• Develop planning strategies to shelter income and minimize federal and state income taxes;
  • Evaluate employee benefit plans and determine how you can get the most out of them;
  • Show you how to save and invest on a regular basis toward financial goals such as sending a child to college, starting a business, buying a home.

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Mentor Capital has successfully managed client investments for more than 20 years. With more than $80 million under management, we have the experience and the expertise to help you minimize risk and enhance returns.

Mentor Capital Management Inc. can provide objective advice for small-business owners concerned about retirement and succession planning.

Who we are

Mentor Capital Management Inc. was founded in response to the growing recognition that the only financial planning professionals who can be truly objective are those who do not sell financial products. To this end, the firm has no revenue source other than the fees paid by its clients for financial planning and investment advisory services.

Our dedication to providing comprehensive, Fee-Only financial planning is evidenced through our founder and our associate’s membership in NAPFA, the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors.

We stand ready to guide you with prudent, thoughtful advice as you navigate the sometimes uncertain waters of personal finance.

What we do

Mentor Capital Management Inc. offers comprehensive financial planning and investment advisory services. We are dedicated to providing you with thoughtful, prudent guidance as you seek to reach your financial and lifestyle goals through the financial planning process.

  • Our advice is objective and free from most of the conflicts of interest that are present when working with a stockbroker or insurance agent.
  • Our advice is thorough and comprehensive and is based on the client’s personal goals and objectives.
  • Our advisers always put clients’ interests ahead of their own.

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