Liberty University Online

  • Training Champions for Christ since 1971
  • Pioneering distance education since 1985
  • One of the world s largest non-profit online universities
  • The largest evangelical university in the world
  • One of the most affordable colleges in the country
  • Ranked by U.S. News World Report as one of the country s most transfer-friendly schools
  • Most online classes completed in eight weeks
  • Member of the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC) Network
  • College credit provided for military and other life experience
  • Accreditation provided by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

Overview of Liberty University Online

Liberty University (LU) Online, a non-profit, faith-based institution, offers online associate, bachelor s, master s, and doctoral degrees in an array of fields.

Liberty University now enrolls more than 90,000 students from around the world in its thriving online program. With more than 160 fully accredited programs of study, Liberty University Online offers degrees from the certificate to the postgraduate level.

LU Online offers more than 115 degree programs and specializations in psychology, nursing, business, counseling, education, religion, and other fields. Total enrollment is approximately 68,000.

The programs are taught from a Christian perspective.

  • Access to coursework 24/7
  • About one-third of the students are military personnel
  • Provides an online writing center
  • Offers academic advisers specific to each discipline
  • Offers online library resources
  • The LU Online Ministries is a network of resources providing counseling and prayer
  • The Military Support Office personnel provide assistance to military students

Many of the faculty members have high-level positions in the field they teach in. All the faculty members have a master s degree or a doctorate degree. Many of the professors are widely published and speak nationally and internationally.

Admissions and Financial Aid Information

New enrollment specialists guide LU Online applicants through the admissions process. The admissions requirements vary by the program.

Liberty University Online offers military students numerous special benefits. Veterans, military service members, and military spouses are eligible for tuition discounts, fee waivers, book vouchers (undergraduate only), and Heroes Fund Scholarships. College credit is provided for military training.

The Financial Aid Office staff members help students put together a financial aid package. An array of financial aid is available including scholarships.

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Can You Get An MBA Without GMAT?

Getting into any university program consists of a number of steps that can discourage applicants. Some of the application requirements for graduate school are especially daunting. For many prospective students, the standardized exams like the GMAT cause the most stress of all, leaving many to wonder if they can find a way to forgo the exams and still get an advanced degree. While many schools still require the GMAT, some schools have started to look at different ways to evaluate incoming students, and with enough realistic research it is possible to get an MBA without GMAT.

GMAT anxiety stems from many different sources. Many students have had trouble with time pressure and standardized tests and still have a bad taste in their mouth from those experiences. Practice tests and training might help people in this category overcome test anxiety. However, other test takers with diagnosed conditions can often get exemptions from time limits or receive other accommodations before considering a waiver. Also, quite reasonably, even other students wince at the price, which just adds to all of the other costs of the application process.

For those who still don t feel like the test represents the best path to admission, options are available. Due to a number of reasons, institutions of higher education have begun taking a broader view of applicants capabilities. Certain administrators lament the use of standardized tests that do not really test an applicant s true abilities and prefer a more well-rounded view of a candidacy.

A quick search around the web will turn up business school programs that do not require a GMAT score. That being said, accreditation is still important. So, applicants should check the school s accreditation and make sure that the degree the program offers will be worth the time and effort to earn it. This goes for both online programs and traditional on-campus programs.

Programs take several things into consideration when deciding to exempt an applicant from the GMAT. Having a significant amount of professional experience opens the most doors in this regard. The number of years required for a waiver will depend on the program. Typically, though, administrators look for somewhere in the range of two to five years of relevant professional experience.

Another successful strategy for avoiding the test involves seeking out specialized MBA programs that don t require the GMAT. Some schools, for example, require the test in all but one or two highly focused MBA programs. Programs like these could eliminate the need for the test more easily than other methods. Additionally, applicants who have already taken the LSAT, GRE or other standardized test should ask schools whether they can accept those tests instead of the GMAT.

Surprisingly to some, an applicant s undergraduate GPA, internships and other achievements often serve as a replacement for the GMAT. Of course, this may require a little bit more selling to an institution, as they want to see a picture of a well-rounded, ambitious individual whose past achievements predict success at the graduate level. The same applies for those who want to parlay their professional experience into a waiver. Instead of a standardized test, a complete portfolio of a student s relevant successes, experience and activities can build confidence among admissions officers regarding that student s ability to succeed in graduate school.

Students often overlook another great possibility for GMAT free graduate school entrance: studying abroad. The same caveats about accreditation and the like apply in foreign countries, too. But, schools abroad often have their own ways of assessing new students. This can open up new and exciting opportunities beyond just waiving the GMAT. Students doing a degree abroad will also benefit from international and intercultural experience. In fact, students usually don t have to stray too far from home. Neighboring countries often offer the degrees most compatible in an applicant’s home country.

It is important to keep in mind that some schools require extra courses before matriculation for students who opt out of the GMAT. This helps ensure that their quantitative skills have remained up to the level necessary to excel in an MBA program. Ultimately, schools want to find students with adequate math skills for their programs, so it would behoove students to do some review on their own as well. Some programs leave the decision to waive the GMAT exam to the discretion of a dean or director, so getting to know the school and developing relationships does pay off.

These themes will keep coming back as applicants look for ways to pursue their MBA without the GMAT. Schools are looking for people who have the drive and persistence to overcome the inevitable hurdles they will encounter in graduate school and in a work environment. They also highly value technical experience and highly-trained professionals who have demonstrated their aptitudes during their careers. Waiver or exemption requirements definitely play a part, but showing the core traits B-schools desire remains the most powerful tool for prospective students during the application process.


Can You Really Name Your Own Price at Progressive?

Written by W. Lane Startin. Posted in Research Last Updated: 12/30/2010

How Progressive s “name your own price” auto insurance options work, what they don’t do, and why agents and companies charge what they have to anyway.

No, you don t really use one of these.

Recently Progressive launched an ad campaign proclaiming you can name your own price on car insurance. Sounds like a great deal. Now you can buy auto insurance coverage based on your budget rather than by having to sort through confusing liability limits and deductibles, right?

Well, sort of but not entirely.

How Name Your Own Price Works

Like accident forgiveness. the choose your price feature is primarily a marketing tool. There s really not anything new about it other than presentation.

When using the feature, which according to Progressive itself is available in “most states” (read: not all states), the company actually has you quote your coverage the old fashioned way first. That is, you provide them with your vehicle information, driving history and desired coverage levels.

After that they give you a premium quote but let you adjust the price. Of course, adjusting the price has an impact on the coverage. For example, if Progressive (or anyone else, for that matter) offers you a 50/100/50 liability only policy for $50/month, it s still $50/month regardless of the marketing. If you want a policy for $40/month, you ll get it at lower liability limits.

In short, it s really little more than a new way to accomplish a very old insurance sales tactic. Agents adjust coverages to fit into their clients budgets all the time in the exact same way. Given that the first auto insurance policy was sold in 1897, we figure the practice dates to, oh, 1898 or so. You can “choose” your price anywhere in this manner; it s just that Progressive found a new way to package it.

When You Can t Name Your Own Price

Choosing your price doesn t mean you can just go down to your local insurance agent and get some arbitrary discount. Insurance agents can t do that. They have to use the approved prices and discounts given to them by the insurance company for a particular driver, vehicle and coverage level.

What s more, the agent can t offer you a lower price and offer to make up the difference, even as a charitable contribution. This practice is called “rebating,” and it s illegal. Agents can lose their license doing this, therefore no reputable agent will do it.

States Help “Name” Your Price Too

Agents can t just charge what they want for car insurance. In many ways, neither can insurance companies. States require insurance companies to hold a certain amount of money in reserves for claims at any given time. Even for small carriers, this is a substantial amount, easily in the tens of millions of dollars. When an insurance company fails and is taken over by the state, a process called “receivership,” chances are problems with this are a primary reason for it.

To that end, states require insurance companies to charge rates that allow them to sustain these cash reserves. The insurance rates a company charges must also be approved by a state s insurance commission. Any available insurance discounts are factored into this beforehand. Yes, this means that rates can (and are) different from state to state even within the same insurance company, all other things equal.

W. Lane Startin

Lane is a former insurance agent with two well-known and highly rated companies. He left the world of insurance sales to return to his first love, writing. He enjoys helping people unravel the intricacies of insurance without the bias created by working for commission. He’s a graduate of Idaho State University and by extension a long-suffering Bengals fan. Lane blogs at Car Insurance Guidebook .

Reviews (3)

Brandi Valenzuela

03/23/2016 at 1:16 pm | #

Hi Anthony. Thanks for your feedback. I agree Progressive could stand to explain the details a bit better.

Auto insurance premiums (or any insurance premiums, for that matter) simply can t be bid on like hotel rooms at Priceline. The industry is way too highly regulated to allow for that. That s not changing anytime soon, either. I find it interesting to note that Progressive s competitors don t seem to be exactly climbing over each other to roll out their own name your price marketing campaigns.

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California Tax Attorneys

Tax Lawyers Group, A Professional Law Corporation, is a premier tax law firm concentrating in all areas of tax and bankruptcy law throughout California.

Our California tax lawyers are dedicated to providing responsive, personalized legal service of the utmost quality to our clients in all areas of taxation law including representation before the Internal Revenue Service, Employment Development Department (EDD), State Board of Equalization (SBE), Franchise Tax Board (FTB) for Tax Audits. Offer In Compromise. Bank and Wage Seizures Levy. Tax Liens. Tax Appeals. Tax Court Litigation. Criminal Tax. 941 940 Payroll or Employment Tax, Trust Fund Taxes, Bankruptcy. Business Formation. and Estate Planning .

Since its establishment, Tax Lawyers Group, APC, has provided all our clients the highest quality, personalized legal service. Tax Lawyers Group’s network of professional staff includes tax attorneys from some of the best tax law firms in the country, former IRS Revenue Agents, former interns to U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judges, and seasoned tax lawyers and Certified Public Accountants. Through our combined wealth of education and experience we believe that we are able to offer our clients the most dynamic, sound legal advice unmatched by our peers.

Tax Lawyers Group welcomes you to browse through the information on our web site. In it, you will find answers to some of the questions you may have concerning your tax problem as well as information for business planning and estate planning. We welcome any further inquiries you may have concerning your tax situation. Feel free to contact our California tax attorneys by telephone or by completing the online form on the contact us page. We will respond to all relevant inquiries without any obligation.

Victor is an excellent tax attorney for individuals and business in need of tax relief. Feel assured that Victor can get the job done. I know I am comfortable recommending Victor for any tax problem. John K.

We had a irs problem and came to Victor. He is very knowledgeable and gave us great advice. I would recommend him to anyone with tax problems. He also does franchise tax board cases but we didn’t need him for that. I have referred fiends to him and they were happy with him too. Pam

My elderly mother had a very complicated tax problem from when she lived in CA years ago. Even though we now live in Oregon, Mr. Yoo not only helped her remotely but delivered better and expected results. We couldn’t have asked for better service. Lisa

Victor got us out of a jam with the IRS. We were the first to be offered a new amnesty program and it saved us quite a bit in taxes, but more importantly gave us peace of mind. John

Our personal taxes got complicated because of an erroneous 1099 we received. As a result our tax liability increased. Victor was able to iron things out with the IRS and Franchise Tax Board. Ed

  • 2012 NEW IRS Voluntary Disclosure Program for Offshore and Foreign Bank Account Holders. Foreign Bank Account Tax Amnesty Attorney: Internal Revenue Service IRS introduced new 2012 offshore voluntary disclosure program to encourage IRS
  • California Sales Tax Audit: Who Needs to Pay California Sales Tax or Use Tax? OUT-OF-STATE SELLERS: DO YOU NEED TO REGISTER WITH CALIFORNIA STATE BOARD OF EQUALIZATION FOR SALES AND USE TAX? State of California taxes are


Call Center Software and Systems

Database Systems Corp. is a recognized leader in providing call center technology including phone systems and call center software. DSC also offers complete call center outsourcing services using our secure data center located in Phoenix, Arizona.

DSC can develop your call center solutions quickly – providing you with a competitive advantage in the marketplace. DSC provides both inbound and outbound call processing including external database access and web integration. DSC can likewise provide call center services and applications quickly and efficiently.

Call Center Software Solutions

Call center software from DSC includes the following state of the art technology:

  • ACD Software – Automated call distribution software routes calls to phone agents based upon hunt groups established by administrator.
  • CTI Software – Computer telephony integration (CTI ) software integrated with DSC phone systems.
  • Answering Service Software – Call answering service software and phone systems.
  • IVR Software – Interactive voice response software automatically answers phone calls and allows users to interact with DSC phone systems.
  • Softphone Software – Embed phone functions within existing PC and web applications.
  • Voice Broadcasting Software – Send calls to thousands of individuals and answer machines.

Contact DSC to learn more about our call center software and systems.

ACD Software

ACD software from DSC is an integral part of the PACER and WIZARD phone systems. Routing incoming phone calls to the appropriate agent groups is a critical function of these intelligent phone systems. When combined with DSC’s IVR software, our ACD software provides a very sophisticated call distribution business tool.

Most ACD systems process incoming calls on a first come / first serve basis. However, DSC’s intelligent ACD can route calls based upon dialed number, time of day, caller identification, and custom defined parameters established in an IVR script.

Answering Service Software

Answering service software from DSC utilizes Interactive Voice Response ) software and phone systems. DSC call answering services process inbound phone calls that automatically answered using this comprehensive software. Calls can be automatically processed or these calls can be routed to service representatives that are local or working remotely.

DSC’s experienced applications programmers can develop phone answering solutions quickly and economically – providing you with complete phone applications in a timely fashion. Our experienced staff can develop a custom IVR application that interacts with your web services as well as external databases.

IVR Software

Interactive voice response (IVR) is a technology that automates the personal interaction of telephone callers with the computerized phone system.

Our IVR software and phone systems use voice recorded prompts and menus to present information to callers. Touch-tone telephone keypad entries are gathered from the caller to collect information and to provide navigation through simple to complex IVR menu structures.

CTI Software

Computer Telephony Software from DSC is a robust set of library routines that enable your application programs to communicate with your phone system.

This computer telephony software lets you increase staff productivity while enhancing your customer relationships and reducing costs. This is accomplished by combining the capabilities of your phone system with the custom functionality of your Windows, Unix or Web applications.

Voice Broadcast Software

Our PACER and WIZARD voice broadcasting phone systems include software for developing and running message broadcast campaigns and applications.

DSC provides a voice broadcast software that lets you take a step by step approach to defining voice broadcasting programs.

Outbound phone campaigns can be developed quickly. Simply record your phone messages, assemble your list of individuals to be called and fill in the blanks using our VB Wizard.

Softphone Software

Connect your employees to our phone systems using one standard interface with our call center software solution. Your existing applications can be significantly enhanced by placing computer telephony integration phone functions and features within your existing desktop programs, whether they are designed for the Web or Windows. Or simply use our stand-alone softphone in conjunction with these existing applications.

The DSC Softphone connects to our PACER (digital) and WIZARD (analog) Series of phone systems. PLUS extensive reports, statistics, and graphs are included with this Softphone to help you effectively manage the use of your phone system.

Call Center Phone Systems

DSC offers both an affordable and expandable call center phone system. This modern call center phone system includes a Windows PC with computer telephony boards from Intel / Dialogic. When combined with our comprehensive call center software, these phone systems can perform both inbound call distribution as well as outbound message broadcasting campaigns.

The WIZARD system is our entry level call center phone system that supports up to 48 analog phone lines. If your call center requires more lines to process inbound and outbound calls, our PACER call center phone system can be used to process calls using hundreds of digital phone lines.

Call Center Outsourcing Services

Using our multiple location call centers, DSC offers both inbound and outbound call center outsourcing services that utilize our IVR call answering software. This service automatically answers inbound calls and broadcasts voice messages. Our inbound call center processes phone calls using our award winning interactive voice response (IVR) system that processes incoming calls without an operator.

Our outbound call center services include voice broadcasting that allows you to automatically transmit voice messages to customers, employees or the general community.

Call Us Today

Contact DSC for a FREE analysis and quote and to learn more about our call center software and call center solutions.

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Top MLM Companies 2016

Multi-level marketing (MLM) has continually been on the rise, and numerous top MLM companies are poised for explosive growth in 2016 and beyond. MLM is a pretty basic concept – it pays out on a “multi-level” basis. You get paid based on your level in the company, and commissions are generally passed up through levels to the top.

In order to find success with any of the top MLM opportunity, it comes down to finding a company that is the right fit for you. There is a lot to consider in the decision-making process. How long has the company been around? What is the compensation plan like? Is it an opportunity that you can feel passionate about? The answers to your questions will ultimately determine your future.

The choices are many, and we re here to help. Browse our listing of the best MLM companies in 2016 to help narrow your search.

AdvoCare was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Plano, Tex. Backed by the latest science, AdvoCare provides innovative nutritional, weight-management, sports performance and skin care products to help you reach and maintain your nutritional goals – lose weight, gain muscle, increase energy, improve wellness, enhance skin and more.

Founded in 1978, Forever Living Products is a multi-billion dollar MLM company with a presence in over 150 countries. Forever Living manufactures and sells dozens of exclusive, beneficial wellness products based on aloe vera. According to Forever Living, aloe enhances the body, inside and out, and its products ranging from age-defying facial treatments to delicious, antioxidant rich drinks.

Founded in 1972, LegalShield sells pre-paid legal services. Their network consists of 50 independent provider law firms that service these pre-paid legal plans. Legal Shield markets identity theft protection and restoration plans. Legal Shield services are also sold as an employee benefits for small and large businesses.

Thirty-One Gifts

In 2003, Thirty One Gifts was founded by Cindy Monroe who felt there was a need for women who didn’t have time to visit gift shops and boutiques. Thirty-One Consultants offer totes, purses, thermal bags, and organizing items at home parties, catalog parties and online. Invest in this MLM for just $99 and receive the Enrollment Kit which includes $400+ worth of new products and business supplies – everything you need to successfully start your business.

Founded by Dr. Myron Wentz in 1992, USANA develops and manufactures high-quality nutritional supplements, healthy weight management products and self-preserving personal-care products. For just $30 you receive the Business Development System, which has everything you need to get started with this MLM.

For more than 125 years, Avon has been a beauty leader creating products that customers love. Avon is one of the world s largest direct sellers with more than $11 billion in annual revenue and over 6 million representatives in over 100 countries. Avon products include beauty, fashion and home products and feature their brand names Avon Color, ANEW, Skin-So-Soft, Advance Techniques and Avon Naturals.

A group of health care and business professionals founded doTERRA Earth Essence in 2008. They shared profound personal experiences with the life-enhancing benefits of essential oils, and the MLM s first offering of essential oils – 25 single oils and 10 oil blends – was then introduced. In addition to new oils and blends, product offerings include nutritional, spa and healthy living products.

With more than two million Independent Beauty Consultants in 30 countries throughout the world, Mary Kay gives women the opportunity to achieve their potential in a company with global sales of $2.5 billion. A Mary Kay Beauty Consultant is like an advisor who is focused on helping her customers look and be their best through its products.

Scentsy is a party plan MLM company offering a variety of home and personal fragrance products, including a popular line of scented wickless candles and decorative ceramic warmers. Scentsy Independent Consultants sell products through home parties, fairs and shows and online. For just $99, you can get a starter kit with everything you need to launch your new business.

In 1993, Gary Young began cultivating lavender, peppermint, melissa, clary sage and many other herbs. Fueled by a growing demand for pure essential oils, Young Living designed and built the largest, most technologically advanced distillery for the production of essential oils in North America.

Founded in 1998 by Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon, Beachbody is the creator of the nation s most popular fitness and weight loss solutions including P90X, INSANITY, Brazil Butt Lift, Slim in 6, Turbo Jam and Hip Hop Abs. Beachbody programs combine challenging DVD-based workouts with easy-to-follow diet guidelines, nutritional supplements and the 21-day cleanse known as the Ultimate Reset as well as an unparalleled customer service and peer-support system.

Founded in 1980, Pampered Chef is a direct seller of high-quality kitchen tools. Pampered Chef s Independent Consultants help guests try products, prepare and sample recipes, and learn quick and easy food preparation techniques and entertaining tips. The Pampered Chef s product line of more than 300 items includes cookware, cutlery, cookbooks, stoneware and pantry products.

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Creative company names

Creative company names

What’s in a name? Actually a lot, when it is about company success. The correct name can create your business the talk of the city. The incorrect one can send it to gloom and collapse. Preferably, your name should express the know-how, value and distinctiveness of the products or services you have developed.

Some professionals think that the top names are intangible, an empty slate upon which to create a picture. Others believe that names should be enlightening so consumers know instantly what your company is. Some think that coined names are more outstanding than names that use genuine words. Others think they re unmemorable. In realism, any name can be efficient if it s backed by the appropriate marketing strategy. Here s what you ll need to think in order to give your miniature business the most suitable and efficient name.

Enlist Expert Help to Start New Business

Coming up with a good business name can be a complex process. You might think consulting an expert, particularly if you re in a meadow in which your business name may manipulate the achievement of your business. Naming firms have detailed systems for forming new names and they know their way about the trademark law. They can counsel you alongside bad name choice and give details why others are good.

The problem is cost. A specialized naming firm may charge a lot to develop a name. That normally includes other individuality work and realistic plan as part of the package.

What s in a Name?

Begin by deciding what you want your name to talk. It should strengthen the key rudiments of your business. Your work in forming a place and a mission announcement will help you locate the rudiments you want to highlight in your name.

The more your name communicates to customers about your business, the fewer attempts you must apply to explain it. According to naming expert, entrepreneurs should give precedence to real words or combination of words over fictitious words. People favor words they can relate to and comprehend. On the additional note, it is likely for a name to be too meaningful. Frequent pitfalls are geographic or common names. A theoretical example is San Pablo Disk Drives. What if the business wants to get bigger beyond the city of San Pablo, California? What sense will that name have for customers in Chicago or Pittsburgh? And what if the business diversifies further than disk drive into software or computer training manuals?

How can a name be both meaningful and wide? Expressive names tell something actual about a business what it does, where it s situated and so on. Evocative names are more abstract. They focus on what the business is about.

When selecting a business name, keep the subsequent tips in mind:

Select a name that appeal not only to you but also to the kind of consumers you are trying to draw.
Select a reassuring or well-known name that conjures up enjoyable reminiscences so customers react to your business on a poignant level.

• Don t choose a name that is long or puzzling.

• Don’t select names that only you comprehend.

• Don t use the word “Inc.” after your name except your company is actually integrated.

Get imaginative Names

At an occasion when approximately every accessible word in the foreign language has been trade-marked, the choice of coining a name is happening to be more admired. Example is Acura and Compaq, which were formed by christening firm Name Lab.

Coined names can be more significant than existing words, says Name Lab president Barr. For example, Acura has no word list description but the word suggest accuracy business, just as the business planned. Name Lab s team formed the name Acura from Acute, a word section that means precise in many languages.

However, those fabricated words aren t the correct answer for every circumstance. New words are compound and may create a insight that the products, services or company’s is multifaceted, which may not be true. Plus, naming starters might find this sort of coining past their capability.

An easier answer is to use new form or spellings of accessible words. For instance, Name Lab formed the name Compaq when a new PC business came to them touting its new transferable computer. The team contemplated about the word compact and came up with Compaq, which they supposed would be less common and more obvious.

Test Your Name

After you ve lessened the field to 4 or 5 names that are outstanding and communicative, you are prepared to do a trade name search. Not every company name needs to be trademarked, as extensive as your state administration gives you the progress and you aren t infringing on anybody else s trade name. But you should think hiring a trademark lawyer or at least a trade-mark look for firm earlier than to make sure your new name doesn t disobey on an additional business s trademark.

Finishing Analysis

If you re fortunate, you ll end up with 3 to 5 names that bypass all your tests. How do you make your concluding choice? Recall your entire preliminary criterion. Which name fits your vision? Which name most precisely describes the business you have in mind?

Some entrepreneurs arrive at a last result by going with gut or by doing customer research or test with focus group to see how the name is professed. You can sketch a thought of what every name will look like on a symbol or on company stationery. Read all name out loud, paying thought to the way it sounds if you forecast radio promotion or telemarketing in your prospect. Employ any or all of these criteria.

Keep in mind that specialized naming firms devote somewhere from 6 weeks to 6 months to the naming procedure. You most likely won t have that a large amount of time, but arrange to use up at least a few weeks on select a name.

Once your choice is complete, begin building your eagerness for the new name instantly. Your name is your initial step in the direction of building sturdy company uniqueness, one that should remain as long as you re in industry.


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Faculty of Business

  • Leadership Development Sed ut porttitor sapien, vel tincidunt urna. Sed id euismod ipsum. Vivamus malesuada eleifend nulla, a volutpat urna cursus vitae. Integer tempus, neque ac venenatis volutpat, ligula dolor lacinia sapien, ut malesuada nisl quam sit amet turpis. Nam ac bibendum magna. Donec vel lacus imperdiet, imperdiet tellus id, auctor augue.
    • Course Schedule
    • Leadership
    • Lean and Six Sigma (Green Belt)
    • Manufacturing Management
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Leadership and Management
  • Doctorate (DBA)
    • Doctorate in Business Administration
  • Master (MBA) The AU online Executive MBA helps you develop the comprehensive advanced management skills you need for success in any sector—without putting your life on hold. Intakes are three times per year: Fall, Winter, and Spring.
    • Online Executive MBA The AU online Executive MBA helps you develop the comprehensive advanced management skills you need for success in any sector—without putting your life on hold. Intakes are three times per year: Fall, Winter, and Spring.
    • Accelerated Entry – Online Executive MBA
    • Executive MBA for Accountants Professional accountants accepted into the online Executive MBA program receive transfer credit for three courses, which results in reduced tuition and completion time.
    • Executive MBA for the Business of Hockey
    • Executive MBA for Health Leaders
    • Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Management The PBDM is awarded after successful completion of Phase One of the MBA program and can be taken as a stand-alone credential. Admission requirements are the same as for the MBA.
    • Executive MBA for Supply Chain Managers
  • Undergraduate
    • Online Bachelor of Commerce The BComm is one of the most highly recognized credentials in the Canadian business community. AU graduates stand out from the crowd as motivated self-starters who combine a desire to succeed with proven skills in time management, technology usage and leadership.
    • Online Bachelor of Management The BMgmt provides a broad base of management knowledge in accounting, communication theory and practice, information systems, management science, organizational behaviour, economics and commercial law. It takes a strong international perspective on business and explores the ethical, global, political, and environmental issues that organizations face every day.
    • Certificate Programs Certificate programs can help you get a handle on management basics or specialize in a specific discipline. Better yet, certificates can be laddered into the Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Management programs, so if and when you do decide to pursue a full degree, you’ll have a head start.
    • Professional Accounting AU’s Faculty of Business provides specific courses and programs to help you meet the requirements for all of the Canadian accounting designations. You can register just in the specific prerequisite courses that you require for your designation, or you can enroll in a degree or certificate that will help you meet your goals.
    • Diploma to Degree Athabasca University has worked with many community colleges and technical institutes to build post diploma routes to degree completion. These post diploma programs recognize university-level work that has been completed in the college sector and awards block credit into our Bachelor of Management (BMgmt) and Bachelor of Commerce (BComm) programs.
    • Online Business Courses A full listing of all AU Faculty of Business undergraduate courses.

Undergraduate Programs

At AU, you are not constrained by class times, semesters, or standard years of study. You can work on your courses wherever and whenever you wish, and complete your degree in two years or ten. It’s all up to you.

Online Undergraduate Business Courses

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Start Your Own Small Business

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to quit your job, be your own boss and earn a paycheck from the comfort of your own home? The good news is that with a little planning and some startup money, it is possible.

Let’s delve a little deeper into how to start a small business from home and help you decide how much planning and money you’ll need to be your own boss.

Creating the Concept
Before quitting their jobs, the potential entrepreneurs must first think of a concept, product or service to generate a steady income. And while that may sound easy, it’s not. You should conceive a plan that puts your knowledge, experience and expertise to use but in a way that allows you to make the most amount of your money.

When first thinking of some business ideas, start with areas you already have a great deal of interest, equipment and materials for. This will help cut down on the startup costs for your company and also let you hit the ground running when you do hang out your shingle. Also, peruse the local paper and advertisements to see what other types of businesses are out there. Are there other similar businesses in your neighborhood or is there a business area that is lacking.

Doing something you like isn’t the only consideration. You need to get an idea of the prospects for the potential business. Is it a business with a market? Can you make money at it? This will require some research into the marketplace as well as how other similar businesses have fared.

Developing a Work Space
Your home is where you live. This means that its primary function is to serve as a dwelling for you and your family – not as a warehouse or meeting place for your business and its clients. Make certain that if you are considering entering the manufacturing business (for example) that your garage or shed is large enough to handle your work – without forcing your family and your vehicles into stormy weather.

Similarly, if your work will be computer-based, make sure that you have the technology necessary to give your idea a fighting chance. In addition, make sure that you have a dedicated area that’s cut off from the rest of the house and that can afford you some privacy. Remember, hearing a barking dog or a crying baby in the background when you are trying to work or meet with a client may not be ideal for you or your family.

Outsourcing Partners/Employees
While it would be great to be the sole owner of your company and have complete control of every aspect, sometimes a lack of funds or experience make it necessary to have a partner. In this case, consider someone that is bright, will represent the company well, and has some sort of expertise in the business you are developing, be it sales, marketing, book-keeping, or other financial matters.

Also, try to define the tasks that you and your partner(s) will be responsible for before opening up shop. That way, there will be fewer disagreements and the business will operate more smoothly. Also, make sure that all partners are legally cared for by the company, and that the proper forms are filed with the regulatory authorities – this may mean filing twice and paying for title changes if you need to find a new partner, but it will protect both of you in the long run.

Next, decide if you’ll need employees – whether now or in the future. If so, put some thought into how you will get them and what you will pay them for their work. Also, think about how you’ll do payroll. and whether people will want to work from your home, from their own homes or if you’ll need to find another facility to house them.

Doing Your Research
Some books on forming a small business suggest that after hatching an idea, an entrepreneur should just “go for it.” However, this bold approach could land you in some shaky territory.

Instead, a good first move is to start asking family and friends what they think about your small business idea. Consider asking them specific questions such as:

  • Would you purchase this particular product and/or service?
  • What do you think its worth?
  • What is the best way to market the idea?
  • Is this something that you think is a fad, or do you feel it could be a viable business for the long term?
  • Is there anything you can think of to improve this idea?
  • What other businesses in this field have you heard of or do you currently use for this product/service?

If you’re married and/or have kids, you should also be asking your family how they feel about you quitting your job and working from home. This will affect them on a psychological and financial level. If any of their answers are negative, you should spend some time discussing their concerns and decide whether your goal is worth continuing against their wishes.

After obtaining all of this feedback, go back to the drawing board and see if the idea can be improved upon so that your product or service can be differentiated from the competition. Remember, you want to hit the ground running and turn as many heads as possible when first starting off!

Finding Funding
Once you have an idea and the approval of your family, you need to decide how you are going to finance it. Most businesses will need at least a little startup income. This investment will hopefully help you break even after a year, but keep in mind that even successful businesses can remain in deficit for the first few years. Because of this, you will want to tap into a few different sources of funding. Some of these include:

  • A small-business loan
  • Savings
  • Money generated from other investments
  • Family/friends who will act as investors
  • Personal loan from the bank
  • Home equity loan
  • Credit cards (as a last resort)

Source capital that won’t hamper your longer-term security. In other words, try to avoid racking up costly credit card debt that could cost 20% or more in yearly interest fees. Also, try to avoid borrowing against your 401(k) or other similar plans as this may adversely affect your retirement.

Finally, one of the best things you can do before you take the entrepreneurial leap is to build up an emergency fund to fall back on if your company doesn’t break even for a few months. Three months of living expenses is a minimum goal for a new business owner, but even more will help take the stress off of you and let you spend your energy on your company.

Covering Your Bases
All business owners should think about what would happen to the enterprise and the revenue streams being generated if health or other issues were to prevent them from being involved in the business. In other words, if the entrepreneur were to become disabled, who would takeover. Could the business survive?

Consider these issues beforehand and determine whether disability income insurance makes sense, or if a partner could fill the void caused by your absence.

Foreseeing the Future
It’s great to own a business, but ultimately the entrepreneur will probably want to retire or move on to other challenges. With that in mind, you should create a business plan that discusses how you will transfer, sell or close your company. If your business depends on your unique knowledge and contacts, it may not be able to be assumed by another party.

There are few things more satisfying and rewarding than launching and owning your own home-based business. but before diving in, be sure to do your homework. Making a business work is not an easy task, but proper planning will help to increase its chances of success.

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50 Creative Craft Business Names

Choosing the Perfect Craft Business Name

One thing you need to think about is a craft business name. Making a crafty first impression takes a bit of creativity, right? Craft business names should scream “creative,” which shouldn’t be hard with your crafty mind, but here are a few tips to help you pick a name:

Use puns. Puns are fun in a business name and can be catchy enough to be remembered!

Use rhymes. Rhymes are also fun and very easy to remember. Using a rhyme in your business name will surely help it to stick!

Use your specialty. If you do a specific type of craft such as sewing, choose a name that reflects this to let people know just what you do!

Use your name. Artists should be known by name and so should good business owners. Don’t be shy to use your name to personalize and uniquely identify your business.

Grab a pen and paper and begin making a long list of every potential name that comes to mind, even if it’s silly or ridiculous. You are obviously going to narrow this list down later through the process of elimination, so don’t edit yourself now.

What To Name Your Craft Business?

Other Things to Consider

Once your brainstorming list is long and complete, it’s time to begin narrowing it down. The following tips may help you to shorten that list:

Is the name easy to pronounce and remember?

Is the name available on social networking sites and on art sites such as Etsy and Artfire?

Is the name already taken and protected by copyright? Check with Copyright.gov .

  • Is there a web domain available in that name? Check with Whois .
  • Is the name as unique as the items you make? Does it reflect the medium, purpose, and spirit of the products you create?
  • Once you’ve chosen a name, you’ll be able to move onto everything else you need to do to start your business. In the meantime, you can always get a head start on making your products; perhaps you’ll find inspiration in your creations!

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