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Want help naming a new product or service brand? Searching for a cool name for your new startup or subsidiary business? Proper naming with full worldwide legal checks is a process today – and affordable. Click for more on the name development process or for a fast, detailed naming proposal. Good, strong names for high tech, scientific, industrial, consulting, life sciences, biotech, software, medical, financial, healthcare, retail, food, fashion and consumer needs.

Naming a business

Brighten up your brand

New Business or Company Names

Naming a business

Fast help for your startup business or company rebranding needs.

Our proven naming process lets us serve your sole proprietor startup, partnership, consulting company, service offerings, small business, medium business or large international corporation.

This scalability lets us tier our prices too – so you get a full service professional naming agency for the price of a consultant. In most cases our fixed price fees are saved in legal costs alone, not to mention wasted executive man hours.

Matching taglines and product slogans too.

Call +1-650-960-0411 Seven days a week. Or Contact the Brighter Team.

Naming News

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Unique Names from the outset

Product or Service Names Brands

Naming a business

Naming is not a purely subjective matter. It is a process.

A converging process that starts with a hundred good available name candidates. A ranking, scoring system so the leading weighted name wins after progressive reduction & discussion steps chaired by an experienced brand facilitator.

And we started over 14 years ago so we have giant databases of names, an international team and a very large successful worldwide portfolio covering most industries.

New brand names include:

Solyndra, I Fly, Symbian, Verantis, Gainspan, Viscadia, Calient, Luminora, Zequanox, Abriza, Wavii, Lustros, Qualanex, Utraspire, Brivo, Kidango, Zymmetry, AvidaSports, Agilaire, PageDNA, TegraMed, EvoTherm, Grandevo and many more. –> See Full Naming Portfolio.

“In the life of the human spirit, words are action, much more so than many of us may realize” . Jimmy Carter

Naming a businessWe will partner with your creative and strategic branding agencies, as we do names all day, every day. They do the rest.

Creative Naming Ideation

Naming a business

No business is too small or too large. Partner agencies also welcome.

Naming is not a new artistic science. Computers will never really get naming. Most humans are not very good either. But that doesn’t mean it has to cost a fortune to get proper help.

Brighter Naming has perfected our human driven name creation and checking process over the last 16 years. We will facilitate rooms of the most stubborn left-brained engineers or scientists or financial types and take them through the whole process in under a month – or less for a smaller company.

From our archives of naming articles, see this perennial favorite:

We do naming all day everyday and equip our proven team with the right tools. So you can get a trademark cleared name and go back to doing what you do best.

See Resources for more international trademark knowledge, creative and legal partners and where to register your business.

Naming a business

Silicon Valley’s original full service naming consultants. We are ready to serve you from our California and Barcelona offices. We create names using a diverse, dedicated, naming team and our own extensive name databases.

  • Naming a business
  • Naming a business

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