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Local Business Listings

Can local customers find you? Let’s find out.

If you’re not listed, you could be missing out.

Local Listings is a highly effective way to expose your small business to valuable local customers. Unlike other places you might market your business, local listings sites are being used by people in your area who are ready to buy. In fact, research shows that over half of all local searches end with a purchase!

Directories in our ever-expanding network include:

Google Bing AOL Yahoo YP

People are searching. Will they find you?

How Does Webs Local Listings work?

You provide your details.

With our easy-to-use guided tool, you can enter your relevant business information in just a few moments.

We submit everything.

We will simultaneously submit the details you provided in the first step to over 100 local search directories.

New customers find you.

Once your details are listed, potential customers will see your small business ranked in their local search results!

Get listed in just 5 Minutes!

Webs Local Listings makes it easy to get your business listed everywhere online. Simply provide us some basic information about your business and how you would like it to appear in search results. We’ll handle submitting that information to over 100 local directories online, including Google, Yahoo, and YP.com

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