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Business cards cheap

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One of the best marketing products for business people are definitely Business Cards. With their help you can share information about your company, about your services or products. The best thing is that they are made to fit in a wallet, so they are easily accessible to your potential clients. Our business cards have:

  • Different quantity options (from 100 to 100,000 per order)
  • Different shape and style options
  • Fast turnaround time (Same-day cheap printing available!)
  • Different paper stock options (Recycle available!)

Business cards cheap

Download Guideline Template For Business Cards:

Business cards cheap

Pre-Designed Ready Business Cards Templates:

Business cards cheap

What our customers are saying:

★★★★★ Thanks a ton for all the cheap business cards. My clients liked them, especially their interactive design. I was looking for a responsible company that could do cheap print me, when a friend suggested I m really impressed that I chose them. A big thanks you to all the printers. Cheers! Mary Ann, Washington DC ★★★★ The business cards were superb. Job was well-done. Thanks for the detailed review and check. Everton Bridges, Los Angeles ★★★★★ When I chose 55 Printing for doing my business cards, my job was made easier. They actually took the pains to get down to the details. Jack Whittington, San Jose

Business cards cheap

Business cards cheap

Some Alternative Uses of Cheap Business Cards Printing

Business cards are a fundamental method to spread the word about your enterprise. These are quite inexpensive to cheap print large quantities. Cheap business cards are light in weight and are easy to store in a wallet. Handing these at conventions and trade shows is a valuable marketing action. There are times when you use these for other things besides networking your business. Following are some of the business card alternative uses which should give ideas for non-standard marketing.

Appointment Cards Print

For businesses, you can try using one side of the card for your contact information and the other side for appointments. Fields, like time, date and notes will make things obvious what feature if offers. When you are handing the appointment cards to the clients, you should mention the appointment feature if it s relevant to the conversation.

Printed Product Hangtags

You can adapt a cheap business card for using it as your product hang tag. This is a good alternative idea. You should be certain that the product is not too large. Customized hang tags from a cheap printing company is a great option for larger products.


Folded cards can stand up on a desk which allows for a decorative use in your business. Any business card printing company will cheap print the four sides of a folded card which gives additional design options. The magnet cheap business cards look very good on the refrigerators and the filing cabinets. These can also be placed on the metal window linings which will adorn an office.

Write Notes

Many people use low cost business cards with enough blank space on them in order to write down notes that become an easy comfort for your wallet. When you want to design the cheap business cards, be certain that you have at least one side of the affordable business card reserved for a non-UV matte finish. A UV coating is too shiny to write on it comfortably.

Referral Cards Cheap Print

You can put referred by with some blank space at the back of the affordable business card. Along with this, you can add additional marketing information or give a special offer for every referral. Marketing through word of mouth is a powerful force and the referrals information uses this force very wisely.


The idea of a trade show is to put the cheap business card information on one side and the space for a nametag. A field with the help of email address can be added near the name field and also for a business name.

Gift Cards Cheapest Prints

You can also attach the low cost business card with a gift. As a hangtag, your recipient should know that your enterprise is responsible. You have to be certain that giving a gift to a prospective and an actual client is allowed by the company rules. Some of the companies enforce limits on the dollar amount of corporate-endorsed gifts.

Folded Affordable Business Cards Print Can Be Used for Events

When you want to invite people for your business event, you need to be creative. You can use folded cards for invitation. All that you need is to be creative when you are designing and cheap printing folded Cheap Business cards. When you have organized a campaign for your business, you can invite your business friends. You can also give them the folded cards. You can make unique designs for folded Economical Business cards. Design your folded invitation cards with popular characters according to the preference of your target market. These cards can easily attract the new customers. May be sometimes, you have to give thanks to your prospective clients. You can make things memorable by sending custom-made folded cards.

Professional Folded Economical Business Cards Prints

These folded cards are not only used for personal usage, but you can also fulfill some important purposes. There are several corporate organizations which use folded cheapest business cards to serve their advertisement purpose, such as for office anniversary. As it s a special occasion, you can also invite your guests for this particular day. You can also forward your invitation with the help of the folded cards in the most creative way possible. There are several times when you can congratulate your employees for wonderful performance. You can also congratulate them with the use of innovative and attractive folded cards that can create a good impression in their minds. There are various events and workshops that your company organizes throughout the year. You can also invite people for workshops and events. You can attract people by posting creative looking folded cards along with the details about the events and workshops.

Non-Profit Organizations Also Uses Folded Low Cost Business Cards Print

There are several non-profit organizations, like the NGOs who look to bring about different environmental and social awareness among the public. Another great way for making the awareness program successful is by distributing folded cards to the new and existing customers. Folded business cards are versatile; thus, you have to make your folded Business cards cheap and exceptional in order to attract people.

Use of Folded Cheap Business Cards Printing as an Advertising Tool

There are different corporate organizations make creative tools for their marketing promotions. Nowadays, almost all the businesses use folded cards print in order to fulfill their advertising needs. Make sure that they have their company logo, brand name along with the contact details. You can give them a warm welcome note cheap printed on the folded cards print and can also post it for targeted customers. They can remind their customers about their existence in corporate arena. There are different businesses who take up an initiative to forward customized folded cards printing to their customers for building a stronger bonding between business and customers. You can send customized cards from time to time. You can also make your customers feel that they will be treated specially. Direct marketing techniques are more effective than the indirect ones. Direct interaction with your customers can turn out to be fruitful for your business. Folded cards print are considered as the direct marketing tools.

Designing Folded Cards

Businesses have large number of customers. In order to print folded cards, make sure that your customers receive the card. Mass production of the folded cards is a must. The first things you need to remember is that the budget for your production. So, when you ask a cheap printing service for printing your cheap business cards printing, make sure to do a careful research on printing houses in your city. Folded cards have different rates for printing. When you are still facing doubts, you can also refer to different cheap printing services online.

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