Apr 12 2019

Data Management UK

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Data Management UK, REMMONT.COM

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We find and nurture profitable customers
for businesses with ambition

Develop technology
for enhanced data

Our data management technology helps businesses to better understand their customers’ behaviours and needs, enabling simple straightforward communications, reporting and KPI tracking.

Deliver insight
for maximised value

Through data analysis, we give you the most powerful tool your business needs: knowledge. We focus this newfound knowledge to help you build measurable marketing strategies that deliver results.

Manage campaigns
for optimum engagement

At Blueberry Wave we manage the whole process, from comms planning and data selection to creative delivery, we ensure the right message gets delivered to your customer at the right time.

Incremental sales increased by 27%

The co-operative energy

With competition from the ‘Big Six’ leading energy providers, The Co-operative Energy were keen to recruit cost effective, good quality customers and grow this year-on-year. Our three-stage approach increased customer acquisition and showed a 20% uplift in prompted awareness where marketing activity had occurred.

Increase in redemptions of 735%

World of Felix

Through our management and analysis of Nestle Purina’s customer database of pet owners, World of Felix saw an increase of redemptions of 735% in the first year which, over the course of a three year scheme, would see over £7m of additional consumer spend.

Enabling better B2B communications in the UK

Defining optimal product range for increased sales in stores

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