How to Write a Business Proposal

If you want to know how to write a business proposal, the best person to ask is your customer. When writing a business proposal, your goal should be to answer your customer’s questions and persuade them to select you. To do this, you need to discover what the customer needs to read in order to select you, and then present your proposal from the customer’s perspective. A business proposal should be about what matters to the customer, and not just what you want to tell them. That is why winning a business proposal depends on what you know about the customer, opportunity, and competitive environment just as much (if not more than) as how you write, format, and present your proposal. The articles below can help you learn how to write business proposals that win.

Why what you learned in school about writing was wrong Writing a persuasive business proposal is different from writing a paper for school or other document. In fact, the way they teach you to write in school is nearly the opposite of what you should do in a proposal.

Business proposal layout and design People sometimes get paralized by not being sure how their proposals should look. So here is some simple guidance that explains how to format your business proposals.

How to Write a One Person Proposal Sooner or later you are going to have to give someone a proposal, either because they ask for it, or because it can help persaude them to do what you want. Where do you start? What are the rules? What should you include? Here is what you need to know to do a proposal by yourself that is for yourself.

Who sets the standards for writing business proposals?There are no rules for business proposal writing. There are best practices. But who decides what they should be? Who sets the standards for proposals?

How to give the proposal evaluators what they want Giving the customer what you want them to have instead of what they want is a recipe for losing. This article shows why relying on the RFP to tell you what the customer wants is not sufficient.

7 Proposal Formatting Tips Are you struggling with questions like “How long should my proposal be?” or “Should I print it in black-and-white or color?” Or are you just looking for ways to make your proposals easier to evaluate? Here are 7 tips for formatting your proposals.

22 Things You Must Have to Win Your Next Proposal It may be surprising, but when you ask people what it will take to win their proposal, they often don’t have a good answer. And yet everything is riding on it. So we thought we’d help out by providing a list that can get you started.

What’s the Difference Between Solicited and Unsolicited Proposals? Responding to a customer’s request for a proposal and giving them a proposal that they haven’t asked for require two difference approaches in preparing the proposal.

What are the differences between large and small proposals? A large proposal might have dozens of people working on it, while a small proposal might be prepared by a single person. The similarities and differences between them can be interesting.

10 Ways That Fear Causes People To Lose Proposals Fear is one of the major reasons people lose their proposals, but most people don’t realize it. It can be pretty sneaky. Here are some of the ways it can manifest

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