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Business Desktop PC Buying Tips


Laptops may be getting more popular for some businesses, but a business PC is still ideal for many small to medium sized organizations that do not have staff traveling with their workstation computers. On top of being typically faster and cheaper than laptops, an office desktop computer is easier to upgrade and usually can be repaired without being sent back to the manufacturer.

With so many choices, it can be hard to find the best business desktops for your organization, but NeweggBusiness will break down what you should be looking for when shopping for a workstation PC below. Consider the following criteria when purchasing a workstation PC for your organization:

Form Factor

Traditionally, a workstation PC meant a large tower coupled with a monitor. Workstation PCs now have towers that range from full-size to compact, with some no more than a foot tall. There are even all-in-one PCs that eliminate the tower by combining the monitor and tower into one compact unit, which can free up some space in a crowded office.

A business PC that will be used for general office administration and word processing will not need huge amounts of processing power, and an octa-core processor is usually not required. Find a workable balance where the processor is powerful enough for the tasks you intend to use it for.

Solid state drives are very popular, but not all workstation PCs will need the increased read and access times that they provide. Consider getting solid state drives for workstations that require fast read and write speeds for specialized jobs or fast boot speeds. Otherwise, a traditional hard drive will be sufficient for most tasks.


Most business PCs used for general administrative tasks and word processing will not require dedicated graphics cards, so you can reduce costs by purchasing PCs with onboard video.

However, an exception may be made for business-grade graphics cards if your organization is purchasing a workstation for design, simulation, rendering, or any other graphics related tasks. Also, if the tasks that the business PC will be performing require a lot of screen space, consider getting a workstation PC with a capable of outputting video to multiple displays to improve productivity and efficiency.

Many basic business desktops come with DVD writers, which should be sufficient for general use, but you can always add a Blu-ray drive if it is required for the tasks that the business PC will be doing.


Keep those key points in mind when shopping for a business PC and you will find one that fulfills its role and fits your organization’s budget. Avoid over-spending by buying one with specifications that are above and beyond what is needed. The ideal workstation PC should be sufficient for its function without being unnecessarily expensive and laden with necessary features.

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