Business Process Management (BPM)

OpenText People Center makes HR processes easy for employees, helps employees help themselves and enables HR teams to more quickly and easily address simple issues and focus on high-value initiatives. Watch this video to learn how OpenText People Center can help your HR team do more with less.

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OpenText Process Suite

OpenText Process Suite offers a unique combination of digital process automation with powerful, flexible process orchestration, content-rich execution, and low-code development. Take advantage of a number of easily customizable and extensible business applications or quickly build completely custom, natively mobile business applications using our low-code application development platform and pre-defined building blocks.

  • Delight customers. Exceed expectations with timely, proactive service in the channels where they want to do business even when processes involve a lot of knowledge work.
  • Close process gaps. Digitize processes that require interaction with structured and unstructured information residing in diverse business systems and content repositories. Eliminate disconnected processes or manual processes that often fill gaps between steps in a business workflow.
  • Lower risk and gain consistency. Automate processes intelligently to triage low risk activities from high risk, enabling companies to optimize resources.

Why Choose OpenText for Digital Business Automation

Drive, manage and automate processes using rules for adaptive case handling and process automation, embedded analytics, IoT driven processes and contextual integrations across systems and content sources to gain efficiencies, speed and consistency across key workflows. Plus, user collaboration reduces risk and facilitates knowledge worker engagement.

Offer end users an in-context, 360-degree view of the information they need to get their jobs done out-of-the-box, tightly integrated with powerful process automation and multidirectional integration with all the relevant enterprise systems. Provides great flexibility for IT, better alignment of ECM benefits to the needs of the business and more power to extend the lives of legacy systems.

Quick Delivery of Process Solutions

Build and deploy solutions more easily with low-code, reusable building blocks and pre-built accelerators to speed the development of case and process-driven applications. Quickly expand or adapt applications to innovate and drive customer-centric outcomes. Plus, business users can think about the policy or workflow from their perspective, centered around the information that needs action rather than around a rigid process.

Business Needs

Business leaders are looking for more ways to quickly gain control of key processes, streamline customer-facing activities, reduce employee workloads, and manage compliance and risk. OpenText provides business applications and solutions to address diverse business needs across industries.

Dynamic Case Management

Transform knowledge-driven work that involves complex interactions between people, content, transactions and workflows across multiple systems of record. The OpenText solution supports a diverse range of cases including client onboarding, application or claims processing, service requests and more.

Today s businesses can t wait months to deploy and iterate on web and mobile applications. With a low-code application framework, app development keeps IT moving at the pace of the business.

Advanced Media Orchestration

Digital transformation has generated an explosion in the volume of rich media assets needed to produce a quality customer experience. OpenText Advanced Media Orchestration provides a comprehensive platform to manage creative teams and assets through their development and delivery processes.

Extend the Life of Legacy Systems

Legacy systems don t have to become barriers to digital transformation. OpenText Process Suite gives you a practical, low-cost way to build user-friendly applications that leverage backend legacy systems.


OpenText digital business applications provide configurable automation to address specific business problems. All of these applications are easily customizable and extensible using the low-code application development environment in OpenText Process Suite. They also benefit from Process Suite s enterprise integrations.

OpenText Contract Center

Streamline contract execution, integrate contracts within work processes in diverse enterprise systems, and deliver smarter automation within buy-side, sell-side and other legal contracts.

OpenText People Center

Improve employee self-service and empower HR to respond more easily to inquiries, quickly access necessary documents and gain visibility into key measurements and indicators. People Center combines an employee portal with advanced case and document management capabilities for a better employee experience.

Active Client Management for Insurance

Improve the customer experience, reduce operational costs and facilitate rapid rollout of innovative insurance products with insurance-specific automation for account servicing, underwriting, claims management and more.

MCM for Life Sciences

Accelerate creative asset delivery, drive innovation, improve brand consistency, and control costs with a marketing content management platform that provides a comprehensive asset management solution for regulated marketing content in the life sciences industry.

OpenText RFx Center

Streamline procurement processes, monitor spend, manage vendors and automate the flow and capture of the procurement information at the enterprise level. Gain real-time visibility into procurement operations to enable sound strategic decisions.

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