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Tulsa Man Puts Med School On Hold To Become ‘Poop Guy’

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TULSA, Oklahoma — Everyone who knew Jon Wood growing up was sure he would become a doctor. He graduated from the University of Tulsa with all the prerequisites for med school including a degree in biology.

So, what did he do? He started his own business. In Tulsa, Jon Wood is Poop 911.

Wood started his business a couple of years ago while he was still at the University of Tulsa. “I got my degree in biology with a minor in chemistry,” he said. “I have all the prerequisites to go to med school.” But the entrepreneurial bug bit him. Now, the kids in his neighborhood call him the poop guy.

“Yesterday I got a call asking if I’d do their horses and goats,” Wood said. No, Wood just sticks to dogs.

There may be those who think why bother, it’s just fertilizer. Oh, but it’s not, he says. “If left unpicked up it will cause brown spots in your grass because it is burning your grass,” Wood said. “It’s very acidic.” That’s because of the dog’s high protein diet.

Ben Franklin said once “two things in life are certain, death and taxes.” Jon Wood has found another. So for now business is good. He’ll think about being a doctor someday, but for now he’s happy being the poop guy.

You can find Jon Wood by calling 877-Poop911.

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