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Business mentor

Paul Smith working with people to help them achieve their career aspirations

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Business mentor

We are recognised as Australia’s leading provider of quality Executive Mentoring and Coaching services.

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We assist with the tough decisions, bold choices, setting goals and accepting challenges. We will be your professional friend – not kicking the goals, but working with you on how to kick. Then we help you develop a plan and stay on track to achieve those goals.

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Business mentor

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The Leader’s Work-Life Balance Matters as Much as Your Own

What leaders say is far less important than what they do. That’s one of the clearest conclusions I drew from a recent study focused on how they experience their lives at work in a global, Australian-based IT firm. Companies seeking more sustainable high performance from their employees need to meet four of their core needs: More

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Paul Smith has an 18 Year Career Coaching Senior Chief Executives

Paul Smith specialises in executive development, career transition and management, business issues such as workplace engagement, and helping family owned businesses evolve into a family in business together. He is regularly interviewed by national press and business magazines on leadership issues.

Paul is one of Australia’s preeminent mentors who came to the role after a long career in corporate Australia, where he operated in various Senior Executive and General Management roles in the petroleum and logistics industries.

Do you know where you want to be?

Do you know how to get there? Talk to our Executive and Business Mentors about developing clear strategies for moving forward call 1300 334 307 or contact us online today.

Executive Coaching and Mentoring

Are you a CEO or Director looking to take your organisation to the next level? Find out why our executive coaching and mentoring program is right for you.

Business Mentoring and Coaching

We work with you in one-on-one sessions to create a plan for moving forward with your business and personal development.

Performance Management

Is your team focused and engaged? We teach you how to manage performance to get the highest level of employee engagement and retain your top staff.

Family Business Coaching

Do your goals align with the family business? By understanding the unique challenges of a family business, we can help you define clear strategies for prosperity and serenity.

Career Mentoring and Coaching

Onwards and upwards, or stuck in a rut? We help you progress to the next level by taking control of your career – with a plan.

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