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Business Administration Degree
BS Degree Business Administration

Student Resources

Why Major in Business Administration?

Building on a core of college business courses, the business administration bachelor’s degree program features a sequence of business administration major courses and also provides the flexibility to specialize in an area of interest or obtain a minor through careful selection of directed electives and free electives.

The specialized areas of our college business administration courses include such fields as international business, finance and real estate. Business Administration minors may be obtained in many areas, including accounting, applied statistics, computer information systems, communications, computer science, finance and human resources.

Advance Your Career with a Business Administration Degree

In the bachelor’s degree business administration program you will study under highly qualified faculty members who have combined their academic credentials with extensive business administration work experience. You also may supplement college business administration classroom instruction with the chance to earn University credit while gaining work experience through a business administration degree internship program.

The bachelor degree business administration courses and bs degree business administration courses are also offered in the Ferris State evening business administration program. Our College Business Administration BS degree courses are offered on a rotation basis for working adults.

College Business Administration Graduates Get Great Jobs

The Business Administration major provides an avenue for immediate business administration employment and for rapid advancement to upper levels of business management.

Employers seek business administration graduates for positions ranging from business manager and sales representative to production supervisor and project planner. Graduates of the Business Administration degree program obtain business administration job positions in manufacturing, retailing, construction, financial institutions, government and a host of other fields. Ferris State Business administration bachelor degree students also find the business administration major to be of great value in preparation for law school.

Bachelor’s Degree Business Administration Admission Requirements

Applicants of the business administration program must present evidence of graduation from high school or the GED. To enter a Bachelor of Science degree – B.S. degree business administration, applicants are expected to meet two of the following: a minimum high school grade point average of 2.50 (on a 4.00 scale); ACT math score of 19 or higher; an ACT reading score of 19 or higher.

College Degree Business Administration Graduation Requirements

The Business Administration degree program at Ferris State leads to a bachelor of science degree in business. Graduation from the business administration program requires a minimum 2.0 GPA overall.

If you would like more information on Business Administration Bachelor Degree Programs at Ferris State University call (231) 591-2000.

About Ferris State University: College classes including our Business Administration Degree Program, are taught at all levels by professional teachers, not graduate assistants. College students at Ferris State University, including our Business Administration Degree students and BS degree business administration, study in more than 170 different college educational programs – including doctorate degrees, masters degrees, bachelor’s degrees and associate degree programs. We encourage you to explore this website for more information on available scholarships and financial aid opportunities at Ferris State University. Ferris State provides all enrolled students access to a variety of academic skill-building opportunities that will assist them in their pursuit of academic excellence in a format that accommodates various learning preferences and schedules. At FSU students experience small classes with individual attention in 170 career-oriented majors leading to job placement for our graduates. FSU students also enjoy 220 student organizations for fun in a relaxed, hometown setting in the heart of Michigan’s recreation area.

The group presentation, by one of our admissions recruiters, includes information on academic offerings, scholarships, housing, student life, and costs. A question and answer period follows the presentation and includes a few surprises! Lunch is provided at one of our well known dining facilities on campus. After lunch, guests may take part in a walking tour of campus led by one of our exceptional student guides. The walking tour takes approximately 1 hour.

If you would like more information on Business Administration Degree or would like to talk with or visit our campus in Big Rapids, Michigan contact us.

Bachelor’s Degree Business Administration

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Business name registration

Last Updated: 11 August 2016

A business name, also known as a trading name, is simply a name or title under which a person, or other legal entity, trades.

Your business name not only identifies you to your customers, but also allows you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and enables your customers to make an emotional connection to your business and brand. For many businesses, the name is often the most valuable asset.

If you register a business name, it will be connected to your Australian Business Number (ABN).

If you haven’t decided on a business name yet, read our How do I choose a business name? page for some tips.

When you must register

When setting up your business, if you choose to operate as a sole trader, partnership or a trust, and not as a company, then you will have to register your business name with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

If your business name is your, or your partner’s, first name and surname, then there is no need to register.

  • Sally Miller has a jewellery business named ‘Sally Miller’. As her business is trading under her own name, she does not need to register for a business name.
  • Jodie Hart has a floral business named ‘Hart Flowers’. As her business is not trading under her own name, she will need to register the business name ‘Hart Flowers’.

If you’re trading as a company, you’ll need to register a company name when you register your company.

How do I register for a business name?

All business name registrations are managed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). You can Register a business name through the ASIC website.

You will need to have an Australian Business Number (ABN), or be in the process of applying for an ABN and not have been refused. ABN registrations are free, and you can have multiple business names linked to your ABN.

Once you have an Australian Business Number (ABN), you can register a business name online. You can do this through the ABN application or through ASIC Connect.

To register for a business name:

  1. Decide on a name that’s right for your business.
  2. See if the business name you want is available through the check name availability search on the ASIC website.
  3. Register for your business name online.

The National Business Names Registration System replaces previous state and territory registers. You now only need to register for a business name with ASIC once, and it’s registered nationally

You can’t register a business name that is identical or too similar to a business name registered to another Australian business or company. However, a business name does not give you legal rights to that name. This means that if someone else uses your business name for their business, you don’t have any rights to stop them.

Cost of registering

The fees to register your business name with ASIC include:

Find out more about the business name payments and fees for registering or renewing a business name, and how to pay your fees on the ASIC website.

How long does registration take?

A business name registration application should take you around 15 -20 minutes to complete online. If you have an ABN, have provided all the required documents, and paid the fee, you should get confirmation in:

  • two business days for payment by credit card
  • up to five business days for payment made by BPay, EFT or Bank Transfer.

ASIC will notify you two months before your business name is due for renewal.

Previous state or territory registrations

Registration of your business name applies nationally, so you do not need to register across different states and territories.

If you previously registered your business name in more than one state or territory, all your business names have been transferred to ASIC’s national business names register. Any of these names can be used to carry on business nationally. You may choose to keep one business name record (e.g. the one with the latest registration expiry) and allow your remaining business names to lapse by not paying the renewal fee.

If your business had an identical name as another business operating in another state or territory, ASIC will provide additional information on the public register to differentiate affected businesses. This may be the state or territory your business name was first registered in. This identifier doesn’t form part of your business name, but is used to allow people to distinguish between identical business names on the public register.

Multiple business names

If you have multiple different business names, or also have a registered company, you are now able to align the renewal dates for those registrations. If you have multiple principal places of business across Australia, ASIC will notify you of which address it intends to use as the principal place of business for sending documents. You may nominate an alternative address for service through ASIC .

Searching the business name register

Whether you need to find out when your business name is due for renewal or check a name’s availability when starting your business, you can perform a quick, online search using the Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s (ASIC) business names register.

The register can provide information on:

  • registered and cancelled business names
  • the entity behind the name
  • how the entity can be contacted.

Before working with other businesses, it can help to check they are a legitimate and registered business. Information found on the business names register is generally available for free, though some information is only available by purchasing an extract.

Renewing a business name

ASIC will notify you – usually within 28 days to two months of your renewal due date.

You can renew your registration through ASIC Connect. Renewal notices will be sent by mail to the address for service of documents for your business. You can check your business name details by searching ASIC Connect to see what address is recorded.

If you don’t renew your business name registration on time there are no late fees; however the registration of the business name will be cancelled if the renewal fee is not paid by the due date on the invoice. No extensions will be granted.

If you don’t want to renew your business name, you don’t need to do anything when you receive your renewal notice. The business name will be cancelled after the renewal date if no action has been taken to renew the name. You can also cancel your business name at any time.

Business names certificate of registration

Did you know that you no longer need to display your certificate of registration for your business name?

In 2012 legislation was introduced that removed the need for businesses to display a certificate of registration.

However, if your business is prominently open to the public, such as a caf , you’ll still need to display your business name somewhere.


For questions about registering, renewing, updating, and cancelling business names in Australia, visit the ASIC website or call 1300 300 630.

Related information

  • Check out ASIC’s suite of videos about registering, renewing and transferring your business name.
  • To ensure you have exclusive use of your name now and in the future throughout Australia, apply for a trade mark .
  • To use your business name as part of your web address, take a look at our Register your domain page.
  • Read through our Starting a business topic to help you get started.
  • Learn more about the four Business structures you can choose when starting your business to understand the obligations for each.
  • Understand the differences between a sole trader and a company structure .
  • Register your company if you’re planning to operate under a company structure.

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Business Administration Jobs

Business Administration Job Overview

People interested in a business administration job have a broad range of occupations and sectors from which to choose. A business administration professional handles the business, financial and administrative functions of a company on a day-to-day basis. The job is typically built to handle a specific department of a business such as finance, marketing, accounting or logistics. Job titles might include general manager. hospitality manager, retail manager, or sales manager .

Daily Business Administration Tasks might include:

  • Management of employees
  • Carry out company goals, policies and procedures
  • Hire employees
  • Oversee financial and budgetary activities
  • Consult with colleagues to improve business policies and procedures
  • Negotiate with suppliers and purchasers
  • Apply new software or technology to streamline workloads

Business Administration Job Education Requirements

Entry-level positions in business administration usually require at least an associate’s degree from an accredited college or university. This can help candidates acquire valuable on-the-job training, which can lead to higher positions. Earning a bachelor’s degree allows a potential employee to move into an entry-level position with a higher base pay.

Those looking to truly excel on the job obtain an MBA (Master’s of Business Administration), which is a highly respected, notable degree that allows for maximum earnings potential.

Other individuals may complete a certification program from the Institute of Certified Professional Managers to get a Certified Manager (CM) credential.

Business Administration Job Market

Because of the vast amount of positions available for business administration professionals, the job market is always hiring. Depending on the specific field, growth over the next 10 years will be between 1 percent and 23 percent, with the healthcare field experiencing the most demand. Certified individuals can increase their employer desirability immensely with the proper accreditation, but the job market is still open to fluctuations in supply and demand with each individual’s area of specialization.

Business Administration Job Salary Information

Median salaries commensurate with experience and job field, ranging from $46,000 to $119,000. Education also plays a vast role in the amount of earning potential for each individual. A bachelor’s degree can increase yearly pay by $2,000 to $5,000, while a master’s degree can increase salary by $7,000 to $11,000 annually. The higher a person moves up in business administration, the more likely that they will also be a recipient of a bonus package based on performance in their respective role. CEOs can make as much as $1,000,000 after bonuses.

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TCC closed Saturday, Sept. 3

Business Administration

Are you interested in positioning yourself for a bachelor s degree in business? Tidewater Community College s Associate of Science in Business Administration can prepare you for a rewarding career in fields ranging from accounting and business management to marketing, office information systems or small-business entrepreneurship.

TCC will give you a broad foundation for future business success, including courses in accounting, economics, international business, public speaking and more.

The degree offers flexibility, too. You can take classes on any of the college s four campuses, and day, evening and online classes are available.

Where can you go?

With the required GPA, you can take advantage of transfer agreements with colleges and universities including:

  • George Mason University
  • James Madison University
  • Virginia Wesleyan College
  • and many more!

Veterans, transitioning military, spouses and dependents: TCC s Center for Military and Veterans Education provides academic guidance and help in maximizing your GI Bill and other educational benefits.

Tuition assistance such as financial aid, scholarships, work-study, grants and loans can help you save money and reduce college debt.

What does this program cost?

You can complete a 2-year associate degree for less than the cost of 1 year at a 4-year college or university.

TCC s Associate of Science in Business Administration consists of 4 semesters of full-time study on any TCC campus.

If your schedule doesn t permit full-time attendance, you may also take classes part time.

Estimated Program Cost*:
61 credits x $176.60 per credit = $10,772.60 (not including textbooks and supplies)
*Based on Fall 2016 in-state tuition. Your actual cost may differ.

2-year transfer grants

First-time college students who meet GPA and other requirements may qualify for a 2-year transfer grant to apply toward tuition! Grants of $1,000 may be awarded for your junior and senior years. Details

Know before you go

If you are planning to transfer to a particular 4-year college or university, be sure to familiarize yourself with admission requirements and transferable courses. Speak with a TCC academic counselor and plan your curriculum carefully!

For more information, visit the Transfer Programs page.

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Cern Basher featured in exclusive Cincinnati Business Courier article

EXCLUSIVE. Cincinnati money manager Cern Basher leaves firm he helped found to start new company.

Cern Basher has left the investment advisory firm he co-founded nearly 16 years ago to start a new one.

Basher left Madison Wealth Management in January, but he didn’t have much time off. Last week, he launched Brilliant Advice, a Kenwood-based investment advisory firm with a couple of twists on the typical formula.

Basher was one of six owners at Madison, which manages more than $400 million and is also located on Montgomery Road in Kenwood, when he decided to depart.

“I had some ideas and a vision of how I wanted to work with clients, and it didn’t really mesh with my partners,” Basher said. “So I made a decision to leave Madison.”

Among the things that make Basher’s firm different from most: It’s completely open about the fees it charges, it doesn’t negotiate fees and they’re significantly lower than what most firms charge.

“All wealth managers say they can negotiate fees,” Basher told me. “But the challenge as a client is it’s a bit like being on an airplane. You’re not sure how much the person sitting next to you paid, and you don’t want to be the one who paid the most. It just doesn’t seem fair to me. The fact we don’t negotiate is actually better for you as a client. You know that it’s fair and everyone is paying equal.

The homepage of Brilliant’s website has a prominent feature allowing potential clients to compare fees. It not only shows how much they’ll pay but how much they’ll save compared to a typical adviser.

Brilliant charges no more than 0.9 percent of assets. Most advisers charge 1 percent unless accounts have an enormous amount of assets. And Brilliant’s percentage rate drops as the account gets bigger. Basher also caps the fee at $50,000 a year, regardless of account size. Any account above $12.3 million is charged the same $50,000 annual fee.

Basher also will work closely with clients to develop a plan. That probably doesn’t sound different from most advisers, but he takes it to another level. He’ll actually develop a financial plan during a meeting with a client rather than gathering information and coming back later with a strategy.

“I want them to sit down with me as we do it,” Basher said. “With a typical plan, the client doesn’t know what you considered but didn’t use.”

He also uses technology to give clients constant access to their financial plan and current investment reports. There s no need for them to wait for a quarterly report.

In addition to investment management and financial planning, he’s offering what he calls lifestyle design. That’s a process that helps clients decide what’s most important to them and how they want to live after retirement. Then, Basher can tailor a financial plan to meet those lifestyle goals.

“We break it down into needs, wants and wishes,” he said. “Wishes tend to be the things people care the most about. Wouldn’t it be nice to make those wishes come true?”

About the company name: It’s not meant to tout that Basher’s advice is outstanding. He pointed out that brilliant means distinctive, excellent, and light and transparent. He’s striving for all of those.

Basher brought over two others from Madison: Holly Purcell. a portfolio manager, and Danya Karram. a financial planner.

He has a two-year non-solicitation agreement with Madison, so he can’t contact former clients to get them to move, but they can contact him and make that choice on their own.

“I’m sure former clients are interested, and we’ll also work with anyone else who’s interested,” Basher said.

Click here to read the full article about Cern Basher and Brilliant Advice in PDF format.

Below is a link to the article on the Cincinnati Business Courier website:

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Are you thinking about
Starting a Vending Machine Business?
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Today many people are looking for ways to supplement their income. Maybe you ve looked at several vending opportunities, but I can say from personal experience that this vending opportunity offers a truly lucrative solution with low overhead and a higher return on investment. It s your lucky day Every vending machine business I sell is a complete turnkey, cash cow. vending opportunity. I also have vending routesfor sale !

Hello! My name is Dale Lyons. founder of Lyons Wholesale Vending. your 42-year vending expert at your service!

Why would you want to work with anyone other than a vending expert?

Along with selling you a vending machine business and vending route, I have my own vending business and have managed a number of vending routes throughout the years. I know from firsthand experience what works and what does not work! I ve walked in your shoes so you can trust me when I say, I will be with you every step of the way! This is why I specialize in training beginners just like you, unlike many companies that want to offer you a vending business for sale. This is another reason why the vending machine business I will sell you is better than any other vending opportunity. Therefore, you ll never be alone when starting a vending machine business with Lyons Wholesale Vending .

Many vending opportunities I ve seen in the marketplace are only distributors. They don t see the vending business from the manufacture s point of view. My #1 seller, the Snack Vendor , was designed and manufactured by me with you in mind! My clients love it and so do the store owners where they are placed. You can read more about this on the Machines Page. When you partner with me, the manufacturer, you eliminate the middle man! What does that mean to you? It means you will pay only wholesale prices, not retail prices! Therefore, you will receive the lowest prices on the planet and more vending businesses for sale than anyone else! Hence my company name: Lyons Wholesale Vending. I am going to help you save thousands of dollars on your vending business.

In addition, every machine that you order for your vending business can be placed into a busy store or business for you! For your approval! Certain restrictions apply for this offer. This offer can be cancelled at any time.

In case you re wondering, I don t sell vending franchises. One reason is that you won t get the kind of support I offer as most vending franchises aren t offering personal expertise in the nitty gritty of your vending business. As mentioned above, I will be with you every step of the way offering my personal experience and successes! And remember, vending franchises will want a portion of your profits. Lyons Wholesale Vending doesn t require any profits from your vending business so what you make is yours to keep! That’s why the vending businesses for sale by Lyons Wholesale Vending is better than considering any vending franchises for sale.

One addition benefit. With every vending machine business for sale, you receive a FREE Home Study Course! So don’t delay! Review our current vending machine businesses for sale right now by clicking HERE .

Starting a vending machine business is an adventure and I look forward to joining you on your journey! So what are you waiting for? Check out our vending opportunities NOW!

Vending Machine Businesses / Routes For Sale

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CardWorks Business Card Software

Design your own printable business cards

Easy business card design software to make your own business cards.

  • Create and print your own business cards
  • Select from a wide range of business card templates
  • Change template color schemes for additional customization

With an extensive range of business card templates. CardWorks makes it easy to design business cards to fit your personal or corporate brand image, giving your customers and business contacts easy access to your contact information.

Get it Free. A free version is available for non-commercial use. If you will be using CardWorks business card software at home you can download the free version here .

Download Now Purchase

Business Card Software Features
  • Wide selection of business card templates included
  • Download additional free business card template designs
  • Adjust template color schemes
  • All standard business card and paper sizes supported
  • Create single- or double-sided business cards
  • Store names and addresses for multiple businesses
  • Add a company logo, employee photo or other user picture (supports many formats including jpg, gif, tiff, bmp and png)
  • Templates include bleed to ensure colors go all the way to the edge of the card when cut
  • Print with crop marks to easily trim cards to size
  • Export to a high resolution PDF and take to a printer

Business Card Software

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Starting a business

Want to be your own boss? The idea of starting a business is appealing to a lot of people and can be very rewarding. This information will help you plan for a successful start to your entrepreneurship journey.

Get ready to start a business by doing the research and planning that will help you launch your project.

Access guides and checklists for starting different types of businesses.

Find out how to write a business plan and access templates, sample business plans, market research information and statistics.

Find out about available sources of financing for your start-up business.

Choose the right name for your business. Your business name should be unique and easy to remember, and should describe the products and services you provide.

Find out about the requirements to register your business with different levels of government.

Learn about permits, licences and regulations that apply to your business.

Explore some of the resources that can help you with hiring and managing employees as well as paying a variety of taxes.

Trying to decide where to locate your business and how to arrange it once you get there? Consider your options.

Are you ready to start a business to further your non-profit organization’s mission or generate income to support its sustainability? Find resources to help you manage and grow.

Date modified: 2016-03-17

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Choosing a business name is an important step in the business planning process. Not only should you pick a name that reflects your brand identity, but you also need to ensure it is properly registered and protected for the long term. You should also give a thought to whether it’s web-ready. Is the domain name even available?

Here are some tips to help you pick, register, and protect your business name.

Factors to Consider When Naming Your Business

Many businesses start out as freelancers, solo operations, or partnerships. In these cases, it’s easy to fall back on your own name as your business name. While there’s nothing wrong with this, it does make it tougher to present a professional image and build brand awareness.

Here are some points to consider as you choose a name:

  • How will your name look? – On the web, as part of a logo, on social media.
  • What connotations does it evoke? – Is your name too corporate or not corporate enough? Does it reflect your business philosophy and culture? Does it appeal to your market?
  • Is it unique? – Pick a name that hasn’t been claimed by others, online or offline. A quick web search and domain name search (more on this below) will alert you to any existing use.

Check for Trademarks

Trademark infringement can carry a high cost for your business. Before you pick a name, use the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s trademark search tool to see if a similar name, or variations of it, is trademarked.

If You Intend to Incorporate

If you intend to incorporate your business, you’ll need to contact your state filing office to check whether your intended business name has already been claimed and is in use. If you find a business operating under your proposed name, you may still be able to use it, provided your business and the existing business offer different goods/services or are located in different regions.

Pick a Name That is Web-Ready

In order to claim a website address or URL, your business name needs to be unique and available. It should also be rich in key words that reflect what your business does. To find out if your business name has been claimed online, do a simple web search to see if anyone is already using that name.

Next, check whether a domain name (or web address) is available. You can do this using the WHOIS database of domain names. If it is available, be sure to claim it right away. This guide explains how to register a domain name .

Claim Your Social Media Identity

It’s a good idea to claim your social media name early in the naming process – even if you are not sure which sites you intend to use. A name for your Facebook page can be set up and changed, but you can only claim a vanity URL or custom URL once you’ve got 25 fans or “likes.” This custom URL name must be unique, or un-claimed.

Register Your New Business Name

Registering a business name is a confusing area for new business owners. What does it mean and what are you required to do?

Registering your business name involves a process known as registering a “Doing Business As (DBA)” name or trade name. This process shouldn’t be confused with incorporation and it doesn’t provide trademark protection. Registering your “Doing Business As” name is simply the process of letting your state government know that you are doing business as a name other than your personal name or the legal name of your partnership or corporation. If you are operating under your own name, then you can skip the process.

Learn about the requirements in your state and how to file in this Registering Your Doing Business As Name guide.

Apply for Trademark Protection

A trademark protects words, names, symbols, and logos that distinguish goods and services. Your name is one of your most valuable business assets, so it’s worth protecting. You can file for a trademark for less than $300. Learn how to trademark your business name .