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Sound Engineering courses Music Production courses: The Recording Workshop TRW

TRW Music Production Courses Sound
Engineering Courses for all levels in West London

Powered by Cincopa Video Hosting.

Looking for sound engineering courses music production courses to start or further your career in Sound Engineering or Music Production?

Graduates have worked with members of The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd David Bowie s band among others.

Come to an open evening event to view the studios on Mondays from 18:00 to 18:30. To register click here

The Recording Workshop is accredited by ISI. International students can get a visa to study Sound Engineering Music Production at TRW. More details here .

If you re totally new to Music Production and Sound Engineering

but have always had a passion to get involved in music recording, or you are a musician whose played in a studio but has been kept well away from all that ‘technical stuff’. Nobody wanted to show you what s going on anyway and you have never been on any sound engineering courses or music production courses. Take a look at our Sound Engineering Music Production Foundation course.

What if you are a Frustrated Musician, Engineer/ Producer or DJ?

Take a look at our DJ Tutorial courses, music production courses and sound engineering courses. You ve already had some experience, but you are frustrated by not being able to get a great sound from your mix? It doesn t matter how hard you try, after all the ‘advice’ you’re given, what music software or hardware equipment you buy or who you hire in terms of studios, engineers or producers, you just don’t get the sound you want. Despite reading sound engineering music production articles on how to get a great sound or watching videos, the dream of actually hearing for real what is playing in your head’ eludes you.

mixing in studio 3 in TRWUK music production courses

Well it does not matter what background you have from total beginner to professional musician or someone who already has some sound engineering experience, here at the Recording Workshop sound engineering courses music production courses we can train you from the ground up. Keep up to date with new courses and information [twitter-follow username=”trwuk” scheme=”dark”]

What can the Recording Workshop courses do for me?

We offer sound engineering courses music production courses with training that is amenable to everyone regardless of age, experience or culture and ensure to the best of our ability that you leave us with a definite plan to move forward in your career or hobby, whether it is to get work in the music industry, or set up your own studio or simply have a better understanding of the music production process.

Will it be a Small Studio with 20 or more Students all trying to get a glimpse at what is being demonstrated?

Absolutely NOT! Having attended sound engineering courses music production courses such as these ourselves we totally understand how frustrating it is when you just cannot see

learning music production at TRW

exactly what is going on. It s a waste of your time, the teacher s time and more importantly your hard earned cash. So we restrict the number of members to a maximum of five per session. or a maximum of two people per workstation on the advanced courses.

music production desk in studio 2 at TRWUK

Let s take a brief look at the sound engineering courses music production courses we have on offer. For further information on each sound engineering course or music production course, click the links either here on this page on in the right hand column.

This course is for everyone, even for those who feel they have a reasonable knowledge of the basics. You would be amazed at some of the gaps in your knowledge which you might not realize you have, and that could be one of the main reasons you are struggling to get the sound you so desire. In this course we take you step-by-step though all the equipment you would expect to find in an audio recording studio, explain how it works and you then have a chance to use it yourself. We start off with analog or traditional equipment and then move onto computer based digital audio. Once you have completed this course you can then move onto the TRW advanced sound engineering courses music production courses. continued on page 2

Latest ISI report says: “The quality of teaching and its impact on learning is excellent. Teachers are highly experienced practitioners and have excellent sector knowledge that results in outstanding customised lessons. Lessons are planned to respond to individual student’s learning needs and are very well planned. Students are highly motivated and express high levels of satisfaction in the college’s response to their individual aspirations and inspectors agree. “

  1. BTEC HND & RSL Music Production courses start 5th September 2017
  2. Next 4 day Logic Pro course: 11:00 to 16:30 starts 14th August – Only 1 place left. Enroll NOW


GW Pharmaceuticals: Cannabis with a Cause

Don’t Blame the DEA for Not Reclassifying Marijuana

The 50 Altered States of American Housing

The Oil Rally Has Dripped Dry

A Potential Life Changing Market

Buzz Banter
Todd Harrison and 30 top traders share their ideas and insights in real-time throughout the trading day.

Jeff Cooper’s Report
Get day and swing trading setups from the creator of the Hit Run trading strategy. Also receive Jeff’s outlook daily.

Tchir’s Fixed Income
Peter Tchir gives you the inside scoop on the bond market, along with a complete fixed income investment plan.

Get daily insights ideas from tech expert Sean Udall, so you can jump on tomorrow’s winning stocks today!

T3 Live’s Options

Need help with a particular trade or strategy? Doug Robertson has the answer.


Nationally Recognized

Find out why The W’s graduates are so sought after by employers

The College offers the following degree programs: Associate of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing or in Speech-Language Pathology, Master’s of Science in Nursing or Speech Language Pathology, and Doctor of Nursing Practice. Programs within the college produce outstanding graduates who have historically achieved high pass rates on national exams, licensure exams and certification exams.

The Associate of Science in Nursing, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing and the Master of Science in Nursing Programs all hold state accreditation from the Mississippi Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL, 3825 Ridgewood Road, Jackson, MS 39211; 601-432-6486, http://www.ihl.state.ms.us ). The Associate of Science in Nursing Program also is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc. (ACEN, 3343 Peachtree Road, NE, Suite 850, Atlanta, GA 30326. 404-975-5000, or via the web at http://www.acenursing,org ). The Bachelor and Master of Science in Nursing Programs also are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (One Dupont Circle, NW, Suite 530, Washington, DC, 20036-1120. 1-404-975-5000, or via the web at http:// www.aacn.nche.edu/accreditation ). The Doctor of Nursing Practice Program has initial state accreditation and is currently seeking accreditation by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

Students and graduates have received numerous local, state and national awards and recognition including the National Spirit of Nursing Award, the National Pfizer Advanced Nurse Practitioner Award for exceptional contributions to health care, and the National Organization for Associate Degree Nursing Educator Award.

The Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology Program is nationally accredited by the Council on Academic Accreditation of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. The graduate program has a distinguished reputation and prepares individuals to work in any setting where speech-language pathologists are employed. Graduate have enjoyed a 100% employment rate as well as high pass rates on the national exams.

College of Nursing and Speech Language Pathology Purpose Statement

The purposes of the College of Nursing and Speech-Language Pathology are reflected in the philosophies and outcomes of each program. The college provides high quality undergraduate and graduate professional programs in nursing and speech-language pathology. Classes are small, emphasizing a personalized learning environment that prepares graduates for competitive professional careers or graduate school. These purposes are directly related to the University’s mission to provide high quality undergraduate and graduate education in a variety of liberal arts and professional programs.

Nursing Program’s Purpose Statement (Associate, Baccalaureate, Masters and Doctoral)

The purpose of the Nursing programs is to provide education that prepares nurses for several levels of practice. Preparation is offered at the associate, baccalaureate, master’s and doctoral levels in a personalized and stimulating environment conducive to strong academic and leadership preparation, community service, achievement of clinical expertise, and life-long learning. As a part of the educational process, students develop an awareness of gender-related issues and multicultural diversity. The purpose relates to the Mission of the University by providing professional education for several levels of students with an emphasis on academic and leadership preparation for women and men in a personalized environment. The purpose, philosophies, and outcomes of the department and the programs are consonant with the purpose and aims of the University and are derived from the faculty’s beliefs about the nature of education and nursing practice.

Information on comparison of expenses and fees with other Mississippi Nursing Schools can be found in Nursing Education Opportunities in Mississippi at the web site http://www.mshealthcareers.com/news/nursingopp.htm.


Top 10 Air Conditioner (AC) Brands in India

Air Conditioners (ACs) in India have become a necessity for the middle class and, of course, above. The scorching heat during summer is unbearable and fans and coolers no longer seem to solve the problem. With constant growth in the demands of the middle classes for luxury commodities, air conditioners are finding their way into almost every Indian home. Due to long and dry summer season, India is racing up the ladder in terms of the number of air conditioner users. There are numerous AC brands in India that offer a sea of choices at absolutely affordable prices.

Due to the increasing competition in the air conditioning market in India, all the top brands are continuously introducing new models that are equipped with the latest features. The latest features that are driving the nation crazy about ACs are environment-friendliness, fragrance emission and advanced EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio).

About the Air Conditioner Industry in India

The top AC brands in India in terms of popularity are Voltas, Samsung, Daikin, LG, Whirlpool, Videocon, Blue Star and Hitachi. Most of the ACs introduced by these companies are known for advanced EER, quick cooling, noiseless functioning and longevity of compressor and condenser.

Voltas air conditioners top the chart as far as market popularity is concerned. They are known for their sleek contemporary designs, energy efficiency and high cooling capacities. Samsung and Daikin are also among the top AC brands in India. Counted among the most reliable and trusted air conditioning brands in India, these two electronic product manufacturing companies are best-known for selling superior quality air conditioners at absolutely competitive rates.

List of Top 10 AC Brands in India


The Indian AC major Voltas is the most favourite AC brand of Indian people. It is offered by an Indian conglomerate – the Tata Group. The product is manufactured by Voltas Limited, a subsidiary of the Tata Group, headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The Voltas ACs are famous for their performance and high durability. Voltas’ All Weather Smart ACs are becoming increasingly popular day by day. Voltas is popular in India as well as abroad alike. The price range of Voltas is Rs. 25,000 – Rs. 55,000. Some of the most popular Voltas AC models are mentioned below:

  • Voltas All Weather AC
  • Voltas Jade- 5 Star (Y Series)
  • Voltas Zenith- 5 Star (Ya Series)
  • Voltas Classic- 5 Star (Yu Series)
  • Voltas Magna- 5 Star (Y Series)


This South Korean private conglomerate is spreading its wings in India further and further everyday. The air conditioners from Samsung are amongst the most sought after and most popular in India. Samsung ACs are famous for their features and the level of comfort they offer. The prices range of Samsung is Rs. 20,000 – Rs. 70,000. Some of the most famous Samsung AC models are mentioned below:

  • Triangle Inverter AC


Daikin is a Japanese major operating for almost a century now. This speaks volumes of Daikin’s success in the world market. The brand’s popularity has increased manifold ever since it started operating in India. The brand owes its popularity to its high-quality products and affordable rates. The prices range of Daikin ACs is Rs. 18,000 – Rs. 50,000. Some of the widely sold AC models from Daikin are mentioned below:

  • FTXR Series
  • FTXG Series
  • FTXR Series
  • DTKM Series
  • ATKM Series


Another South Korean brand that enjoys great command in Indian consumer appliances market is LG. LG’s air conditioners are appreciated for quality. Apart from that, great service and performance, affordable price and smart cooling are what LG boasts of. The price range of LG air conditioners varies between Rs. 18,000 and 78,000. Some of the most popular AC models from LG are mentioned below:

  • BSA18IMA
  • BS-Q186C8A4
  • BSA12IMA
  • BS-Q126B8R8


Whirlpool is a multinational manufacturer of home appliances based in Michigan, United States. Whirlpool entered India in 1987 and has grown to be one of the most favourite brands as far as home appliances are concerned. Whirlpool air conditioners rely on the turbo cooling technology to deliver high performance. The price range of Whirlpool ACs is Rs. 32,000 – Rs. 55,000. The most popular Whirlpool AC models are mentioned below:

  • FANTASIA INV (1.5 T)
  • 3D COOL DLX III (2 T) 3 Star
  • MAGICOOL DLX III (1.5 T) 3 Star
  • 3D COOL PLT V (1.5 T) 5 Star


Videocon is an Indian multinational major manufacturer of consumer electronics and a household name in India. It was founded in 1979 and is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Videocon not only makes excellent air conditioners but also is rated amongst the best in the industry in terms of refrigerators, TVs, microwave ovens and so on. The prices of Videocon ACs start from Rs. 20,000 and go till Rs. 68,000. Some of the best Videocon AC models are mentioned below:

  • VSQ55.DT3-MUA
  • VSA55.RW1-MAA
  • VSA55.WW1-MAA
  • VSN55.RV1-MDA

Blue Star

Founded in 1943, Blue Star is one of the oldest consumer electronics companies based in India. The company started off with reconditioning refrigerators and air conditioners. The company feels proud of having catered to the cooling needs of a large number of residential, commercial and corporate customers by providing best air-conditioning services. The price range of Blue Star ACs begins from Rs. 22,000 and ends at Rs. 1,00,000. Some of the most popular Blue Star AC models are mentioned below:

  • CNHW09CAF 0.75 Ton Split AC
  • 5HW12SC 1 Ton Split AC
  • 5HW18SB 1.5 Ton Split AC
  • 3HW12FC 1 Ton Split AC


Hitachi is a famous consumer electronics conglomerate from Japan founded in 1920 and based in Tokyo, Japan. It offers some of the most energy efficient air conditioners. Quality air conditioners are something that Hitachi thrives on. Its ACs have features like anti-bacterial koukin filter and auto climate technology. The price range of Hitachi ACs is Rs. 25,000 – Rs. 70,000. Some of the widely sold Hitachi models are mentioned below:

  • Zunoh 300f
  • Zunoh 200f
  • Kaze Neo
  • Kashikoi 400i
  • Kashikoi 200i
  • Summer TM
  • KAZE Reidan (H & C)


Haier from China is rated amongst the leading consumer electronic brands in India. It produces, sells and markets a wide range of consumer goods such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and the likes. Haier ACs are lauded for their excellent cooling, longevity and superior performance. Moreover, low energy consumption and reliability are the features that set Haier apart from the rest. Haier ACs’ prices range is Rs. 18,000 – Rs. 45,000. Some of the most trusted Haier AC models are mentioned below:

  • HSU-18CKCS(R2D)
  • HSU-13CNFG5N

O General

Bureau of Energy Efficiency has honoured O General with five stars for its energy saving features. It commands a great deal of trust in all quarters of Indian consumer electronics. It is a joint venture of Japan’s Fujitsu General and Dubai’s ETA-ASCON STAR formed in 2000. It ensures excellent cooling service to its users on a consistent basis. O General ACs’ price range is Rs. 25,000 – Rs. 60,000. Some of the most popular O General AC models are mentioned below:

  • ASGA09BMTA – 0.75 Ton
  • ASGA12BMTA – 1.0 Ton
  • ASGA18FMTA – 1.5 Ton
  • ASGA24FMTA – 2 Ton
  • ASGA18FTTA – 1.5 Ton

Last Updated on June 02, 2015


Residential Moving Services in Portland, OR

Making Your Residential Move Quick and Easy

Master Movers has been providing moving services to homeowners since 1992, and we’re committed to making your transition stress-free.

Finding the right people to help you move is key to a worry-free transition. When you choose Master Movers, you get the benefit of expert, friendly service and a locally owned company with a reputation for integrity. We’re a full-service residential moving company in Portland, Oregon and can assist you no matter whether you’re moving to a different state or another street just around the corner.

Master Movers Helps You Negotiate the Corners

Residential Moving Services Portland OR

Portland is famous for its neighborhoods, some new and some with a long history. While character-filled homes on historic streets are wonderful, they often include flights of stairs or narrow hallways that make moving difficult. If you’re moving in or out of a home in the Pearl District, West Hills, SE Portland or anywhere that has crowded streets, tricky climbs or multiple floors, we have the expertise to make quick work of your move.

With specialized equipment and knowledgeable movers, we’ll carry the heavy stuff so you can concentrate on settling into a new home. With prior notification and proper planning, we can even bypass stairs altogether by moving your belongings over a balcony.

Experts in Long-Distance Moving Services

Are you moving to another state? Whether your destination is Idaho, Washington, California or points east, one of our specialties is long-distance relocations. We partner with Stevens Worldwide Van Lines, a trusted name and certified ProMover. Stevens is a family-owned company that has been moving families since 1905. You don’t have to trust your belongings to a broker because Master Movers is a locally-owned company, and we take pride in coordinating your long-distance move.

Master Movers Residential Moving Services in Portland and Vancouver WA

Pack Like a Pro

Are you a do-it-yourselfer looking for the right packing materials? Master Movers has what you need to keep your belongings safe during a move. We offer boxes, packing paper, tape, stretch wrap and more. We’ll even help you fill your boxes and load your truck if you decide you need additional muscle. Whether it’s bubble wrap or expert advice, we’re happy to assist you with whatever you need to make your move successful.

Contact Master Movers for all your packing essentials, including:

  • Boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing paper
  • Tape stretch wrap to make packing up a snap.

Avoid the broker fees. Deal with the moving company that will ACTUALLY be handling your shipment. Click here or call today for a free quote!


Premium Spring Water
Home & Business Delivery


Palomar Mountain in San Diego County, Southern California, and its springs have been there since the beginning of times. Our springs lie away from civilization in the cleanest air of the USA; polluted smog never reaches Palomar Mountain as the clean Pacific airstream flows over undeveloped and untainted Camp Pendleton, straight to Palomar Mountain.

Our fine spring water comes straight from these ancient springs. Palomar Spring water is naturally alkaline, pure H2O. We do not add, alter or manipulate our water so you can enjoy high quality, pure, clean and healthy drinking water in the way Mother Nature had in mind.

From high up the mountain, we bring our spring water straight to your door without involvement from third parties. Palomar Mountain Spring Water is fine spring water, free from any contamination and bottled with the highest level of care and attention for quality. The result is well balanced, fresh tasting, pure drinking water. We are not the only one that feels that way; The annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting awarded our bottled water as “one of the best bottled waters in the World” in 2012.

“ What started out as a decadent purchase, has become a necessity, we love it! ”
(Bridgid R.)

In case of emergency we deliver bulk potable water throughout Southern California. Learn more

Our Fine Dining Program provides you with reusable customized designer bottles, Learn more

Palomar Spring Water is also available on tap!
Learn more

Paying your bill online is quick, convenient and secure, to get started click here

Contact Us

Find us

Connect with us


Commercial Banking

In terms of global network and product sophistication, the needs of today’s commercial entities are diverse, and Citi is one of the few banks that can comprehensively meet your requirements.

Experience and Credibility

Citibank has been in the commercial banking business for 200 years. Over time, Citi Commercial Bank has developed a strong knowledge base through the lifetime of its operations in many local markets. This has resulted in Citi building trusted global relationships, influence and a reputation that can help you and your subsidiaries, as well as your suppliers and customers.

Global Reach, Local Knowledge

With banking operations in more than 100 countries around the world, Citi Commercial Bank helps enable your business to maximize its growth. Whether it’s within your domestic market or on an international stage, Citi’s unique network of global experts can offer you unrivalled global connections and in-depth local knowledge of markets.

Full Range of Products

Citi Commercial Bank is committed to helping clients find solutions that will drive their financial success. Citi Commercial Bank provides businesses with a broad range of innovative financial products and services, including cash management, electronic banking, treasury solutions, financing and trade services. In addition, we also offer consumer banking, including credit and wealth management for your company’s executives and employees.

As a Citi Commercial Banking client, your success is our priority. You will be assigned a dedicated Relationship Manager who will work with you to understand your business goals and challenges. Your Relationship Manager will tailor the right financial strategies and solutions to help you achieve financial success and build a long-lasting partnership with Citi.


All facilities are subject to Citibank approval. Citibank Terms and Conditions apply and are subject to change without prior notice. They are available upon request and on the website. Fees and charges apply and are subject to change without prior notice.
For further details, please refer to the Schedule of Fees and Charges under Citi Commercial Bank or contact your Relationship Manager or the Service desk at +971 4 604 4055.


Goldsmiths – University of London

MSc in Forensic Psychology

You apply directly to Goldsmiths using our online application system.

Before submitting your application you’ll need to have:

  • Details of your education history. including the dates of all exams/assessments
  • The email address of your referee who we can request a reference from, or alternatively an electronic copy of your academic reference
  • A personal statement – this can either be uploaded as a Word Document or PDF, or completed online
  • If available, an electronic copy of your educational transcript (this is particularly important if you have studied outside of the UK, but isn’t mandatory)

You’ll be able to save your progress at any point and return to your application by logging in using your username/email and password.

When to apply

We accept applications from October for students wanting to start the following September.

Application deadline: 30 April 2016.

Applications will be considered as they are submitted so we strongly reccommend you apply as early as possible, even if you haven’t finished your current programme of study. It’s very common to be offered a place conditional on you achieving a particular qualification.

If you’re applying for external funding from one of the Research Councils, make sure you submit your application by the deadline they’ve specified.

Late applications will only be considered if there are spaces available.

Please note that if you want to apply for a placement in a prison setting then we must receive your application by 30th April. Interviews for all shortlisted applicants will take place in May 2017.

Selection process

Admission to many programmes is by interview, unless you live outside the UK. Occasionally, we’ll make candidates an offer of a place on the basis of their application and qualifications alone.

Fees, funding scholarships


Commercial Door Repair

Commercial Door Repair and Loading Dock Repair Service 24/7

Day and Nite Doors is second to none when it comes to commercial door repair and loading dock equipment repair. Since 1988 our factory trained service technicians have provided quality door and dock repair at a competitive price. Our fleet of service trucks are fully stocked with all the tools and hardware required to meet your needs on the first visit. Day and Nite Doors stocks more parts and doors in our warehouse than most other dealers in the southern California area. Combined with a fleet of 16 trucks, Day and Nite Doors is always close by and ready to serve you.

Local Commercial Door Company

Day and Nite Doors has three locations to cover all of Southern California. Our Long Beach service area, our Orange County Corporate Office in Placentia our Inland Empire location in Ontario. Day and Nite Doors has trucks ready, stocked and close by for service that s quick and convenient.

Commercial Door Service

  • Roll Up Doors
  • Security Gates
  • Fire Rated Doors
  • FPA 80 Compliance
  • Storefront Doors
  • Glass Aluminum Doors
  • Motor Operators
  • Door Hardware
  • Loading Dock Equipment
  • Certified Fire Door Inspections
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Overhead Doors

Rolling Steel
Your Classic Roll-Up Door, with a one-piece steel curtain, rolling steel doors can be used for both exterior and interior uses. Rolling steel doors can also be used as a Fire Door when fitted with an automatic closing device.

Sectional Roll-Up
A sectional door like the name says is composed of replaceable sections the tension spring is also replaceable.

Slat Doors
Slat Roll-Up Doors are very convenient, like a sectional door, replacing just the damaged slats and not the entire door when a forklift or a truck hits the door is very cost effective.

Counterweight Doors
Counter weight doors work exactly how they sound, there are counterweights on the end of a cable that “counter” the weight of the door making it virtually weight less so you can open it close it with ease.

Canopy Doors
An overhead canopy door is used when there is not enough headroom above the door opening for a rolling steel door and maximum clearance is needed on the interior of the building.

Counter Shutter
Counter shutters are most commonly found in snack shacks, cafeterias ticket windows.

Pilot / Pass Door
Pilot Doors or Pass Doors allow entry to your warehouse without opening your bay door when there is no other entrance door on your building.

High Speed Doors
High-speed doors are commonly used in industrial refrigerated buildings cold storage facilities where forklifts take product from a refrigerated area to the loading dock.

Glass and Aluminum
Glass and Aluminum doors are most commonly used as storefront or office entry doors. Glass and Aluminum doors can be double doors, sliding doors or rotating doors.

Brands Serviced