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Palomar Mountain in San Diego County, Southern California, and its springs have been there since the beginning of times. Our springs lie away from civilization in the cleanest air of the USA; polluted smog never reaches Palomar Mountain as the clean Pacific airstream flows over undeveloped and untainted Camp Pendleton, straight to Palomar Mountain.

Our fine spring water comes straight from these ancient springs. Palomar Spring water is naturally alkaline, pure H2O. We do not add, alter or manipulate our water so you can enjoy high quality, pure, clean and healthy drinking water in the way Mother Nature had in mind.

From high up the mountain, we bring our spring water straight to your door without involvement from third parties. Palomar Mountain Spring Water is fine spring water, free from any contamination and bottled with the highest level of care and attention for quality. The result is well balanced, fresh tasting, pure drinking water. We are not the only one that feels that way; The annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting awarded our bottled water as “one of the best bottled waters in the World” in 2012.

“ What started out as a decadent purchase, has become a necessity, we love it! ”
(Bridgid R.)

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Palomar Spring Water is also available on tap!
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