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Hubby is wanting to start a hot shot business!!

My husband has been driving trucks for about 10 years, now he says that hes tired of driving for other ppl and wants to start his own hot shot business. Me being the worry wort I am i’m really concerned. We have 2 kids and just recently moved from WV to OK. My hubby seems to think he would be able to make a really good living. I was just wondering if anyone would be able to either make me feel better about this decision or prove to him i am right.

Well this is a tough one. Yes there is a living to be made doing this, but it is not cheap to get started. My suggestion to you and your husband is to read this forum completely (every single post!!) at least 3 times TOGETHER. Then discuss it in a friendly way. Then ask us every question you can come up with (even the ones you think are silly or dumb). The folks here on this forum will be happy to help. Lee

Buster(Lee) is 101% on point.
I have been in this business for decades. It is always a crap shoot by nature of the business. Make a lot of money. Some weeks tickle you pink with good stuff, other weeks give you ulcers.
This biz is expensive to start if you begin with really good equipment, and it is expensive to keep running. Good equip’t allows you to run with less maintenance costs but cost more to start. Lower end equip’t forces you to take more time and money to keep running. The difference? Down time can cost you good paying freight and give you a bad reputation if it is ongoing. It will also run up your blood pressure and anxiety level.
If you lapse on insurance, it is a red flag. Insurance is expensive and is the first bill you need to cover each month(if you don’t pay yearly). Truck and trailer payment [$$$?]. dunnage, straps, chains, tarps, duct tape, corner protectors, etc. are ongoing expenses, you need it when you need it. Things wear out. Bungies are not really cheap because they don’t last very long in the environment. Ya, they’re cheap, by the box, but all these things add up. Not enough cheap bungies can ruin a good tarp fast.
Fuel. Pay with a credit card=credit price. Stay warm or stay cool idling the truck=more fuel cost or extra expense for some auxilliary power/fuel.
You have to be relatively comfortable on the road, you have to get good rest.
First thing I missed [big truck to little truck] was an air ride seat, second was the space I had to forfeit.
Another HUGE area in this biz if you flatbed, IT IS FLATBEDDING. Not for everyone. If you are new to it, you MUST learn how to tie down.
It is imperative. I could easily continue for days and weeks and.
The great part? What you screw up, noone to blame. What you accomplish, YOU did it. It can be very rewarding. It is a lot of work and it takes a special talent to do it by yourself. Read this forum in it’s entirety, and I mean completely in it’s entirety, over and over and over and over again. Then read it over again. You will not find the truth about this biz ANYWHERE else in any shape or form as you will find it here.
This is not to discourage you, but to inform you well. One more thing, a personal thing, please be careful not to sanitize his dream in anyway. Negativity breeds negativity. Dreams put into action are what make everything work, the fuel of life. Ignorance is a lazy fault, and can be fixed. The knowledge for this business is available here, but you have to supply your part to make it whole. Above all, have fun and laugh alot.


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