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Vendweb.Com has been online for 16 years now and our background in Vending Machines is your partnership in business.

New Vending Machines

Traditional Food Service Vending Machines

Our new vending machine line of equipment is top quality vending machines.

We carry vending machines that do snack and drinks as well as food and coffee.

Looking for traditional vending machines then look to Vendweb.Com for all your vending machine needs.

Refurbished / Used Vending Machines

12 Month Parts Warranty

Our refurbished vending machines are a great way to get quality vending machines at lower cost. Vendweb.Com refurbished vending machines are quality used vending machines that are location ready. We refurbish our vending machines to a top quality condition so you can rest assured when your machine arrives it will be location ready.

Custom Vending Machines

Custom Set Ups

Need a vending machine that does more then just a bag of chips or a candy bar?

We can assist with custom vending machine setups.

Many vending machines today are Automatic Merchandising Store fronts for many different items. The vending machine is a 24/7 sales station that can be used to get your products in front of potential customers.

Smart Vending Machines

Automatic Merchandising Systems

Todays vending machines can do more then just drop out a snack.

The vending machines of today are smarter then the vending machines of yesterday.

Many companies are finding delivery applications of items to employees and tracking who took what and who can get what. We can assist with a complete controlled delivery system that can give back end reports and be monitored from anywhere you want.

Need a Vending Machine For Your Business?

We have quality operators looking for your location..

Do you have a need for a vending machine but do not want to own your own?

We have vending operators looking to place their machines in your business.

Snack and Drink to Healthy Food and More.

Just click here and fill out our simple online form to have a quality vending operator contact you. I NEED A VENDING MACHINE CONTACT ME. Click Here

Mad Skills

ordinary to ex·traor·di·nar·y

We know vending machines, its what we do.

Why buy from an auction site that is no more then a listing like a news paper ad.

Vending machines come in many different shapes and sizes and not all Vending Machines are the same. You need someone that can help with what machine works in what location or what features you may need for certain locations.

Our team of vending experts have years of vending experience and our founder has worked in the vending industry in many different areas of the industry.

We know how to refurbish a vending machine and can supply you with not only a quality used refurbished vending machine but also free phone support that can answer questions that some auction site does not even know.

When you want to make sure you are successful in buying the correct vending machine for your need, we are your go to team. Call and speak with us and you will see what makes us different then the other guys and gals.

Government Grants

In today s economy, it is quite normal to feel overwhelming stress when it comes to financial matters. This is especially true for individuals and organizations who would like to embark on projects from which not only they could benefit, but which also can be beneficial to society. It s important that you understand that there is help out there. As a matter of fact, it is in the government s best interest to fund people and groups that wish to grow financially, thereby strengthening the economy and their individual communities. If you are interested in benefiting from money that the government has set aside from people who wish to better their nation, you will want to research government grants.

What Are Government Grants?

In today s economy, it is quite normal to feel overwhelming stress when it comes to financial matters. This is especially true for individuals and organizations who would like to embark on projects from which not only they could benefit, but which also can be beneficial to society. It s important that you understand that there is help out there. As a matter of fact, it is in the government s best interest to fund people and groups that wish to grow financially, thereby strengthening the economy and their individual communities. If you are interested in benefiting from money that the government has set aside from people who wish to better their nation, you will want to research government grants.

For those who are learning about government grants for the first time, it can be a bit of a mystery why the government would give money to people who would like to better their lives. There is a misconception about the government s function. In many ways, a role of the government is to see that the economy is strong. In order for the economy to be strong, however, the people in a country need to be able to progress. If you are interested in construction or home remodeling, for example, you can t do your job if you are having cash flow issues. This is why the government is willing to provide you money so that you can complete your projects

Types of Government Grants

There are many different kinds of government grants. As a matter of fact, there are grants for virtually every kind of financial need that you can imagine. Individuals who are interested in growing their small businesses have access to a number of different grants developed to help improve this important and often struggling facet of the national economy. Likewise, people who are interested in improving their communities with sustainable and affordable housing can find a number of different grant opportunities offered by the Housing and Urban Development department. This agency also is known as HUD. There are also government grants offered to people who may need financial assistance at a personal level. For instance, there is funding for single mothers who may need help with basic financial support with school lunches and enrollment fees.

There also is funding for artists who would like to embark on large scale creative projects, but who may not have the time or money to see them fully realized. Another common goal of many of these grants is to help individuals who would like to go back to school. Pell grants, for example, are designed to fund individuals from low income brackets who would like to attend college. There are also education grants for people who have excelled as students and grants for people who would like to study concentrations that are beneficial to society.

How to Apply for Government Grants

If you are interested in applying for government grants, it first is necessary to register. Registering for federally funded grants is a relatively easy process, though it s important to remember to follow the instructions very closely. There often are a number of important dates and restrictions put on applicants, so you should make sure that you are entering the right information and that you are qualified to be awarded grants. One thing you want to keep in mind is that each government grant is assigned an identification number. In most cases, you will be expected to have access to this number before you begin the general application number.

Once you have been added to the government grants system, you will be ready then to prepare your materials for a specific grant. For individuals who are requesting basic financial assistance, this can be an easy and quick process as well. You may simply be required to provide some basic financial information regarding employment, income, and regular expenses. If you are applying for a grant that you will use to complete a project, however, you will certainly need to first prepare a statement and a budget. If you have never performed this kind of work before, you might need to get a little guidance.

The way in which you prepare for government grants depends largely on the nature of the grant for which you are applying. For example, if you are interested in beginning a housing project, you are going to need to do the work of a construction project manager. In other words, you will need to complete an initial budget in which you describe the materials and services you require and how you will use the funding to pay for these services and items. If you are interested in applying for funding for scientific research, if can be very important that you discuss your research goals. Likewise, you want to be sure that you can talk about how the funding will help you to improve your research. Artists who are applying for grants can count having to provide personal statements and resumes or curricula vitae.

As you are filling out your government grants materials, it s important that you remember to pay attention deadlines and other important details. In most cases, it is highly recommended that you complete all of your application materials at least a week prior to the deadline. If you are missing information or if you have not provided the correct information, a government grant representative will contact you and inform you that you need to revise your materials. If a representative has not had time to review your materials for errors before the passing of the deadline, however, then chances are that you will not be eligible for funding and will have to wait until the next year. In other words, it pays not to rush.

Apply for Government Grants

Start your application for a free grant package by clicking below. Non US Citizens are also eligible to apply for grants.

The Lean Startup

New Products are Built and Launched

Philosophy Helps Start-Ups Move Faster Start a business ideas

Offers new ways to cut work time and investment Start a business ideas

Many CEOs have fully embraced and continue to internalize the lean startup principles Start a business ideas

Concepts apply both to designing products and to developing a market Start a business ideas

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Benefits of The Lean Startup

Be more innovative.

Stop wasting people’s time.

Be more successful.

Lean Startup isn’t about being cheap [but is about] being less wasteful and still doing things that are big.

Principles of The Lean Startup

Lean Startups can operate with much less waste

The Lean Startup isn’t just about how to create a more successful entrepreneurial business. it’s about what we can learn from those businesses to improve virtually everything we do. I imagine Lean Startup principles applied to government programs, to healthcare, and to solving the world’s great problems. It’s ultimately an answer to the question ‘How can we learn more quickly what works, and discard what doesn’t? Tim O’Reilly CEO O’Reilly Media

Lean Startup Case Studies

  • Start a business ideas
  • Start a business ideas
  • Start a business ideas
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Start a business ideas

Start a business ideas

Dropbox revolutionized file-sharing by making an extremely easy-to-use, seamless application. Learn More

Start a business ideas

Start a business ideas

Wealthfront is democratizing access to outstanding investment managers. Learn More

Start a business ideas

Start a business ideas

Grockit was founded in 2007 to enable social learning, specifically test preparation (SAT, LSAT, etc). Learn More

Start a business ideas

Start a business ideas

Founded in 2004, IMVU is the world’s largest 3D chat and dress-up community. Learn More

Start a business ideas

Start a business ideas

Votizen is disrupting how our government and politics works by putting focus back on individual voter. Learn More

Start a business ideas

Start a business ideas

Aardvark, a company subsequently acquired by Google, developed a social search engine. Learn More

Meet-ups are happening everywhere

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  • Start a business ideas
  • Start a business ideas
  • Start a business ideas
  • Start a business ideas

Get the Lean

Why get the book?

Do one important thing: make better, faster business decisions. Vastly better, faster business decisions. Bringing principles from lean manufacturing and agile development to the process of innovation, the Lean Startup helps companies succeed in a business landscape riddled with risk.

This book shows you how.

Start a business ideas

About the Author

Eric Ries

Eric Ries is an entrepreneur and author of the New York Times bestseller

The HUMAN Healthy Vending Machines

Vending machines business

A New Standard in Vending Machine Technology

  1. Increase revenues profits for vending operators sales commissions for locations.
  2. Make operating, maintaining, stocking the machines easier while making consumer interaction more enjoyable.
  3. Create happy, healthy loyal customers.

Vending machines business

Vending machines business

Vending machines business

Vending machines business

Vending machines business

Vending machines business

Vending machines business

Vending machines business

Vending machines business

Vending machines business

Vending machines business

Something For Every Location

TWELVE Different Options to Fill Any Need. Every location is different, yet our service never changes. Each HUMAN location is set-up with the HUMAN machines, market or delivery service that best suit that specific space population. Our 7 main machine options include snack beverage vending machines, coffee vending machines, hot food vending machines, outdoor vending machines, and frozen food vending machines.

OPTIONS You want them! When the HUMAN LDA team is pursing the top locations in your area, it is vital to have a variety of machines and automated retail options to fit each location type. That’s why we don’t force you to purchase a specific type of machine upfront. HUMAN guarantees access to the most options available for you to customize your healthy vending business. Your locations will love the versatility you present them, and with inexpensive machines, even the smaller locations can join your route.

Vending machines business

Technology Advantages

Vending machines business

Vending machines business

Business zakelijke tas voor laptop A4 documenten tablet ordner mappen

Van een stoere sportieve rugzak of schoudertas van The North Face of Dakine, tot een elegante leren business tas voor dames van Berba of Saccoo.

Business laptop

Business laptop

Business laptop

Business laptop

Business laptop

Business laptop

Business laptop

Business laptop

Business laptop

Business laptop

Business laptop

Business laptop

Business laptop

Business laptop

Business laptop

Business laptop

Business laptop

Business laptop

Business laptop

Business laptop

Business laptop

Business laptop

Business laptop

Business laptop

Small Business Grants – How to Find Them and How to Qualify

Minority small business grantsSmall business grants are financial assistance programs available to entrepreneurs and business owners in the United States who have fewer than 500 employees. The funding can come from a government agency, a non-profit organization, or another for-profit company. Awards typically range from $500 to up to $100,000.

Eligibility varies, and can depend on your location, your income, your ethnicity, your gender, your experience in business, as well as your longetivity in business. Some small business grants can even require that you participate in a competition or write an essay to demonstrate your talents or need.

Here are 5 great ways to find what opportunities are available to you:

1) Check With Your Local Government Agencies. Many cities, counties, and states give away money to local businesses. Why? Because they want you to create jobs and more tax revenue. Many times they won’t highly publicize these opportunities, but it’s in your best interest to give them a call and/or search their web sites.

2) Check With Federal Government Agencies. The federal government doesn’t give grants directly to businesses, but they do give money to foundations who in turn can give money to small businesses. The federal agency in charge of this is the Grants Program Management Office, and all of their opportunities are listed publicly online.

3) Check With Major Corporations. Nearly every major corporation in this country has a foundation that gives away grants to enhance communities, and many of these are grants to start or expand a business. Start by checking first with big companies that are headquarted in our city or state.

4) Search The Internet. Use Google, Yahoo and Bing to conduct a search using the term business grants . You can even throw in the name of your city, county, state, etc. Carefully review the results, and look for web sites that other web sites are linked to. Doing so, will help you to find opportunities that may be casually listed on a blog or some type of directory. You may even come across a recent news article about a new opportunity.

5) Ask Around. When attending professional networking functions and social mixers, never hesitate to ask people that you meet about new opportunities. Many times, small business grants are given away to people who happen to be in the right place at the right time. Never underestimate the importance of creating a relationship with a power player and his/her associates.

6) Visit Your Local Library. Contrary to popular belief, libraries are still an excellent resource and store a lot of information that is not accessible in other places. Go to your library as soon possible; look for grant books and directories and ask specific questions to your librarian. You’ll be surprised what you can find.

#1 – Caleb Brown Community Business Grant Program

Provides access to “seed money” and grants to assist urban professionals with starting businesses and rebuilding the community.

#2 – DOT Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program

Offers grant funding to provide training and other services to minority-owned and women-owned businesses to help them compete for highway contracts.

Allows business owners and entrepreneurs to register and submit their business story and photos, get voted for, and be considered among the top 100 finalists and the winners.

Allows fans, including customers, vendors, employees, and the community, determine who deserves some love – in the form of financial assistance for their business.

#5 – Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) Business Grants

Every year, the MBDA organizes various angel investors with the primary objective of supporting minority businesses with mezzanine and second round financing.

#6 – Miller Lite Tap the FutureВ® Business Plan Competition

Annual competition for minority entrepreneurs that gives away business grants to applicants who submit the best business plans. (Formally called MillerCoors Urban Entrepreneur Series).

#7 – National Association For The Self-Employed (NASE) Growth Grants

Business owners can apply for a $5,000 grant useful for financing a particular small business need.

#8 – Rural Business Enterprise Grants (RBEG) Program

P rovides grants to finance the development of small and emerging businesses in rural areas, to be used for land acquisition, etc.

The SBA and it’s various initiatives award $2 billion in grant funding and loans to small high-tech businesses annually.

#10 – Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Grants

The SBA and it’s various initiatives award $2 billion in grant funding and loans to small high-tech businesses annually.

Provides veterans who own franchises with financial grants for business development, education, training, and/or technical assistance.

Provides technical assistance to women entrepreneurs, both new and established, in the areas of finance, management, and marketing, and other areas.


  • Business Agriculture
  • Residents
  • Government
  • Education
  • Taxes Finance
  • Visiting Playing
  • Family Health

Minority business grants

Indiana Commission for Higher Education


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  • CHE
  • State Financial Aid
  • Current: Application Filing Deadlines

Application Filing Deadlines

*The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the required application for all State financial aid programs and grants.* The Commission uses FAFSA data to generate State financial aid awards. Please complete the FAFSA prior to applying for any State financial aid awards or specialty programs (allow 5-7 business days for processing).

In addition to the FAFSA, the Commission requires an additional application for its specialty programs and grants. The annual application deadline for these programs are provided below.

Application Filing Deadlines

21st Century Scholarship

June 30 of 7th/8th Grade Year

Prior to application [or April 15]

Prior to application

Military and Public Safety Officers

Prior to application

Prior to application

Prior to application

Application can be submitted through ScholarTrack.IN.Gov

Prior to application

Contact ING Unit Commander

Prior to application

Must be completed every semester

Prior to application

FAFSA: Prior to application

Application: November 30 (year prior to the Fall Term)

Application: September 4

FAFSA: Prior to application

Extended to October 13, 2017

Application for Fall Term due Extended to October 13, 2017

FAFSA: Prior to application

Application for Fall Term due October 4

In order to be eligible for state financial aid, students must complete the correct academic year’s FAFSA by the deadline (April 15th annually). The exceptions to this deadline are the Adult Student Grant (FAFSA must be filed at least 5-7 days before applying), and state financial aid for military and public safety officers.

A student’s FAFSA may have issues (known as edits) that pertain only to State of Indiana award and scholarship programs. A student should check his or her ScholarTrack account for a list of any edits that may be on the FAFSA.

The Commission administers State financial aid only and is not affiliated with FAFSA. For assistance with completing the FAFSA, please contact the Federal Student Aid Information Center: 1-800-4FED-AID ( 1-800-433-3243 ).

Dividing business interests on divorce or dissolution

Sorting out or valuing a family business during divorce or dissolution can be complicated. But the more you can agree, the less it is likely to cost you. How a business is taken into account when you separate will depend on a number of factors. Find out where to start and what the options are.

Business interests and financial settlements

In England, Wales or Northern Ireland: Any business interests and the value contained in them can generally be taken into account as one of the ‘matrimonial assets’ to be divided on divorce or dissolution.

In Scotland: Business interests will generally only be taken into account as ‘matrimonial property’ if they were set up or acquired after you were married or became civil partners. However, any increase in the value of pre-existing business interests while you were married or civil partners might be counted as matrimonial property.

The rules are quite complicated, so it’s probably best to get legal advice.

How courts deal with businesses in financial settlements

If it is possible, the courts tend to leave the business owner with the business and compensate the other partner with a larger share of the other assets and/or maintenance.

Very often, this is what the couple want themselves.

The courts can be flexible; for example, it might be possible to share the income or divide the shares.

Ideally, the courts prefer not to leave one person with all the cash assets and another with assets that are tied up in something like a business.

However, in practice, they often do just that.

Valuing a business

If you and your ex-partner (husband, wife or civil partner) own a business outright, or has a significant shareholding in a business, then the business would normally be valued for the purposes of the financial settlement.

For shared business interests, either of you can arrange a valuation.

Generally, if one of you owns it (outright or with others), he or she must ask for the valuation.

The process might not be straightforward, especially if the business is privately owned.

Valuing a business might depend on:

  • Its assets, such as property or stock that it owns.
  • Its earnings (namely the profit it is expected to make in the future).
  • The structure of the business: whether it’s a limited company, sole trader or partnership.

Valuing a business can be complicated and, as a result, can cost thousands of pounds. Before you instruct an expert, it’s a good idea to get some legal advice.

Understanding the different types of business structure

There are different ways to structure a business.

If you’ve been involved in the business, you are likely to know the difference between them.

But if it’s your ex-partner’s business, you might not know how the business has been set up.

Here is a quick overview:

Sole trader: the owner controls the business assets, but he or she is also personally liable for any business debts. The income and profitability are the most important figures, although business assets, such as premises or vehicles, might also be taken into account.

Partnership: this might be an informal partnership, with no written agreement, or a formal one. If other people – apart from you and/or your ex-partner – are involved, then valuing it will be more complicated and you are more likely to need expert help.

Limited company: As with partnerships, valuing a limited company will be more complicated if other people have a stake in the business. If you and/or your ex-partner own all of the shares, it might be relatively straightforward to value.

Disputing a valuation of a business

Couples who are divorcing or dissolving their civil partnership might not always agree about how much a business is worth, especially if only one partner has been involved in it.

Sometimes the business owner might appear to undervalue their business (possibly dramatically).

If you don’t agree with the figure your ex-partner says the business is worth and he or she isn’t being co-operative, you can apply to the court to get information from his or her bank or accountant directly.

Bear in mind that:

  • Using experts to help you get a true value of the business can be expensive. In some cases, people have spent many thousands of pounds on specialist accountants. But this might be the only option if your ex-partner is being uncooperative or provides a particularly low valuation.
  • The fortunes of the business might have taken a turn for the worse recently. Just because the business was doing well last year or the year before doesn’t mean it will be doing well now.
  • Business owners can be optimistic about their own business and you might have been led to believe it was much more profitable than it really is.

Resolving a dispute

If you think your ex-partner has undervalued the business (or the increase in the value of the pre-existing business while you were married or in a civil partnership in Scotland), you have several options:

  • You could ask your solicitor (if you are using one) to look at the company’s books to see if further investigation is worthwhile.
  • You and your ex-partner could agree to appoint what’s called a ‘single joint expert’ to value the business. This person is independent of each of you and is there to provide an impartial valuation. Make sure you take legal advice before you do this.
  • You could each appoint your own expert. This is likely to be the most expensive and complicated option and is not used very often.
  • You and your ex-partner could explore mediation or other dispute resolution methods in place of experts to help resolve disputes over dividing business interests.

Your next step

Find out about a Clean break or spousal maintenance in England, Northern Ireland or Wales, or a Clean break or periodical allowance in Scotland as part of your divorce or dissolution financial settlement.

small business ideas for women

Small business ideas for women

How to Calculate Marginal Revenue

Small business ideas for women

What Are the Four Types of Utility Marketing?

Small business ideas for women

What Is Wrong When the iPhone Screen Goes Black Stays Like That?

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How to Calculate Accumulated Depreciation of Inventory

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5 Most Common Advertising Techniques

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Examples of Employee Development Goals

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How to Make the Check In Feature Work for Facebook

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How to Delete a Table in Google Docs

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Examples of Product Life Cycle Phases

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How to Journalize Dishonored Notes

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Horizontal Vertical Marketing Conflicts

Small business ideas for women

Tax Information For Businesses

Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center

Access to tax information useful to small businesses with assets of $10 million or less.

Large Business and International Tax Center

This page provides links which are helpful for large to mid-size businesses with assets greater than $10 million

LB I Compliance Campaigns

LB I launches Compliance Campaigns. Campaigns will ensure that resources are used efficiently and effectively to improve taxpayer compliance. LB I’s goal is to improve return selection, identify issues representing the risk of non-compliance, and make the greatest use of limited resources.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) provides an incentive to hire individuals from targeted groups. The legislative changes under the Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014, retroactively allow taxable employers to claim the WOTC for all of the targeted group employee categories listed on Form 5884, if they began work after Dec. 31, 2013, and before Jan. 1, 2015.

Effect of Sequestration on the Alternative Minimum Tax Credit for Corporations

The Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Reduction Act of 1985, as amended, requires certain spending cuts during Fiscal Year 2017 due to the sequester triggered earlier this year.

Self-Employed Individuals Tax Center

The basics on your tax responsibilities if you are self-employed or an independent contractor.

IRS Video Portal

The IRS Video portal contains video and audio presentations on topics of interest to small businesses, individuals and tax professionals. You will find video clips of tax topics, and archived versions of live panel discussions and webinars.

Employment Taxes

Federal income tax, Social Security and Medicare taxes, FUTA, self-employment tax and more.

Disaster Assistance and Emergency Relief for Individuals and Businesses

Special tax law provisions may help taxpayers and businesses recover financially from a disaster.

Small Business Forms and Publications

Download multiple small business and self-employed forms and publications.

e-file for Large Business and International (LB I)

Certain large business and International (LB I) corporations are required to electronically file their Forms 1120 and 1120S. Other corporations may do so voluntarily. This site provides e-file information for corporations that prepare and transmit their own electronic corporate income tax returns and those that use the services of third party tax professionals.

Employer ID Numbers

Find out more on EINs or apply for one online.

Employee Tool Equipment Plans

The Internal Revenue Service has established a compliance team to address the marketing and mistreatment of employee tool and equipment plans as tax-favored accountable plans.

Deducting Business Expenses

Find out what qualifies as a deductible business expense, including depreciation.

IRS Tax Calendar for Businesses and Self-Employed

The tax calendar is available for downloading and printing, or you can view it online.

EFTPS: The Electronic Federal Tax Payment System

Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS). Free from the US Treasury.

Form 2290 e-file

Approved 2290 e-file providers.

U.S. Citizens and Resident Aliens Abroad

This section covers tax topics for U.S. citizens or resident aliens living overseas.

Excise Tax

Information about the various programs, databases, and activities within Excise Tax.

Industry Issue Resolution Program

The Industry Issue Resolution (IIR) Program resolves frequently disputed or burdensome tax issues. IRS solicits suggestions for issues for the program from taxpayers, representatives and associations.

Estate and Gift Taxes

General information on when these taxes apply and when they do not.

Filing Past Due Tax Returns

Understand how to file past due returns.

Information Returns Processing

The Information Reporting Program Website is designed to help you meet your Information Reporting Requirements. Included are help-line telephone numbers and direct links to aid you in reporting information returns. You will also find information about how to file returns electronically or magnetically.

LB I Directives

LB I Directives provide industry-related and administrative guidance to LB I examiners to ensure consistent tax administration. The Directives do not establish Service position on legal issues and are not legal guidance.

Online Ordering for Information Returns and Employer Returns

Order information returns and employer returns online.

Manufacturers’ Energy Efficient Appliance Credit

Act Section 305 – Modifications of Energy Efficient Appliance Credit for Appliances Produced After 2007

Audit Techniques Guides (ATGs)

These guides contain examination techniques to assist examiners in performing examinations.

Plug-In Electric Drive Vehicle Credit (IRC 30D)

Plug-In Electric Drive Vehicle Credit (IRC 30D) – Internal Revenue Code Section 30D provides a credit for Qualified Plug-in Electric Drive Motor Vehicles including passenger vehicles and light trucks.

Your Guide to an IRS Small Business Audit

Video series shows small business owners steps of an audit and answers questions about the process

Income from Abroad is Taxable

There have been recent reports about the interest of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in taxpayers with bank accounts in Liechtenstein. The IRS’ interest, however, extends beyond bank accounts in Liechtenstein to financial accounts anywhere in the world. The IRS reminds you to report your worldwide income on your U.S. tax return and lists the possible consequences of hiding income overseas.

Quality Examination Process

The Quality Examination Process (QEP) is a systematic approach for engaging and involving Large Business and International (LB I) taxpayers in the tax examination process, from the earliest planning stages through resolution of all issues and completion of the case.

Market Segment Understandings (MSU)

The IRS and taxpayers in particular market segments, work together to improve tax compliance.

Railroad Retirement Tax Act (RRTA) Desk Guide (January 2009)

This Desk Reference Guide is intended as a resource tool to assist Revenue Agents who are assigned the examination of a railroad employer. The Guide was prepared presuming that the reader has already received employment tax training.

Federal Payment Levy Program

Certain federal payments (OPM, SSA, federal employee salaries, and federal employee travel) disbursed by the Department of the Treasury, Bureau of Fiscal Service (BFS) may be subject to a 15 percent levy through the Federal Payment Levy Program (FPLP) to pay your delinquent tax debt. Find out your appeal rights and how to resolve any dispute.

Research Credit

Guidelines and audit technique guide are provided for field examiners on the examination of Research Credit cases.

The International Tax Gap

Find resources on this page pertaining to the international tax gap — the difference between the amount of tax that taxpayers should pay and the amount that is paid voluntarily and on time. The tax gap can also be thought of as the sum of non-compliance with the tax law.

Uncertain Tax Positions – Schedule UTP

IRS finalized Schedule UTP instructions for reporting uncertain tax positions by certain corporations.

IRS Non-Retaliation Policy

IRS has a zero-tolerance policy for retaliation and has had one in place since 1998.

Educating Your Employees About Tax Compliance

These products may help employees with their tax responsibilities.