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Business Development Opportunities

As the U.S. government’s leading IT contractor and global leader in science and engineering technology, we take on the world’s most important and complex challenges, and it wouldn’t be possible without our Business Development team. By helping negotiate and win client contracts with organizations around the world, we can work together to define the future.

At Lockheed Martin, each new contract is an opportunity we can build on together. Whether you’re looking for a client-facing role or to join an internal strategy team, we hire at all levels of experience and knowledge for positions in:

  • Business Analysis
  • Capture Management / Strategy
  • Customer Relations
  • Contracts
  • International Business Development
  • Market Research
  • Program Management
  • Proposal Management
  • Sales Engineering
  • Strategic Planning

Whatever your area of interest, in a business development career with us, your contributions are meaningful and your potential is limitless.

Explore opportunities at Lockheed Martin.

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Lockheed Martin utilizes our own internal Talent Acquisition Organization to fill our employment needs. If you are contacted over the phone or e-mailed, by a company listing a Lockheed Martin job and requesting your personal information, allegedly on Lockheed Martin’s behalf, please do not respond. Lockheed Martin is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, protected veteran status, or disability status.

E-Verify is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. This business uses E-Verify in its hiring practices to achieve a lawful workforce.

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Business Proposal

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Business Proposal Basics

This Business Proposal can be used by a Business to request support from an Investor by specifying the new product, services or business being introduced, the financial and management projections, and the implementation strategy for reaching those goals.

Use the Business Proposal document if:

  • You want to introduce a new product or service into the market and you need to secure capital.

A Business Proposal can be used for a wide array of reasons but is often used to let interested parties know what they’ll get for their investment. You can lay out exactly what investment you’re after and what you’ll do with the money when you receive it. Further, you’ll have the ability to speak to the business strategy behind the proposal, note who will head it up, and much more.

Other names for this document: Business Proposal Template, Business Proposal Letter

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Sample Business Proposal

More than just a template, our step-by-step interview process makes it easy to create a Business Proposal.

Save, sign, print, and download your document when you are done.

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Why did I write this penny stocks guide?

I’ve been penny stock trading for more than fifteen years, and in that time, I’ve turned $12,415 of my bar mitzvah money into more than $4.2 million in trading profits. I like to challenge myself, but I’ve already reached my goal of becoming a millionaire. Now, I’m turning my focus to teaching.

My new goal is to create more millionaire students than any other stock trading teacher out there. I’ve done it twice so far, but I’m just beginning. I’m going to create a whole lot more—and I want you to be one of them.

Of course, if you don’t know what penny stock trading is, you can’t use this strategy to get rich. That’s where this guide comes in. Consider this your college education in penny stock trading—the 101 guide you need to nail down the basics and start executing profitable trades today.

who is this guide for?

A lot of people think you have to be a genius to get rich trading penny stocks, but that’s just not true. Heck, I’m not even all that smart, but look at everything I’ve been able to accomplish so far. The bottom line is that you don’t need to be a math major or a whiz kid trading prodigy to succeed with penny stocks.

But that doesn’t mean that this guide is for everyone. I’m only looking for students who are willing to work hard and be disciplined about their trading careers. If that’s not you—if you’re looking for some “magic bullet” that’ll give you instant riches without any effort —don’t waste your time here.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a high school student or a senior citizen. If you’re somebody who can study penny stock trading full-time or somebody who can only free up an hour or two a day. If you’re a total stock trading newbie or somebody who already understands trading fundamentals. As long as you’re willing to work hard, you can succeed using my strategies.

how much of this guide should you read?

The whole thing! If you’re serious about your success as a penny stock trader, every piece of wisdom found here will help get you closer to your goal of building real wealth. If you’re short on time, take things one chapter at a time. But then—as soon as you can —come back, finish reading the guide, and put everything you’ve learned into practice.

Don’t wait. Take the first step towards true financial freedom by jumping into the first chapter now.

30 Basic Rules That Made Me $164,000 In Profits In 1 Week (Infographic)

Changing The Way I Teach

  • 10 Ways To Achieve The Millionaire Mindset

  • Be The Change You Want To See

  • Why I m Donating ALL of My Trading Profits To Charity

    • Penny Stocking 101

    • These 17 Habits Will Make You a Millionaire

    • The Best Video Lessons Every Penny Stock Trader And Short Seller Should Watch

    • 10 Key Stock Market Lessons From My First Millionaire Student

    • 7 Penny Stock Trading Tips for Beginners

    • 5 Lessons From My Steve Harvey Show Interview

    • My Secret Formula For Finding Penny Stocks Pre-Spike

    • How To Turn $1,000 Into $1 Million Quickly

    • 25 Basic Stock Market Trading Terms You Should Know

    • My Review Of Trading Tickers The Best Stock Trading Guide Ever Created

    • Case Study: How I Taught Tim Grittani To Make 1075% Return In 16 Months

    • Case Study: How I Helped a Mother of Two Become a Full Time Trader

      “I’m a 29 year old single mother of two. I do not have a regular 9 to 5. I am currently day trading as a living. Prior to discovering Timothy Sykes I played around with a couple other mentors and penny pick sites. Sadly not being taught the basic fundamentals I lost $5500-Terrible! I found Tim’s website in May and now I’m up 50k learning from Tim Sykes. I am extremely grateful for Tim, he is the truth hands down!” – Asheya Burton

      Learn How I Turned $12,415 into $4,468,000 Trading Stocks

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    16 of the Most Creative Business Card Designs From Agencies

    The business card isn’t dead yet.

    As long as there are parties, industry events, and networking opportunities, there will be business cards. And it’s important that yours isn’t thrown to the bottom of the pile because of a lackluster design.

    Whether you work at a bigwig agency or as a freelancer, your business card should make a memorable first impression. To help you out on the inspiration front, we’ve compiled a list of 16 top-notch business cards from agencies and designers around the world. Ranging from artistically elaborate to decidedly simple, these examples are certain to inspire your next business card redesign.

    16 Inspiring Business Card Design Examples

    1) Aurora

    Featuring a botanical illustration of tropical blooms and a clean sans-serif font, these business cards from Aurora certainly make a stylish first impression. The South African studio specializes in whimsical artwork and design, so it’s fitting that their business cards reflect their unique skill set. The cards were designed in-house and include gold embossed details.

    2) Chomp

    In a literal interpretation of the company’s name, London-based agency Chomp designed business cards with a bite-size chunk missing from one corner. The shape of the card stock mimics the detail of their logo — which also bears teeth marks.

    3) Matheus Dacosta

    Brazilian designer Matheus Dacosta puts an artistic spin on traditional business cards, adding kaleidoscopic, hand-painted designs to every individual card. Each miniature work of art is sure to make a memorable impact — or at the very least, make the recipient reluctant to simply toss it.

    4) Nymbl

    Nymbl. a 3D design and virtual reality studio, wanted to project a more accessible, playful image in their new marketing materials. To get the job done right, they turned to UK-based agency Big Fan. who spun up a bold, two-tone business card design concept as part of their new branding. The cards feature paper cut-outs on royal purple stock.

    5) Wendigo

    This video production agency may get its name from a spooky folk creature. but the quality of their business card design is far from terrifying. Designed by the talented folks at The Distillery. these unusual cards put the focus on meticulously detailed, embossed illustration: a feather, a piece of wood, and a beastly skull can be seen behind the contact information. A pair of interlocking antlers — presumably from the feared Wendigo itself — form the “W” in the agency’s name.

    6) Katsy Garcia

    Illustrator and graphic designer Katsy Garcia whipped up this simple but effective business card concept for her own personal branding. Instead of displaying her contact information in the usual straightforward format, Garcia serves up a fresh twist, displaying hers in an instantly recognizable text message composition. The resulting effect is equal parts charming and sharply clever.

    7) Omelet

    In a nod to their native L.A. Omelet created business cards centered around sleek city imagery. The photographs are artfully silhouetted by their company logo — which if you look closely, is actually an ambigram .

    8) Counter Creatives

    Designed to resemble a classic take-a-number ticket, this inventive business card was devised for Dutch agency Counter Creatives by designer and art director Valery Overhoff. The compact format and unconventional shape called for a creative use of space, and Overhoff manages to feature multiple typefaces and both vertical and horizontal text.

    9) IS Creative Studio

    Thanks to airy swipes of neon spray paint, these otherwise minimal business cards from IS Creative Studio make a big impact. The Peru-based agency has developed three iterations of these award-winning cards, increasing the breadth and intensity of the color pallette each time. This most recent version highlights everything from electric pinks to vibrant greens.

    10) Confetti Studio

    These business cards from Confetti Studio combine two powerful elements — punchy orange card stock and gold embossed metallics — to a create a mesmerizing and modern effect. One side of the card is completely covered in gilded speckles, while the other side displays the agency’s logo and contact information — also gilded. They fittingly call the end result “cardfetti.”

    11) Tricota

    Buenos Aires-based agency Tricota found an interesting way to highlight the two sides of their business: perforated cards that split in half. Once side features information for their communications and graphic design services, while info for their illustration services appear on the other side. Each half includes a variation of their “T” logo: a typeface “T” for their communications side and and an hand-drawn “T” for their illustration side.

    12) Tait

    When this design studio wanted to give their corporate identity a facelift, they turned to fresh card stock in yellow, smokey blue, and azure. Using minimal text against a sophisticated color palette yields sleek results.

    13) Claire Bruining

    Graphic designer Claire Bruining developed these playful business cards for her own personal branding. Splashes of overlapping patterns and colors appear on one side, and Bruining’s contact information appears on the reverse in a clean sans serif font. The dark blue text and border adds an unexpected pop to the basic layout.

    14) Don’t Try Studio

    Monge Quentin, the Parisian illustrator behind Don’t Try Studio. created these lively and colorful business cards to promote his design work. Thanks to an embossing technique, the face of the cards are embellished with confetti-like brush strokes and shapes in a muted orange and blue color scheme. His name appears in a handwritten print.

    15) Bespoke

    The logo on these business cards for digital production studio Bespoke is so large, it actually wraps around from the front of the card to the back. A fellow New York agency — Studio Newwork — designed these cards to be both minimal and unexpected.

    16) Atelier Irradié

    At first glance, the face of these Atelier Irradié business cards look like otherworldly color swatches. In stark contrast to the metallic, jewel-toned gradient on the front, the back of these cards don’t even use ink — just simple, imprinted text displaying their contact information.

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    Denver Business Journal

    Report: Anschutz Explores Resurrecting Rocky Mountain NewsBillionaire investor Philip Anschutz is exploring the possibility of resurrecting the Rocky Mountain News, a daily newspaper in Denver that was shuttered in 2009 after nearly 150 years in operation.

    Cherry Creek Neighborhood To Get 30-Story Apartment TowersTwo 30-story apartment towers are coming to a Cherry Creek neighborhood.

    Edibles Maker Changes Packaging After Hershey Files LawsuitHershey has decided the look of edible candies being made in Colorado Springs are too close to the look of their popular treats, so they have filed a lawsuit for trademark infringement.

    Hershey Sues Colorado Edible Pot CompanyThe Hershey Co. has sued a Colorado marijuana edibles maker, claiming it makes four pot-infused candies that too closely resemble iconic products of the chocolate maker.

    Successful Entrepreneurs Making Their Mark At DIASmall business is booming at Denver International Airport with the success from some entrepreneurs. They re serving a customer base of 53 million passengers.

    Ski Industry Could Be Facing A Long-Term Decline In VisitorsAfter a tough year in 2011 to 2012, things did improve this past season for ski resorts. But CBS4’s news partners at the Denver Business Journal report the industry could be facing a long-term decline in skiers.

    Denver Business Journal Investigates Ammunition ShortageSome gun owners are having a tough time buying bullets because of a shortage of some kinds of ammunition.

    Mega Hotel And Conference Center Back On Track For AuroraThe long-delayed mega hotel and conference center in Aurora is back on track for development.

    Denver Business Owner Making His Mark With LlamasOne Denver company is using an unusual marketing plan to win over customers — the company s president is making his mark with the help of llamas.

    Sterling Ranch Developers Find Water Source To Move ForwardThe planners of a massive development in Douglas County say they have found the water they need to move forward, according to CBS4’s news partners at the Denver Business Journal.

    Denver Man Making His Mark In Real Estate And Charity DonationsCBS4 s Gloria Neal spent some time with a man making his mark with deals in downtown real estate and donations.

    Denver Man Makes His Mark In Business By Going GreenA Denver businessman runs his company with the environment in mind. CBS4 s Gloria Neal spent some time with Joshua Fine, who is making his mark in business by going green.

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    Thank you for using Thinkfree Online

    Dear Thinkfree users,

    We deeply appreciate and thank all of you for using Thinkfree Online.
    We will close Thinkfree Online service on April 27, 2017.

    Thinkfree was introduced as web-based office service back in 2000. We’ve roled out full-featured desktop office suite, mobile office suite and server-based solutions for our customers and partners around the world. We have more than 500 million users of our mobile office suite and 5 million users have been used our web-based office service as well as desktop office suite for multiple platforms.

    Over the past 17 years since initial introduction of Thinkfree, there are now a lot of options for storing or sharing documents for collaboration. Having those options in the market, Thinkfree will evolve into services that will be optimized for the environments that our customers have chosen.

    In order to focus on this initiative, we have decided to close the old generation of office service, Thinkfree Online. We will close Thinkfree Online at the end of April, and will get back to you with new service later this year.

    As of today, existing Thinkfree Online users will be able to access their documents at netffice24.com, a companion storage-based service from our parent company, Hancom. It would require to sign in using Thinkfree account to access files stored at thinkfree.com. Once you are signed in Netffice 24, you will also be able to back up your data into Netffice 24 cloud storage service.
    (* Data backup service of Neffice 24 will be available until 7 pm on June 15th.)

    Please follow the steps below for simple steps to signup for an account at Netffice 24, where you will be able to download or back up your data into your choice of cloud storage service.

    STEP 1. Sign into Netffice 24 using Thinkfree Account
    1. Click “Sign in With Thinkfree” and move to the login page of Thinkfree Online.

    2. Enter login credential of your existing Thinkfree online account. You will be asked to authorize the access to your Thinkfree account.

    3. Once you accept the authorization request, you will be redirected to Netffice 24.
    You will see “Thinkfree” listed in the “Storage” in Netffice 24.

    STEP 2-1. Download your data from Thinkfree Online
    1. Select “Thinkfree” in the list of “Storage”, and select files and folders that you want to download. Choose “Download” to start the download.

    2. The selected data will be downloaded into your PC as a Zip archive

    STEP 2-2. Back up your data from Thinkfree Online to Netffice
    (* Netffice 24 provides 2GB of free storage. If you need to back up more than 2GB of data, we recommend to download your data to PC as described in STEP 2-1) 1. Click “Thinkfree” in the list of “Storage” and select files and folders to back up. Right-click on the selection and choose “Move”

    2. Select “Netffice 24” and click “Move” button to move your data to Netffice 24 Drive.

    Keep your documents in Netffice 24 and edit and share with others anytime anywhere.
    Check out easy and powerful Cloud Office service at Netffice 24!

    Thinkfree Online will come back again with new face and features later this year.
    The latest updates and news on Thinkfree products will continue to be posted at www.thinkfree.com.


    Brenau campus web

    Brenau University releases new logos

    The new logo and colors also are more compatible with Lucile, the world s largest bronze statue of a golden tiger, installed as a landmark on the Gainesville, Ga. campus in 2013 (The statue was named for Lucile Pearce, H.J. s wife, who technically

    • GTA to perform Oklahoma!

      will be performed in Brenau University s Hosch Theatre in the John S. Burd Center at 429 Academy St. Gainesville. GTA is a nationally acclaimed collaboration of the University of Georgia (UNG), Brenau University, theater professionals and the North

    • Simonsen heads local PGA honors and other sports news

      Brenau and Mars Hill were Moore s other top choices; in fact, she thought she would be picking Brenau until she made her visit to Asbury in early September. I fell immediately in love with the campus , she said. It s in kind of a secluded area but is

      Third Place Finish for the New Mediation Team

      6 proved to be “magical” in the eyes of Ed McDermott, mock trial and mediation coach at the College of the Holy Cross. McDermott and three students headed south to the 15th Annual International Intercollegiate Mediation Tournament held at Brenau

      College Town

      Ed McDermott, mock trial and mediation coach at the College of the Holy Cross recently accompanied three students to the 15th Annual International Intercollegiate Mediation Tournament held at Brenau University in Gainesville, Georgia. The newly formed

      Top Management Degrees Publishes 2015 Ranking Of Fifty Best Schools For Online Master s In Healthcare Management

      Arkansas * Brenau University – Gainesville, Georgia * California State University East Bay – Hayward, California * Colorado State University–Global Campus – Greenwood Village, Colorado * Concordia University-Saint Paul – Saint Paul, Minnesota * DeSales.

      Gainesville City Schools partnering with Brenau University

      Source: Gainesville Times

      including on Brenau’s campus. “We’re very thankful that Brenau has offered and come forward to partner, along with our local Vocational Rehabilitation Services, to provide some new experiences for our students with the most severe disabilities.

      Brenau University hosts prospective students for annual Winter Weekend

      Source: Access North GA

      GAINESVILLE – Brenau University’s Gainesville campus will be a little busier than usual this weekend. Director of Freshman Admissions Tiffany Green said well over 100 prospective students, mostly high school seniors, will be on campus as part of the annual.

      Other sites on the topic of Brenau campus web

      Brenau CampusWEB for your personal account information (schedules, bills. Brenau Email can be accessed through the web GALILEO (Georgia’s.

    • Log In to Canvas

      Enter your Email and we’ll send you a link to change your password.

    • Brenau Intranet | Internal Resources for Brenau Students.

      Brenau Mobile App Released. The Brenau Mobile app provides quick access to important resources for current and potential students, faculty, staff and alumni.

    • campus web brenau philadelphia college of brenaus atlanta norcross

      brenau university is located in gainesville georgia courtesy of brenau.

      complex and many other Brenau buildings located on the front campus.



    We are an American Heart Association (AHA) Training Center, based in Peoria, Arizona. We provide practical HS/BLS/ACLS/PALS certifications in Phoenix AZ, Tucson AZ, Prescott AZ and Flagstaff, AZ. We also provide group training at your location in the states of CA, NV, NM, IL, IN and UT.

    We have created AHA Training Sites and trained instructors for the following organizations- CHW, Valley Anesthesia, Banner Healthcare, University Of Arizona- Phoenix College of Medicine, Honeywell Corporation, Oasis Hospital, Dignity Health, Salt River Project and University of Phoenix.

    We are proud to welcome ALL healthcare professionals to our American Heart Association family. We offer to all students a safe-quality education by providing a calm, reassuring approach. Because each case may contain inherent dangers to the rescuer, PAR adds in to all AHA programs, its “PARAMEDIC-IN-POCKET” hazard awareness(chemical,biological,domestic) education module.

    The PAR Peoria / Mesa Sim Labs utilize Laerdal’s SIMMAN for the ultimate in resuscitation experience and absorption –

    PAR Educational Systems LLC also utilizes a 1:1 BLS equipment/student ratio with skilled hands-on repetitive learning at sim labs that are close to home and easy to park.

    PAR EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS LLC welcomes our newest Training Site partners- Cigna – Phoenix, AZ, Arizona State University, LRC College of Nursing and Health Innovation,Tempe, AZ, Honeywell- Glendale, AZ

    We are very excited to help in the support of all new AHA Emergency Cardiovascular Care programs for the future!

    We specialize in SAFE/STRESSLESS American Heart Association- Heartsaver, Basic Life Support-Healthcare Provider, Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support two-year certifications.

    Philip Rogel, PAR’s owner, is a retired Chicago/Peoria, AZ 34 year Fire/Paramedic who instructs- knows that “keeping it simple” is the key to a safe and successful resuscitation.

    Upon your successful completion at the end of class, you will receive an American Heart Association Certification card with a two-year expiration date.

    These AHA BLS/ACLS courses are taught(2015 Guidelines) in spacious and modern PAR Educational Systems(Sim Lab) locations. These buildings DO NOT ALLOW FOOD(contained drinks ok) or individuals under 18 in the buildings.

    We need a seven day cancellation notice for class refund or date change. Classes maybe cancelled if minimum enrollment is not met.

    Custom AHA courses- Heartsaver AED/First Aid, Healthcare Provider CPR, Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support Certifications may be brought to your office/home with an eight(8) ACLS /PALS student minimum(Tucson/Flagstaff 10 minimum, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, San Diego 12 Minimum, CHICAGO 15 Minimum).

    We can also support your business as an authorized AHA Training Site if you prefer in house training- Setting up instructors seemlessly to fit your needs. Please contact us for current yearly fees and regulations

    An 2015 AHA Student Manual is required for each student in class. We are NO longer able to provide loaner textbooks for classes. Please bring the proper AHA textbook from your education department to class or you will have to purchase one. Please complete the pre-course material that is found at AHA website

    PAR Educational Systems LLC is a trade name and registered trademark. Its use herein by PAR Educational Systems LLC is used only under written permission-


    Create Mixed Media

    Mix, Then Pour: Acrylic Painting Technique

    (This acrylic painting demonstration was previously published in Mixed Media Painting Workshop: Explore Mediums, Techniques and the Personal Artistic Journey by Jean Pederson. copyright 2013. It is republished here courtesy of CreateMixedMedia.com.)

    In this demonstration, you’ll discover the interesting skins you can create by pouring from a container with a mix of fluid acrylic in self-leveling gel.

    What You ll Need

    • container
    • fluid acrylics: turquoise, Pyrrole Red, Diarylide Yellow, Quinacridone Gold,
    • gesso (white)
    • self-leveling gel
    • surface of your choice

    3. Repeat the process with Pyrrole Red and Diarylide Yellow, allowing the paint to move within the mixture.

    4. Add Quinacridone Gold and white gesso to the mix. Turn the container around and from side to side to promote paint movement within the self-leveling gel.

    5. Tilt the container and begin to pour the mixture onto your surface in the desired areas. The paint has not been allowed to mix thoroughly, so you will see lovely striations as you pour the paint.

    6. Try to create a wide pouring area with your paint and pour slowly. The result will be a lot like ribbon candy. Think about where you could apply this technique within your paintings.

    9. Try using a tool to spread out the paint where desired. I wanted to have some of the mixture mush together more and push to the edges.

    10. The exercise is complete! Where the paint dries it will adhere to the board. The surface will accept subsequent layers of paint.

    When the medium dries, it adheres to the surface and cannot be peeled off.
    You can see the taupe ground showing through the dried self-leveling gel. The tinted ground also reduced the intensity of other transparent colors.

    Gallery: Pieces in Balance
    12 × 12 (30cm × 30cm), mixed media on paper, collection of the artist
    Beginning with a surface that already had collage and paint on it, I superimposed a floral design and then went in with more collage for more relief. The grid area is part of the original collage, and you can also see watercolor crayon that shows through the many layers of different types of gels and mediums. I used self-leveling gel to build up the depth so that you look through these layers to see opacity and transparency.

    Pieces in the Balance

    This tutorial was previously published in Mixed Media Painting Workshop . copyright Jean Pederson 2013; republished here courtesy of CreateMixedMedia.com.


    From Ramona’s Raunchy Romps To Kim’s Wigs — Tamra Judge Spills ‘Housewives’ Secrets 1 day ago

  • ‘Separated!’ Tamra Judge Finally Reveals The Truth About Estrangement From Daughter 2 days ago

  • Boob Jobs, Nose Jobs & More! Tamra Judge & Shannon Beador Tell All On Plastic Surgery 2 days ago

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  • Not ‘Tardy!’ Kim & Kroy Fire Back In Holiday Decorator Lawsuit 3 days ago

  • All Better? Kim Zolciak Shares Update On Kash Biermann’s Dog Bite Recovery 4 days ago

  • Is She ‘Tardy’? Kim Caught Filming Again! 1 week ago

  • Break In The Case? Potential New JonBenét Suspect Stonewalls Cops Over Her Murder! 1 day ago

  • JonBenet’s Killer Found! 2 days ago

  • JonBenet Ramsey Investigator Ollie Gray Died From ‘Serious Health Problems’ 2 months ago

  • JonBenet Ramsey Investigator Ollie Gray Dies 2 months ago

  • JonBenet Ramsey Suspect Confesses! His Sick Crimes Exposed In Court 3 months ago

  • Breaking News: Heather Locklear Checks Into Rehab For The 5th Time — ‘Crying’ ‘Screaming’