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Future Business Journal

Future Business Journal

Production and Hosting by Elsevier B.V. on behalf of Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration, Future University.

Peer Review under the responsibility of Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration, Future University

The Future Business Journal is a blind peer-reviewed journal that will be published bi-annually by Future University in Egypt. It is dedicated to increasing the depth of the subject across disciplines with the ultimate aim of expanding knowledge of the subject.
The Future Business Journal (FBJ) publishes conceptual and empirical research papers spanning all the major research fields in Management, Marketing, Accounting, Micro Economics, Management Information Systems, and Finance. The Journal’s emphasis is on theoretical developments and their implementation, empirical, applied, and policy-oriented research in Management, Marketing, Accounting, Micro-Economics Management Information System and Finance. The Journal’s purpose is to improve communications between, and within, the academic and other research communities and policymakers and operational decision makers. Future Business Journal fills a unique niche among business publications of its type by publishing articles that strike a balance.

The Future Business Journal is a blind peer-reviewed journal that will be published bi-annually by Future University in Egypt. It is dedicated to increasing the depth of the subject across disciplines with the ultimate aim of expanding knowledge of the subject.
The Future Business Journal (FBJ) publishes conceptual and empirical research papers spanning all the major research fields in Management, Marketing, Accounting, Micro Economics, Management Information Systems, and Finance. The Journal’s emphasis is on theoretical developments and their implementation, empirical, applied, and policy-oriented research in Management, Marketing, Accounting, Micro-Economics Management Information System and Finance. The Journal’s purpose is to improve communications between, and within, the academic and other research communities and policymakers and operational decision makers. Future Business Journal fills a unique niche among business publications of its type by publishing articles that strike a balance between the practical and the academic fields, recognizing the intricate relationships between many areas of business activities.

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Contractor Insurance Allows You to Stay Focused on the Project

Contractors face unique and often dangerous risks everyday on the job. Whether you’re an electrical, excavation or plumbing and HVAC contractor, you know that in a split second accidents can happen.

Because every business is different, commercial insurance solutions for contractors can range from a standard policy to a more thorough mix of coverages. The type of contracting business you own – such as janitorial, engineering or building– as well as its size and location will affect the types of insurance you may need.

Nationwide understands the risks contractors face every day and has developed commercial insurance solutions to meet your varied needs.

Find contractor insurance packages for your type of business

Nationwide offers many types of insurance to protect wholesalers and distributors. Learn about them, then talk to an agent about the right level of coverage for your business.

Explore your options for additional protection

Helps pay for any claims resulting from an employee’s accident while driving a company vehicle, or their own vehicle while on company time.

Protect those who work for you. This coverage can replace lost wages, pay for medical treatment and protect your business and its assets if an employee suffers a serious injury.

Protect against customers’ claims for negligent acts, errors or omissions committed during business activities that result in a loss for the client.

Protects the valuable equipment you use to perform your contracting services. It can cover losses to goods that occur at your premises, while being transported to or from your premises, or while in storage.

Protect your valuable tools and machinery against damage while on the job. Common tools include those used in construction, landscaping and engineering, such as compressors, pumps, saws and other portable equipment.

Protect equipment that you have rented or leased for your business, such as forklifts, cranes and backhoes.

Get coverage to help recover losses from employee theft. Work with your agent to find the right amount of coverage for your business.

Put an emphasis on safety

Protect yourself, your employees and your customers by staying safe on the job. While not all accidents can be prevented, there are steps you can take to minimize risk. Review and share the resources below, then take our online safety training.

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5 Perfect ‘Spare-Time’ Online Businesses

Entrepreneur, author, adventurer founder Maverick1000

With all the doom and gloom news about the economy, there s never been a better time to make an extra paycheck online with a minimal amount of time and effort.

If you have an internet connection, you can get started on the road to having the internet pay for your mortgage, car payment, kids college tuition, or even that special vacation you ve wanted. Now, don t worry that you have to be a tech whiz to start a business online–I m a complete techno-dunce.

A perfect part-time business would have to be very easy to start, require little time and money and no technical expertise, be easy to maintain with just a few hours a week and have a proven track record with a high probability of success.

There s actually one other important criteria–it has to be perfect for you! Experience has taught me that it s different strokes for different folks, and there is no one size fits all perfect business. You re much more likely to be successful if you do something you find fun and interesting.

With that in mind, here are five of the best ways to make extra cash moonlighting on the internet:

1. Information marketing: We re in the information age, and the internet provides you with the ideal medium to exchange know-how for money. Do you know the best fishing holes? How to play guitar? The secrets to a successful marriage? A recipe for moist and delicious brownies? A trick for saving gas?

Think about your career, your hobbies and your interests. Virtually anything you know can be turned into extra cash. And don t worry if you think you re not an expert–as long as you know more than the average person on the topic, that information is valuable.

However, if you don t believe you know anything that others would pay for (highly unlikely), you can take someone else s know-how and make money that way! It could be as easy as interviewing a veterinarian to help you create a dog-training product.

Ninety-two percent of people go online looking for information, and you could be one of the many people cashing in on selling it.

2. eBay: One of the largest online marketplaces makes it a piece of cake to get your own business going. You can open an account and start making money within hours on eBay!

While I dislike that whole sell your garbage on eBay thing, there is some validity to it as many people get their start on eBay by selling items from their garage or attic that pre-eBay would have been thrown out. This approach is fine, but where is the business once you run out of those items? If you want to create an eBay business that doesn t require tons of time and effort, you need to leverage products that can be sold over and over again.

This is one of the reasons I m not a fan of the eBay seller for hire kinds of opportunities, where you sell things on eBay for other people. You get access to stuff people want to sell, but because each item is unique you have to work to list each and every one. There s no leverage there!

Take a look at some of the largest eBay PowerSellers and notice how they specialize in very specific products (iPods, cell phones, dog grooming kits, etc.). This allows them to leverage their efforts. A listing is created once, and money is collected over and over again.

Unlike information marketing, this business requires the handling of physical goods, but even that can be automated, so it shouldn t prevent you from considering this idea.

3. Affiliate marketing: This may possibly be the absolute laziest way to make money because it doesn t require you to have a product, make a sale or ever have any interaction with customers.

This is essentially a referral business, or as one of my book contributors likes to call it, passionate recommendations. Basically, you can get paid a referral commission just for sending people to sites (or vendors) that are set up to pay affiliate fees once a sale is made. The vendor does all the selling, fulfills the purchase and handles any customer service issues–and you just collect your check..not bad!

Some people choose affiliates based on who or what is paying the highest commissions, and that certainly is a viable option. Most people opt to choose products or goods they are passionate about so that the process is much more fun and engaging.

Insurance and credit card companies pay high commissions for referrals that convert to customers ($40 to $150 and up), but the competition is fierce. It may pay well, but is this something you ll enjoy doing for the long haul?

Alternatively, you could take a look at your hobbies and other things you enjoy and see which affiliate programs are a good match. As always, do your research to verify the viability of your market. A good place to look for ideas (and downloadable products just waiting for an affiliate) is ClickBank.com.

4. Blogging: This business is best suited for folks who enjoy communicating about a particular subject. Think of blogs as journals of sorts. Although you can have a personal blog, writing about a particular topic will have a higher chance for financial success.

The range of topics is virtually endless–photography, sports cars, parenting, dieting, star gazing, the latest gadgets, Hollywood gossip–you name it, as there are blogs on just about everything you can imagine. Don t worry about competition. Folks who read one blog are apt to read others on a topic they re passionate about, as long as you have something interesting to say.

Once your blog starts getting traffic, you can make money passively with things like AdSense (Google s ad revenue sharing plan) or actively by doing a little bit of affiliate marketing. You can see both types of moneymaking strategies at SparkleCat.com, which is a blog about a person s cat. What makes it interesting is that it s written from the cat s perspective and often refers to her human. At the top of the page are Google AdSense ads, and sprinkled throughout are suggestions for things like cat furniture and premium cat food, which are tied to an affiliate program. Pretty cool, no?

5. Yahoo! Store: This business is very similar to eBay in the sense that it s a monster-sized marketplace but more similar to a store in the true sense of the word. Think having your own retail outlet but without the hassles of rent, employees, utilities and all the other expenses of a traditional brick-and-mortar store.

The neat thing is that it can be as hands-on or as hands-off as you want it to be because of companies called drop-shippers, which can do most of the work for you. In fact, you don t even pay for the inventory until you make a sale. How cool is that?

Most people think the hard part of this business is creating your virtual store, but nothing could be further from the truth. Yahoo! has made the templates and wizards so easy that, dare I say, even a caveman can do it!

The best way to ensure your success is to do your homework and research what products people most want to buy. You need to find a niche. Once again, start with things you enjoy. Let s say you love fishing. What products do fishing folks want to buy most? (Or get even more specific, like, what are bass fishermen looking to buy?)

Then the task is to find the right source of those products so you can carry them in your Yahoo! Store. In most cases, you ll be able to pull pictures and product descriptions directly from your sources and plug them right into your store.

As you can see, this business requires a little bit more upfront work, but once it s done it can be maintained with very little regular input on your part.

There you have it–five perfect part-time businesses. Are you ready to start moonlighting on the internet now?

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Photoshop Print Design Tutorial

Design Business Cards in Adobe Photoshop

This tutorial will guide you through the process of designing prints in Photoshop as well as providing press-ready templates to get you started.

Once finished, upload your files to order high quality business cards!

Table of Contents Step 1. Download a template.
Step 2. Inspect template understand bleed.
Step 3. Verify color mode and resolution.
Step 4. Create your designs.
Useful Tips. Save often and print your designs.
Step 5. Flatten image discard hidden layers.
Step 6. Save as TIF.
Step 7. Place your order.

Download one of these pre-formatted templates and open it in Photoshop:

Right Click Save Link As

Familiarize yourself with the template by learning what the colored lines mean.
These rules apply to all products, reguardless of size or shape.

The PINK lines are called cut/trim lines. The cut lines show where your prints will be cut away from the much larger sheet of paper it was printed on. This ensures color all the way to the very edge of your cards. This method is called full bleed.

The BLUE lines are called the safety lines. Anything outside these lines run the risk of being cut off. Although the cutting machines are very accurate, staying inside of this area ensures that important text/graphics won’t be chopped off. It also helps make your card more readable by provider further separation of text and edge of the finished print. Your background colors/images MUST extend past the PINK cut lines!
Keep all your non-background text, logos, pictures, etc. inside of the BLUE safe area!

Step Three

Verify that your design is in CMYK color mode and at 350dpi resolution.
This is very important as we will not be able to print your design if these settings are not correct.

Image Mode CMYK
Image Image Size Resolution: 350 pixels/inch

Step Four

Now you are ready to begin the design phase. It’s up to you to decide what you want the card to look like. Start experimenting and use the different tools & techniques to get the look you desire.

Create separate files for each side if you wish to have printing on the back.

Looking for something to give you that creative boost?

Browse through thousands of easy-to-follow tutorials to create some really impressive effects in Photoshop. Experimenting with these tutorials is how I learned to use Photoshop without taking a class or buying those thick expensive “How To” books.

Useful Tips

The Inkjet Test: Throughout the design process I suggest printing your creations on your inkjet printer directly from Photoshop. Use glossy photo paper if you have it. This will give you a good idea how your card will look as far as sizing goes. If your text looks small when printed on your inkjet, it will be too small when printed by our presses.

I suggest using the highest resolution print option (photographic quality) that is available on your printer. No adjustments to sizing or placement will be needed. The design should print on the paper at the actual finsihed size.

Remember the full bleed process will trim your cards down to normal size.

Save Often!
You never know when your computer may crash or lock up. Loosing work you’ve spent hours on is very disheartening. While you are working on your file, save as a .PSD to preserve your layers within the design.

Step Five

After saving as a .PSD flatten the layers in your image. If any layers are hidden, discard them.

Layer Flatten Image
Discard Hidden Layers? OK

With all layers flattened, you can now save your image out as a press-ready .TIF file.

File Save As Format: TIFF (*.TIF; *.TIFF)

Step Seven

Upload your newly created files for high quality printing delivered to your door!

Select the print product of which you designed to upload and order:

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40 really creative business card templates

If you re not in the position to photograph your work, product mockups can be a great alternative to showcase your designs. They re inexpensive, easy to use and relatively hassle-free. The only problem is that finding quality resources takes time.

Luckily for you guys, we ve decided to do the hard work for you and put together a collection of the best templates, both free and premium, that we could find. Check them out below:

Free business card mockup (free)

Free card mockups (free)

Free business card mockup (free)

Vertical business card mockups (free)

Free PSD: business cards mockup (free)

Free business card mockup (free)

PSD business card mockup (free)

PSD business card mockup (free)

Business card mockups (free)

Business card mockup designs (free)

Realistic business card mockup (free)

Free business cards mockup (free)

Business card template mockup (free)

Free business card mockup (free)

Business cards mockup (free)

Card realistic PSD mockups ($8)

Business card mockup ($3)

Letterpress business cards mockup ($4)

Letterpress business cards mockup ($4)

Business card mockups ($5)

Business card mockups ($5)

Photorealistic business card mockup ($4)

Business card mockups ($4)

Business card mockup pack ($7)

Business card mockup smart template pack ($7)

Business card mockups ($5)

Business card mockup big bundle ($13)

The ultimate business card mockup pack ($6)

Photorealistic business card mockup ($5)

Stack business cards mockup ($10)

Business card mockup ($7)

Photorealistic business card mockups ($8)

Die cut business card mockup ($7)

Business card mockup ($7)

Realistic business card mockup ($7)

Textured business card mockup ($9)

Photorealistic business card mockup Template ($8)

Business cards studio mockup ($8)

Realistic business card mockup ($7)

Clean business card mockup ($7)

How do you prefer to present business card designs? Can mockups replace photographing work? Let us know in the comments.

By Sam Jones

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Analysts give their top stocks to watch this year

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At last investors can put the 2015-16 financial year behind them and concentrate on 2016-17 when Australian companies are expected to start lifting profits once more.

Better still, while the year just ended may have been lacklustre overall for listed companies – and a good deal less than lacklustre for some – the recent reporting season has thrown up several stocks that warrant placement on shareholders’ radar screens.

The year to June 30 was “not great” for corporate profits, in the words of Shane Oliver, head of investment strategy and chief economist at AMP Capital.

Earnings per share tumbled about 8 per cent, driven by a 47 per cent slump in resources profits and a 4 per cent decline in bank profits.

Credit Suisse analyst Richard Hitchens notes that revenue growth was “very hard” to come by, while the trend for cost cutting dried up, taking a toll on margins.

Related Quotes

Looking up

But this year should be a better story.

As Oliver notes, across the market as a whole profits are expected to rise about 8 per cent, thanks to the improved outlook for the resources sector, higher commodity prices, improved supply conditions and cost cutting.

Several companies whose top line is dependent on the health of the Australian economy complained that the drawn-out election campaign dented consumer confidence in the June quarter, which should augur well for the current year.

Further, companies in the S
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Certificate in Business Acumen

+91 22 6162 3112

Lead business

Today’s managers operate in a globalised world with a rapidly changing and demanding business environment. Organisations are seeking leaders with the business acumen to navigate these changes and successfully run business units.

INSEAD’s Certificate in Business Acumen is designed to bring INSEAD to participants from select emerging markets, at their workplace and at their pace. Taught by the same world-class INSEAD faculty who teach in the MBA, Executive MBA and Executive Education programmes, it will enable participants to advance their business acumen for their organisations’ success.

Consisting of four modules that are delivered over three months, the programme enhances participants’ understanding and application of the cross-functional skills of business management. A variety of learning pedagogies, including video lectures, live webinar interactions, learning circles for group work, quizzes, assignments and self-assessments, will be combined to achieve the learning outcomes.

How you benefit

  • Boost your intellectual capital. Leverage INSEAD’s thought leadership in management, and deepen your knowledge of customer-centricity, strategy, finance and operations, to develop the skills required to lead a business.
  • Reinforce your brand capital. Obtain a certificate in management from INSEAD upon completion – with the top 20% of participants receiving a ‘Distinction’.
  • Build your social capital. Take advantage of the opportunity for rich peer learning from the diverse pool of participants and maximise the group-learning circles to get to know your peers and learn from their insights.

Participant Profile

The Certificate in Business Acumen is tailor made for working professionals from select emerging markets, across sectors and functions, who want to benefit from INSEAD’s thought leadership to accelerate their leadership journey.

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Sample Business Proposal Letter

H ere s a sample business proposal letter.

Figures 1 and 2 present the cover letter produced to accompany the proposal written in the module entitled Writing the Proposal Content’ using the principles outlined in the module ’The Importance of the Business Proposal Cover Letter’. Remember how in ’Writing an Executive Summary’ the entire content of your proposal was telescoped down into a compelling Executive Summary?

Well, this cover letter has telescoped the Executive Summary down even further.

Notice how the cover letter sets your readers up to read and more easily understand the Executive Summary; the Executive Summary sets them up to want to read your main proposal sections; and your main proposal sections make sense of the more detailed proof material in the Appendices section.

That’s the relationship your cover letters should always have to your proposals. Keep the ’Winning Proposal Model’ in mind at all times and you’ll maintain this strong thread, this powerful selling dialogue, through all of your proposal correspondence.

Link to this post!


I recently had to write a proposal and I found this site called Quotegine. They had all kinds of samples on their website. Their service was fast and easy to use. They had cover letters and all kinds of custom designs you can choose from. Their website is http://www.quotegine.com. I highly recommend their service if you need to create a proposal.

http://www.deiricmccann.com Deiric McCann

Thanks Sabrina! I had a quick look and it looks like an excellent service. I have put a review of their service on my to-do list. Keep an eye out for the post. Did you find some useful matertial here on the blog? What was of most use?

I did find some useful material on the blog. I mostly used the layout and the different sections to layout my proposal. It helped me greatly. Thank you! I hope you like Quotegine as well. I really enjoy their service.

http://www.deiricmccann.com Deiric McCann

Great feedback, Sabrina thanks! If I can ever be of help, just let me know. I d love to hear any outcome of using my matrerials war stories are always interesting for readers.

Can you please help me out on how to write a proposal? I am starting interior decorating and so far family and friends have been very supportive, now I want to expand to hospitals and offices, I already have a hospital offer, but I have been asked to come up wiv a proposal letter . I have no clue

requesting for proposal letter, they need your understanding of their problem/needs, solutions and cost for the solutions

Hi Sir,can you please help me on making great proposal on how to attract institution accounts that they would grab our offer-we are selling Apple products but of course there s alot of authorized reseller in our country,so we need to make noise in the market to catch their attention

Sabrina. hi. What layout did you use for your proposal? I m haveing dufficulty getting rid of the fluff and need a concrete format.

hi can u help me how to make a business propasal using power poin

Pastor Friday Ngadiuba

Apologies, Pastor, this is not my area of expertise. So sorry, Deiric

i look above the example.but iam very stress to writt my own proposal to the dean of student am the student current,but am thinking to open my own business current.and my beckground is very poor it difficult to find the sponsors to support me about tertial intitutino fees.iam thinking now to open my own business that is going to help me about funds.pls i needed the advices what is first step i will take to go through with my dream.

thanks for reading this letter

I m very glade to discover you and I watch your video that was great I even get much essential point that was needed on my business actaully I have registered an new marketing company sofrom your video and prosal letter I felt confident and get hope of success in my comapny .

http://www.deiricmccann.com Deiric McCann

Glad I was of help thanks for the feedback. Cheers, Deiric

I came across an ad in
the newspaper for a company, that seeking someone to start their own business,
the salary was mention, and the position was for road side assist. this comapny is very big here. I mention this to an employment counselor and a few of the said the same thing that I
need a business proposal, this is what am looking for, I would like to know if I
could get some help?

pls i want to write a proposal to varous food manufacturing companys telling them about my companys service(fumigation) and i dont know how to go about it

I have one property and i want to give that such on rent to a mobile company as a service centre with free of rent. All the staff provided by the company i.e. Skilled Technician, Receptionist etc. Instead of, i have some conditions on mobile company. these are as following:-

1. I want to take some part in percentage form, which such company billed to authorized person which look after the center.

2. On each Featured Mobiles and Android Mobiles (which comes to repair in the center), I want to take 200 INR and 500 INR respectively.

Please let me know that how to write in the better manner

Dear Sir, I m from Pakistan, I m running business of School Uniform in Lahore Pakistan, I want to enroll my shop name in the school in my area, I mean I want my shop name on their panel, so please write me the letter (sample) which could attract them, my company name is The Ladies Kids,

I have idea for foreign broadcasting system since then I ll let you know when it successes

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Stocks finished higher this week even as today s release of the August payrolls report did little to clarify the direction of monetary policy.

The S P 500 advanced 0.5% this week after rising 0.4% to 2,179.98 today. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.5% this week after advancing 72.66 points, or 0.4%, to 18,491.96 today. The Nasdaq Composite rallied 0.6% this week after gaining 0.4% to 5,249.90 today.

Today s August payrolls report was supposed to provide direction for the Federal Reserve and perhaps the market as well. It did not. Marketfield s Michael Shaoul explains:

By Ben Levisohn

Raymond James analyst Christopher Raymond and team say AbbVie (ABBV ) is not your father s biotech company as they initiate coverage with an Outperform rating: