since the 1920s, companies like Sparkletts have brought bottles of purified water to consumer doorsteps. But, and thanks to the boom in online shopping, home bottled [Read more. ]

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Our Ice Vending Business Offers:

  • A customizable structure to complement the surrounding structures and city requirements
  • Purified ice & water vending
  • Professional aesthetics
  • Unparalleled quality and features for the price
  • Robust design
  • Nine stages of purification
  • High visibility both day and night

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