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Business Skills training

Our business skills courses focus on developing core communication, relationship and customer service skills. They improve personal effectiveness and maximise team performance, crucial to excellent customer interactions and overall business growth.

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BRMP training

Business Relationships training

Communication Skills training

Digital Marketing Institute training

Health Safety training

Marketing training

Personal Effectiveness training

All Business Skills courses

Learn how to build strong and effective relationships that deliver mutual business benefits.

The ability to communicate in a clear and compelling manner is a critical business tool.

Business Skills courses

Browse the full list of our Business Skills training courses listed alphabetically.

Business Relationships training

21 courses

Communication Skills training

9 courses

Construction Skills

2 courses

Customer Service training

5 courses

Digital Marketing Institute

1 course

Health and Safety

48 courses

Knowledge Energisers

5 courses

Marketing training courses

125 courses

Personal Effectiveness training

19 courses

Planning for Retirement

8 courses

Sales training courses

3 courses

Working at Height

8 courses

Workplace Safety

4 courses

Business Skills brochures

Click on the cards below to download our latest Leadership, Management and Business Skills training brochures.

Business Skills certifications

Browse the full list of our Business Skills certifications listed alphabetically.

Certified PRISM Practitioner

Digital Marketing Institute

1 course

ILM qualifications

QA/OCM Foundation Certificate in Coach-Mentoring

TAP Certificates

35 courses

Business Skills trainers

Meet some of our specialist Business Skills trainers.

Jennie Marshall

Learning Programme Director (Enterprise and Outsource Services)

Siobhan Merrion

Learning Programme Director

Gemma McBride

Senior Learning Consultant

Why choose QA for Business Skills training?

Comprehensive course choice

Our courses develop core communication, relationship and customer service skills, improving personal effectiveness and maximising team performance. To find out more, download our Leadership, Management and Business Skills brochure.

Unique hand-written courses

Our QA Authored courses are designed by our industry-leading experts and focus on developing skills that are immediately applicable in the workplace.

Tailor-made training programmes

We have an excellent reputation for designing and delivering bespoke learning solutions that make a lasting difference to business performance.

We transform performance

95% of our customers say their training with QA will definitely improve job performance.

Unrivalled experience and standards

Our expert training specialists work full-time for QA and form the largest directly-employed team in Europe, ensuring the highest possible standards.

Top-rated learning professionals

Our customers give our trainers a quality rating of 96%.

More locations

We offer the most extensive choice of training venues, with 20 QA learning centres and a network of high quality partner locations across the UK.

Flexible learning options

Classroom, Attend from Anywhere, Virtual, eLearning, and blended learning solutions tailored to suit every business requirement.

AAA quality

Our quality is reinforced by our Triple-A guarantee, ensuring we continually receive Awards for the quality of our services, all our courses are fully Accredited, and we always go the extra mile to Assure your success.

The world’s leading organisations choose QA more than any other UK provider for business and technical skills training.

Business Skills case studies

Find out what makes QA the trusted training provider for the world s leading organisations.


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    new business grants

    New business grants

    New business grants

    Receive $50,000 in Free Government Grants

    Get Your Share Today – Immediate Online Access!

    New business grants

    SPECIAL REPORT: Thousands of ordinary people receive FREE Government Grants and Money every day. So can you!

    Get Your Share Today. Join For Immediate Online Access!

    Welcome to GrantsMall.com. Most of us dream about getting enough money to erase all our financial worries, buy that special dream house, secure a new car, take a luxurious trip, pay for college and much more.

    Many of us don’t realize that the U.S. Government and literally thousands of private foundations will distribute over $30,000,000,000 (yes, that’s $30 Billion) each year to individuals and small business for any reasonable need.

    This Free Grant Money requires no credit check, collateral, security deposits or co-signers, you can apply even if you have a bankruptcy or bad credit, it doesn’t matter, you as a tax payer and U.S. citizen are entitled to this money.

    You decide how much money you need, as long as it’s a lawful amount and meets with the Government Agencies criteria. This money is non taxable & interest free and is yours to keep and never has to be repaid!

    Most people never apply for FREE GRANTS because they somehow feel it isn’t for them, feel there’s too much red-tape, or simply don’t know the existence of these programs or who to contact. The fact is, however, that people from all walks of life do receive FREE GRANTS MONEY and other benefits from the government, and you should also.

    We will show you how to obtain this money FAST. We provide you with all the information and tools you need to successfully secure any grant for you.

    This grant money can be used to start a home business, get an education, expand your current business, buy a new home, repair your home, pay rent, down payment for home purchase, pay mortgage payments, pay utility bills, purchase a new car, pay for groceries, pay childcare expenses, pay for fuel, pay general living expenses, pay for academic tutoring, purchase clothing, purchase school supplies, pay legal services, pay summer camp expenses, pay off debts, pay for music lessons, pay for art lessons, pay for any extracurricular activities, pay real estate taxes, medical expenses, disablility assistance, general welfare and much more!

    Why is Grant Money Available?

    The Federal and State Governments are required by law to issue grants for many diverse needs. The Influx of grant money into the economy creates jobs, which in turn creates more tax revenue and reduces individual (and corporate) dependency on government subsistence programs.

    New business grants

    With our economy in severe downturns, the need to distribute this free money and create jobs to jump start the economy has become critical.

    Many Corporations and Foundations are required to grant a certain amount of their assets annually for a variety of reasons. Foundations are required to give away at least 5% of their total assets each year to maintain their tax-exempt status.

    All of these programs don’t require credit checks, collateral, security deposits or co-signers, even if you have a bankruptcy or bad credit, you as a taxpayer and U.S. citizen are entitled to this money.

    Government Grants Programs

    Everyday the Federal Government gives grants to businesses ranging from large corporate bail out’s to helping average people start their own small business. They also give grant money to students, men, women, children and minorities to go to attend private schools and colleges or to also lend them a helping hand with everyday living expenses, medical bills, general welfare and much more!

    All 50 states are a major source of financial aid and assistance to small businesses and individuals. They offer grants money and low interest loans for businesses to purchase buildings, land, equipment inventory and free grant money to individuals for personal, professional and economic needs.

    Who can apply for Free Grants?

    ANYONE can apply for a Grant from 18 years old and up!

    Don’t pass up this great opportunity. Claim your piece of the American Pie! The money is available to you as long as you can show a legitimate need.

    What Types of Grants are Available?

    The types and numbers of grants available are vast and many. Here we provide you with a few different types but please keep in mind there are many, many more.

    The following represent a small subset of the programs available. You will find many, many more in our directories, databases and resources.

    Qualify for up to $130,000 in Personal Grants.

    • Home Purchase
    • Home Repair
    • Mortgage Payments
    • Rent
    • School Supplies
    • Real Estate Taxes
    • Utility Bills

    • New Car
    • Groceries
    • Child Care/Day Care
    • Fuel
    • Legal Services
    • Medical Bills
    • Public Transportation

    • General Living Expenses
    • Disability Assistance
    • Housing Assistance
    • Consumer Debt
    • Lesson Payments
    • Tutoring/Teaching
    • Clothing

    The U.S. Government understands small business is essential to a vibrant economy.

    As a result, many grants and low interest loan programs are available to stimulate small business. As a business owner or future entrepreneur, you may qualify for a variety of grants from public and private sources designed to enhance, expand or initiate your business.

    This category encompasses many different, diverse business in various service, retail, wholesale and manufacturing sectors. To list a few, grant money are available to open or expand a bookstore, a flower shop, a hair saloon, a day care center, a furniture store, a bar, a liquor store, a computer store, an auto repair shop, a restaurant, a coffee shop, a bakery, a sewing shop, a clothing store, a furniture store, a rental store, a gift shop, a brewery, a film studio, an art studio, a cooking school, a courier service, a typing service, a travel service, a cleaning service, a yard and garden service, trucks for transportation, a motel, a farm, business related to the internet and much more! We’ve listed only a few business but please keep in mind there are many, many more.

    Qualify for up to $250,000 in Business Grants.

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    Cool business cards

    Cool business cards

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    Grants For Women

    Women have had a constant struggle for equality and have made tremendous strides. Yet many still have lower paying jobs and suffer from discrimination in the workplace. In fact, 75% of women make less money than their male counterparts, when fulfilling the same job. Government grants for women are designed to help lessen this inequality and give women opportunity through finances.

    Grants are given to women in order to:

    • Pursue college and/or higher education
    • Start a new business
    • Expand or update and existing business
    • Subsidize a low income household
    • Subsidize personal or family need

    Small Business Grants for Women

    Women business grants

    If you re looking to start a new business, fund a nonprofit or further your educational research, there are plenty of grants created just for women that can assist you in pursuing your goals

    Now more than ever women are receiving grants and starting up their own company or becoming a force to reckon with in their industry. In fact, according to the statistics of recent years, women make up nearly half of the population of new business owners each year; and are more likely to succeed in their venture than their male counterparts. How is that for incentive? If the only thing that has been holding you back has been money, than a grant is just what you need.

    Business grants for women may focus on specific aspects of the corporate world like entrepreneurship or women-owned businesses. The U.S. Small Business Association provides incentives to help women business owners. Some organizations recognize leaders in their fields or individuals who contribute to the advancement of women in a profession like the Individual Awards from the Society of Women Engineers. There are also several non-profit organizations award grants to help women help themselves.

    Below are some examples of grants available to women:

    Mott Foundation Grant

    This grant from the Mott Foundation is for women who want to enhance their education for the purpose of being more effective in the democratic community. Women who want to be involved in both governmental and non-governmental organizations can apply for this grant, as can women who want to start a nonprofit organization.

    Women who want to start a water conservation program or an initiative to preserve the environment in their area are also eligible for the Mott Foundation Grant, as are women who seek to improve the educational systems in their cities or states.

    If you re looking to start a new business, fund a nonprofit or further your educational research, there are plenty of grants created just for women that can assist you in pursuing your goals[/caption]

    Applicants must submit a letter or intent and formal proposal for this grant; the amount of the grant varies.

    Levi Strauss Foundation Grant

    The Levi Strauss Grant for women awards funds to those who are dedicated to promoting worker s rights. Women who are committed to educating their communities about the prevention of HIV/AIDS are also eligible to receive the Levi Strauss Grant. Women around the world are able to apply for the grant. Depending on the purpose of the grant, women can be awarded anywhere between $250 and $458,667.

    Global Fund for Women

    A grant from the Global Fund for Women helps to advance the efforts of promoting human rights for girls and women. The grant is designed for women who are running human rights or community advancement organizations outside of the U.S., and the application is offered in five languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian and Arabic.

    Grants from the Global Fund for Women are between $500 and $30,000. Detailed proposal letters and applications are due between September 15 and December 15, or between March 15 and June 30. Applicants are notified of their award by May 31 or November 30.

    The Amber Grant

    The Amber Grant is a small grant of $500-$1000 that is awarded to women starting up their own business. The money is intended for use in essential start-up costs.

    The Women s Financial Fund Grant Program

    The Women s Financial Fund Grant Program gives money to new and existing businesses owned by women. New businesses can receive from $100-$500 for start-up costs, and existing businesses could be eligible for $1,000 to $5,000.

    College Grants for Women

    Before 1975, more men attended college than women. Today, approximately 25 percent more women attend college than men. Despite increased enrollment, women are still underrepresented in several fields including engineering, computer science and the physical sciences. College-educated women in the workforce earn approximately 75 percent as much as their male counterparts. Minority women fill more lower-paying occupations. Less than 15 percent of women are in management and business and only 7 percent are in higher-paying fields like engineering and computer science. Minority women are least represented in these fields. To help close the gaps between men and women in the workforce the government, non-profit and corporate institutions have set aside grants and awards for women.

    If you are a woman in college visit our page about college grants for women.

    If you are a woman seeking graduate grants visit our page on graduate grants for women.

    Women business grants

    Get A Free Grant Assistance KitWomen business grants

    To start your application for a free grant package go to:

    Did You Find This Page Helpful?

    Share this article with your friends and colleagues! For more articles like this one subscribe below to our monthly newsletter and receive the latest government grant news.

    Getting Grants For Business Startups A Complete Guide

    Starting a business requires seed money for start-up costs, equipment purchases and materials, rental of office or building space or purchase of land, business fees, salaries and other operating costs. Business expansion also requires on-going funds. Raising capital is hard these days because banks have tight lending requirements, venture capitalist money is harder to find and many entrepreneurs are having to use their own personal savings funds or ask friends or relatives to invest. What many business owners are not aware of is that there are millions of dollars available in business start-up grants from the federal, state, municipal and private organizations and corporations that can be used for start-up capital purposes. The government alone has 26 federal agencies that deal with grant opportunities. Programs offer funds for business start-up, consultation, business expansion, research, development and small loans so that businesses of all types and sizes can compete. The government recognizes the value of new business start-ups wants to give grants to start a business to a variety of businesses.

    The Department of Agriculture sponsors grants through the Broadband Initiatives Program which helps companies build broadband infrastructures in rural areas with less than 20,000 residences. Private businesses, excluding sole proprietorships, partnerships and limited liability companies, are eligible for this type of grant by applying to the Broadband Initiatives Program, Rural Utilities Service, Department of Agriculture, 1400 Independence Avenue SW, Stop 1599, Washington, D.C. 20250 or calling them at 202-690-0525. For more information, grantees can go to the broadbandusa.gov website.

    The Department of Health and Human Services sponsors grants for research regarding vision loss in the United States. Grants can be used for research, travel expenses, consultation fees, patient costs, supplies, materials, salaries and facility renovations. Small businesses and for profit companies are also eligible to apply for this grant by writing to Grants Management Branch, National Eye Institute, National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services

    Room 1300,5635 Fishers Lane, Bethesda, MD 20892-1900, or calling them at 301-451-2020 or visiting their website at nei.nih.gov.

    The Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency provides grants for businesses regarding research and development of science and technology products and services that promote homeland security. The funds may be used to test, develop, and use of technologies to solve homeland security vulnerabilities. Eligible applicants include private entities, businesses, individuals, groups and for-profit organization. For more information, grantees can apply to the Grants and Financial Assistance Division, Office of Procurement Operations, Department of Homeland Security, Building 410, 245 Murray Lane SW, Washington, District of Columbia 20528, or call them at 202-447-5589 or visit their website at dhs.gov.

    Small Business Administration

    The Small Business Administration provides grants and loans for businesses for research, development, job training and technology. Grants and loans are also available to minorities such as women, African Americans and Hispanic Americans. For more information, applicants can visit the Small business Administration website.

    States and Municipalities

    States and local municipalities get grant money from the federal government and then give it to local and regional businesses for various start-up costs, business expansion, job training and technology to compete with other larger businesses and to develop new ideas and technology.

    Private organizations and corporations also provide grant monies that they receive from government grants or private donors to enable businesses to do research and development, provide jobs and training.

    Grant money is free and does not have to be repaid to the funder like loans do. However, there may be requirements that the grantee must meet, and the grantee may be subject to reporting requirements as well. Business start-up grants provide the needed funds for businesses to grow and expand and for new businesses to start so that jobs can be created and new technologies and services developed that provide benefits to the entire community and the country.

    Jeannette Rankin Scholars 1976-2017

    Please support hard-working women like Alba today.


    Since 1976, Jeannette Rankin Fund has awarded more than

    $2 million in scholarships to more than 750 women.


    Nearly half of Jeannette Rankin Fund scholars are the first in their families to go to college.


    Women with bachelors

    degrees earn up to double

    the salary of women


    We help women end cycles of poverty, underemployment, and abuse, offering a brighter future to families and communities for generations to come.


    Join us for our SMART Party 1.0 in Athens, GA on October 12th, 2017. We’ll be fundraising in style at Hotel Indigo’s Rialto Club in Downtown Athens. Buy your tickets today!

    Scholar Story

    Meet Karen! Karen is pursing her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. Read her story.


    Join us for the SMARTEST Party of the Year, SMART Party Atlanta 3.0 on Nov. 9! New location, The Gathering Spot! Buy your ticket today!

    Our Mission

    We provide scholarships and support for low-income women 35 and older across the U.S. to build better lives through college completion.


    1000+ women have received scholarships

    48.7 % of scholars are the first member of their family to attend college, breaking the cycle of poverty and impacting future generations.

    74.3 % of scholars are heads of their households, demonstrating the importance of education to their children.

    JRF in 2 Minutes

    Learn more about how we empower women to improve their lives.


    Keep up with our ongoing work!

    Legal Information

    Women business grants

    2012 Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund. All Rights Reserved. Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund is a 501 (c) (3) organization, and donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

    Business Process Management (BPM)

    OpenText People Center makes HR processes easy for employees, helps employees help themselves and enables HR teams to more quickly and easily address simple issues and focus on high-value initiatives. Watch this video to learn how OpenText People Center can help your HR team do more with less.

    • Overview
    • Business Needs
    • Applications
    • Resource Center

    OpenText Process Suite

    OpenText Process Suite offers a unique combination of digital process automation with powerful, flexible process orchestration, content-rich execution, and low-code development. Take advantage of a number of easily customizable and extensible business applications or quickly build completely custom, natively mobile business applications using our low-code application development platform and pre-defined building blocks.

    • Delight customers. Exceed expectations with timely, proactive service in the channels where they want to do business even when processes involve a lot of knowledge work.
    • Close process gaps. Digitize processes that require interaction with structured and unstructured information residing in diverse business systems and content repositories. Eliminate disconnected processes or manual processes that often fill gaps between steps in a business workflow.
    • Lower risk and gain consistency. Automate processes intelligently to triage low risk activities from high risk, enabling companies to optimize resources.

    Why Choose OpenText for Digital Business Automation

    Drive, manage and automate processes using rules for adaptive case handling and process automation, embedded analytics, IoT driven processes and contextual integrations across systems and content sources to gain efficiencies, speed and consistency across key workflows. Plus, user collaboration reduces risk and facilitates knowledge worker engagement.

    Offer end users an in-context, 360-degree view of the information they need to get their jobs done out-of-the-box, tightly integrated with powerful process automation and multidirectional integration with all the relevant enterprise systems. Provides great flexibility for IT, better alignment of ECM benefits to the needs of the business and more power to extend the lives of legacy systems.

    Quick Delivery of Process Solutions

    Build and deploy solutions more easily with low-code, reusable building blocks and pre-built accelerators to speed the development of case and process-driven applications. Quickly expand or adapt applications to innovate and drive customer-centric outcomes. Plus, business users can think about the policy or workflow from their perspective, centered around the information that needs action rather than around a rigid process.

    Business Needs

    Business leaders are looking for more ways to quickly gain control of key processes, streamline customer-facing activities, reduce employee workloads, and manage compliance and risk. OpenText provides business applications and solutions to address diverse business needs across industries.

    Dynamic Case Management

    Transform knowledge-driven work that involves complex interactions between people, content, transactions and workflows across multiple systems of record. The OpenText solution supports a diverse range of cases including client onboarding, application or claims processing, service requests and more.

    Today s businesses can t wait months to deploy and iterate on web and mobile applications. With a low-code application framework, app development keeps IT moving at the pace of the business.

    Advanced Media Orchestration

    Digital transformation has generated an explosion in the volume of rich media assets needed to produce a quality customer experience. OpenText Advanced Media Orchestration provides a comprehensive platform to manage creative teams and assets through their development and delivery processes.

    Extend the Life of Legacy Systems

    Legacy systems don t have to become barriers to digital transformation. OpenText Process Suite gives you a practical, low-cost way to build user-friendly applications that leverage backend legacy systems.


    OpenText digital business applications provide configurable automation to address specific business problems. All of these applications are easily customizable and extensible using the low-code application development environment in OpenText Process Suite. They also benefit from Process Suite s enterprise integrations.

    OpenText Contract Center

    Streamline contract execution, integrate contracts within work processes in diverse enterprise systems, and deliver smarter automation within buy-side, sell-side and other legal contracts.

    OpenText People Center

    Improve employee self-service and empower HR to respond more easily to inquiries, quickly access necessary documents and gain visibility into key measurements and indicators. People Center combines an employee portal with advanced case and document management capabilities for a better employee experience.

    Active Client Management for Insurance

    Improve the customer experience, reduce operational costs and facilitate rapid rollout of innovative insurance products with insurance-specific automation for account servicing, underwriting, claims management and more.

    MCM for Life Sciences

    Accelerate creative asset delivery, drive innovation, improve brand consistency, and control costs with a marketing content management platform that provides a comprehensive asset management solution for regulated marketing content in the life sciences industry.

    OpenText RFx Center

    Streamline procurement processes, monitor spend, manage vendors and automate the flow and capture of the procurement information at the enterprise level. Gain real-time visibility into procurement operations to enable sound strategic decisions.

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